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AgeCommit message (Collapse)AuthorFilesLines
2015-01-21[Releng] Update version numbers to 1.0.2Camille Letavernier1-12/+10
2014-08-20[Releng] Update versions to 1.0.1Camille Letavernier1-8/+8
2014-03-14[Releng] Fix dependency versionsCamille Letavernier1-1/+2
2014-03-13[Bug 427025] [OCL For Papyrus] Cannot create OCL constraints in LunaAnsgar Radermacher1-1/+3
Show wait cursor before editing starts Re-activate selection of compartment edit part => enable edit on 2nd click Activate context link tool after constraint creation Enable xtext editor in UML tab of property view (currently for OCL only)
2014-03-04Bug 315231 - [All Diagrams] Direct Edit : Xtext / Papyrus integrationAnsgar Radermacher1-0/+1
Xtext editor in property view: only commit, if editor contains changes
2014-03-04323802: [General] Papyrus shall provide a read only modeChristian W. Damus1-1/+2 Make new Advanced Editing property section sensitive to read-only model elements. Also update the validation infrastructure to account for the new UML2 plug-in structure in Luna (prerequisite for validation of Advanced Editing parsing).
2014-03-04315231: [All Diagrams] Direct Edit : Xtext / Papyrus integrationCamille Letavernier1-1/+1 - Fix releng
2013-11-13263430: [General] Add relengCamille Letavernier1-20/+22 Luna: Update plug-in version numbers to 1.0.0
2013-09-06[Bug 315231] Removing dependencies to Xtext fromArnaud Cuccuru1-1/+1
2013-09-02Bug 315231 - Improvement of xtext integration.acuccuru1-0/+20
Applies patch produced by ITEMIS.

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