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2019-08-07Bug 549266 - [Releng] Update the platforms4.5.0_M2Quentin Le Menez1-2/+2
- Update to new M2 references - Update to 27.1.0 guava - Update versions to reflect the bree change Change-Id: I2896aaba6a887f30cef2c6f0c4e23ae3c0f548d0 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2019-06-12Bug 545631 - [Releng] Update the targets for 2019-06 RC24.4.0_RC2Quentin Le Menez1-1/+1
- Add a strong dependency to guava 21 to avoid compiling against 27.1.0 in orbit - Rewire xwt dependency to the new milestone Change-Id: I54f2f76414b34acd186c2adfe6ce529b44f5c231 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2018-11-19Bug 533667: the nameNicolas FAUVERGUE1-2/+2
/plugins/infra/gmfdiag/org.eclipse.papyrus.extensionpoints.editors do not respect the layer Keep the old plugin "org.eclipse.papyrus.extensionpoints.editors" and create the new one "org.eclipse.papyrusinfra.gmfdiag.extensionpoints.editors". The old classes inherit from the new ones. Change-Id: I98230776a03ab0c8a1f37e06790d50ad6af0077d Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2018-05-31Bug 532101: [AFViewpoints] Make AF editor fasterMaged Elaasar1-1/+1
Bug 532104: [AFViewpoints] Transform your Workspace reference to platform reference - Simplified the AF model wizard by defaulting the root to be Architecture Domain. - Extended the Load Resource action in the AF editor to allow loading AF models from the running platfom. - Added a Resolve All action that can be used on any object in the editor to quickly resolve related references. This can be used on a loaded AF model (from workspace or running platform) to also load its dependencies like elementtypeconfigurtion and palleteconfiguration files. - Made the architecture, elementtypesetconfigurtion, nattableconfiguration, and paletteconfiguration resources extend of a common base class that supports default load/save options. This base class also makes the cross references persist using platform:/platform URIs but upon load, they may resolve to platform:/resource if the resource is available in the workspace. - Refactored uml.architecture, all the elementtypeconfiguration, all palletteconfiguration, and all nattableconfiguration models by changing their cross references to platform:/plugin URI format. - Fixed PasteEObjectConfigurationItemProvider to make the containment reference axisIdentifier show in the editor/property sheet as a containment reference (was necessary to convert its cross references properly) Change-Id: I69b82f53670cbb81e9117ce82c61d7c898080c93 Signed-off-by: Maged Elaasar <>
2018-05-28Bug 535185 - Add Automatic-Module-Name header for Java 9 compatibilityBenoit Maggi1-0/+1
- add Automatic-Module-Name with the same value as Bundle-SymbolicName in all Manifest.MF - quality fix : remove unused import Change-Id: Icd3e4376bc9e61e360ac61522b967a088a248480 Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2018-04-19Bug 527664 - [AFViewpoints] Architecture Model Editor removeMaged Elaasar1-1/+2
CreationCommandClass property value Converted the Creation/ConversionCommandClass properties in the architecture editor to be of type string instead of Class. They can now reference class names from the workspace (on their project's class path). Also added validation rules for that. Finally, I added a Browse... button in the property sheet to help put values for them. remove some reexport increase version to take in account API tool Change-Id: I6792449fbee70b089f83780c4935242fff72d50b Signed-off-by: Maged Elaasar <>
2018-04-16Bug 528199 - [Xtext, Constraints] The edition of constraints does not choose ↵Ansgar Radermacher1-1/+1
a suitable editor - Cleanup implementation in DirectEditorsUtil: * Assure that method implementations are consistent and based on each other (before, implementations were duplicated, some respected priorities while others did not), fix comments * Rename getDirectEditorConfiguration (name was misleading, keep old method as deprecated) - Set version of oep.extensionpoints.editors plugin to 3.0.0, adapt all references (other MANIFEST files) accordingly - If no editor with for a given language is found, search all editors without taking language tag into account (implementations must still be compatible with semantic element). This assures that other editors are used, if the default editor is not compatible (e.g. OCL is default editor for opaque expression, but not compatible with non-OCL bodies) - Add an EmbeddedEditor.usecases txt file in plugin oep.extensionpoints.editors - Replace calls to old methods (in diagram.common, property.sheet, uml.diagram.sequence, diagram.stereotype.edition, service.types.ui and natable.xtext.valuespecification/integration) - Move OCL editor registration from generic plugin to OCL plugin. - Add a test to the existing oep.uml.textedit.tests plugin that checks whether a suitable editor is opened on an opaque expression with (1) a C++ body and (2) OCL body (the plugin registers a dummy C++ editor) Signed-off-by: Ansgar Radermacher <> Change-Id: I4cee823b91e13f9601ecb7a9655409a74e3d7579
2018-03-09Bug 527181 - [Composite structure diagram] Initial port location on aAsma Smaoui1-0/+1
part is top-left corner - Add possibility to override the initial port poisition in ShowHidecontentsAction - Create a custom port position for the composite-structure diagram that locates the diagram for the defining type (if any) and copies port positions from there. Based on similar code in PapyrusRT - Add a new edit policy "CompositeSideAffixedNodesCreation". Change-Id: If3c62f78ea1f2373a610f78260d317174ca4ca12 Signed-off-by: Asma Smaoui <>
2017-12-20Bug 528334: [CompositeDiagram] EditPolicy "RemoveOrphanViewPolicy" mustFanch BONNABESSE1-14/+14
be disabled on Composite Diagram Set RemoveOrphanViewPolicy" on deprecated and disabled it. Change-Id: I464ff229687ed772312b3d8860e815387ab223b1 Signed-off-by: Fanch BONNABESSE <>
2017-09-05Bug 521231 - [Diagram] Regenerate the diagrams due to templateFrancois Le Fevre1-83/+83
modifications Actions -regeneration of composite diagram code with oxygen nightly Reviews -have a look to this clazz for instance RealizationNameEditPart -methods protected void refreshLabel() -code modification: if (view.isVisible()) { setLabelTextHelper(getFigure(), getLabelText()); setLabelIconHelper(getFigure(), getLabelIcon()); } else { setLabelTextHelper(getFigure(), ""); setLabelIconHelper(getFigure(), null); } Change-Id: I3970971aa281fc08d1a680fb6a7a81a3723a8985 Task-Url: Signed-off-by: Francois Le Fevre <>
2017-09-04Bug 521794 - [Photon] [Test] Failing tests on the bundle tests [...]Pierre GAUTIER1-2/+2 Fix BundleTests - set version bundle-version="[5.3.0,6.0.0)" to uml2.uml and uml2.uml.edit dependencies in diagram.component and diagram.composite - add missing about.html - fix some pluginVendor issues - fix some plugin_id issues Change-Id: Ibfe2713fb4794b24fc56184dab3603c2c705cac8 Signed-off-by: Pierre GAUTIER <>
2017-08-29Bug 520271 - [Property View] Generator should ignore redefined properties.Vincent Lorenzo1-1/+1
Change-Id: I5d73f2441ff5e23f937ab155488cf29fb249a65c Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2017-08-28Bug 520821: [CompositeDiagram] CompositeDiagram must be regenerated to get ↵Vincent Lorenzo1-7/+34
code generation changes from bug 520733 Bug 520882: [DiaGen] contribution to "org.eclipse.gmf.runtime.emf.type.core.elementTypeBindings" must be removed. Change-Id: If0acdfd781e7315e159499c78a224d5ac4cf6caf Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2017-04-06Bug 514332 - Papyrus should never reexport non-singleton pluginsBenoit Maggi1-1/+1
- remove Required-Bundle Guava (and their re-export) - use package import for Guava dependencies Change-Id: Ie1e383b6b8ed1d57747345c2788c0c63de1f08bb Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <> Signed-off-by: Florian Noyrit <>
2017-03-30[releng] Update plugins and feature version numbers for Oxygen withFlorian Noyrit1-2/+2
Neon.3 as baseline Change-Id: Icb3b699de6846ce60370a1fedc169e1df741ace2
2017-01-27Bug 510889 - [GMFT] Fork gmft.runtimeBenoit Maggi1-55/+56
- rename the plugin as org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.gmfdiag.tooling.runtime - integrate in Papyrus build - add the plugin to gmfdiag feature - change dependency in infra.gmfdiag.common - change xtend templates - re-genenerate all diagrams - fix missing keys using full namespace - fix wrong version number - impossible to regenerate InteractionOverview (no gmfgen) - Remaining generated not in Activity and Timing - keep hand made code in UMLNavigatorLabelProvider for Sequence Diagram Change-Id: I1c1b988eafff38eae56a789d6a8734083c1117d4 Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2016-11-29Bug 496905: [Diagram][ModelExplorer][Table][Dialog] Papyrus must integrateNicolas FAUVERGUE1-1/+3
the internationalization feature provided by UML. Commit of UML for internationalization. Change-Id: Ia61e5ef4d537f9e9b192bcfe073f921542fe4876 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2016-09-22Bug 501962 - [Composite] Wrong hyperlink contributionBenoit Maggi1-0/+1
- fix typo - export hyperlink package at runtime Change-Id: I26a9d8a9bf1a89c50221ebb5f601c0da8d694cb6 Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2016-08-28Bug 443799 - Fix potential bugs identified by FindBugs in oep.infra.*Florian Noyrit1-5/+5
Bug 499554 - Oxygen release version number moved to 3.0.0. Change-Id: I8e112db7175a5b89eb9b37973639627a6c29e007
2016-08-04Bug 492891: [Table] Link with editor: different behavior of diagrams andNicolas FAUVERGUE1-1/+1
tables - The owner of table can be modified and the context can't be modified - Add the 'Table', 'Appearance' and 'Paste' tab in properties view when an the table is the current editor This looks to correct other bugs: - Bug 492605 - [Table][Properties][usability] error message "Properties are not available" - Bug 492615 - [Table][usability] inconsistency of properties view N.B: The 'invert axis' button doesn't work correctly, but another gerrit manage it Change-Id: I9d22713e81bf865bc59fbd10a34b270e75aa5037 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2016-07-21Bug 498282: [Model Import] Visualization of port conjugation does not work ↵Christian W. Damus1-1/+2
on imported structure diagrams Ensure that the default styling of conjugated ports is not overridden by an explicit fill colour from the imported RSA diagram. Also, add an advice on the Port::isConjugated property that, whenever it is set true from false, any explicit fill colour in existing views of that port is unset. (cherry-picked from streams/2.0-maintenance) Change-Id: I0af883058881da955c3d15ca28819f0ad9eb46e0
2016-04-19Bug 491883 - Remove the ExtendedTypes frameworkFlorian Noyrit1-1/+0
Change-Id: Ic057d8fef473b82d91e40237ad8d70db8cf07897
2016-03-03Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architectureChristian W. Damus1-5/+5 Complete the configuration of PDE API Tooling in the Papyrus Main and Developer Tools projects, including: * adding the API Analysis nature and builder to .project where it was missing * adding a new menu action in the dev tools Project Management menu to ensure that all Oomph version-management projects in the workspace have API analysis also * fixing API version analysis problems, mostly by upversioning bundles to 2.0 but also applying API filters in some cases where it seems appropriate * implementing project-level API Analysis preferences for warning severity of missing @since doc tags (the default is error) and adding it to the Oomph project preferences management Change-Id: I3f5fad20ffc7bb66eec0abbb86b5cc52aacb1ff1
2016-02-24Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architectureChristian W. Damus1-58/+13 Implement version management: PDE API Tooling and Oomph Version Management. Introduce two new plug-in projects to manage versioning using Oomph: * org.eclipse.papyrus.releng.main.release for the Main bundles and features * for the Dev Tools Add new menu actions to the Dev Tools: * main menu bar: * synchronize POM and manifest versions * "Configure" context menu on bundle projects and MANIFEST.MF * optimize bundle dependencies and re-exports * update dependency version ranges to match current workspace and PDE target Remove obsolete menu actions from the Dev Tools: * main menu bar: * Set all Papyrus feature versions * Set all Papyrus plug-in versions * Set versions of all Papyrus dependencies in Papyrus plug-ins Fix versioning errors reported by PDE and Oomph. Ensure proper version ranges consistent with latest build target. Optimize the dependencies of all Papyrus Main bundles and Dev Tools. Remove version- and reexport-checking tests in the BundlesTests that are now not needed because, on the one hand, we now implement discrete bundle versioning (managed by PDE/Oomph) and on the other, we now use re-exports properly to ensure classpath consistency in clients of a bundle's API. Thorough overhaul of the "project editors" API, including: * rationalize the API interfaces * refactor the all-in-one PluginEditor class from the customization bundle to the project-editors bundle * update clients in the Customization and DSML Validation components * fix a bunch of operations that didn't work * add missing operations required by the new Dev Tools actions * complete some unimplemented APIs * add a comprehensive JUnit test suite covering all of the project-editors API Change-Id: I6a699d93909f61099226ceb994140f03ea99a70f
2016-02-22Bug 487480 - Refactor elementtypesconfiguration frameworkFlorian Noyrit1-1/+1
Insert a "oep/infra/types" layer to host the core elementtypesconfiguration framework. Move UML elementtypesconfiguration extensions to "oep/uml" Move EMF elementtypesconfiguration extensions to "oep/infra/emf" Move elementtypesconfiguration tests to oep/tests/junit/plugins/infra/types Rename all elementtypesconfiguration plugins (core, dev, tests and extensions) and corresponfing packages to shorter qualifiers as follows: oep.infra.elementtypesconfigurations -> oep.infra.types.core and oep.infra.types oep.infra.elementtypesconfigurations.edit -> oep.infra.types.edit oep.infra.elementtypesconfigurations.editor -> oep.infra.types.editor oep.infra.elementtypesconfigurations.ui -> oep.infra.types.ui oep.infra.elementtypesconfigurations.invarianttypes -> oep.infra.types.rulebased oep.infra.elementtypesconfigurations.emf -> oep.infra.emf.types oep.infra.elementtypesconfigurations.emf.ui -> oep.infra.emf.types.ui oep.uml.elementtypesconfigurations -> oep.uml.types oep.elementtypesconfigurations.developer -> oep.infra.elementtypesconfigurations.tests -> oep.infra.types.tests oep.infra.elementtypesconfigurations.ui.tests -> oep.infra.types.ui.tests Change-Id: Iad7f5689b183e6ad29daab06a1cc2858ee408aa7
2016-02-12Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architectureChristian W. Damus1-2/+3 Factor UI dependencies out of the UML Element Types bundle. This includes moving some advices that interact with the user into a new org.eclipse.papyrus.uml.service.types.ui bundle. Pull up the PasteCommandService and IPasteCommandProvider API into the Infra Diagram layer where the extension point is defined. Deprecate the old API in the UML layer. Introduce a service for participation of languages in CSS styling: * styling reset actions in the Reset Style command * access to semantic model classes and properties to make available to CSS Factor PapyrusObservableValue and cohorts out of the UML Tools bundle into the Infra Layer for more general reuse and to relieve the Diagram Infrastructure layer of UML dependencies. The old API remains as deprecated. Remove the Infra Diagram Layer dependency on UML Layer for property testers governing deletion in the diagram. Includes introduction of a new IGraphicalDeletionHelper OSGi service for delegation of the determination of whether an element can be deleted from the diagram and replacement of the XML expression properties * org.eclipse.papyrus.uml.diagram.common.isSemanticDeletion * org.eclipse.papyrus.uml.diagram.common.isReadOnly by * org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.gmfdiag.common.isSemanticDeletion * org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.gmfdiag.common.canDelete (where the latter is the negation of the property that it supersedes) Extract UML dependencies from the Diagram Outline and CSS Editor bundles. Remove unused MDTUtil APIs that referenced a UML-specific annotation. Move the Diagram Infrastructure CSS Palette bundle into the UML layer because it serves to provide extensions on the Palette Service, which is an overtly UML-specific capability. All client APIs for the Properties View are moved from bundle to a new bundle. This includes renaming of: * extension points * label-provider contexts * XWT namespaces Add an "all UI tests" suite. Define a componentized hierarchical build layout of the main plug-ins Change-Id: I43f8f3644857a18b69715f5a2f1da9b1cf286d67
2016-01-22Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architectureChristian W. Damus1-1/+3 Move UI-dependent APIs from the bundle to org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.ui. Accordingly move tests into a new org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.ui.tests bundle. Two crucial UI dependencies are inverted by introduction of new OSGi services with core interfaces specified in the non-UI layer: * IExecutorService extends Java Platform's ExecutorService with APIs for synchronous execution (a la Display.syncExec). A new CoreExecutors class in the bundle supplies the instance provided by the OSGi service implementation in the infra.ui bundle. This provides compatibility for clients of various UIUtil APIs that they can no longer access * IContextualServiceRegistryTracker abstracts the concept of the default ServicesRegistry found in the currently active editor, which the ServiceUtilsForHandlers class (and hence all of its clients) relies on. Again an OSGi service implementation in the infra.ui bundle supplies the implementation of this tracker, which is exposed in infra.core through the service-utils API Also move UI-dependent APIs from the org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.core bundle into org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.ui. This includes * moving the 'papyrusDiagram' and 'papyrusContentOutline' extension points into the org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.ui namespace * moving various UI-related services such as EditorLifeycleManager, SaveLayoutBeforeClose, and the IMultiDiagramEditor, itself, into the org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.ui bundle This necessitates not only widespread refactorings on the moved APIs, but also concomitant move of other APIs in other bundles because they cannot plausibly use these moved APIs from their new home in org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.ui and/or they cannot reasonably also be moved to the UI bundle and/or they must be used by bundles that now have no UI dependency: * the DI/sash-windows EMF model is moved out of infra.core.sasheditor.di bundle into a new model-only org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.sashwindows.di bundle (which symbolic name incidentally now better reflects the contained Java package names) * the IPageManager and ILocalPageService interfaces are moved out of infra.core.sasheditor.di bundle because they need to remain accessible by headless code such as the edit advices that ensure deletion of sash-model pages for notations that are deleted. These are now in a package named org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.code.sashwindows.di.service. Accordingly the class hierarchy implementing the IPageManager interface is changed: the obsolete PageMngrImpl is deleted, replaced by a BasicPageManagerImpl which now the PageManagerImpl extends. A service factory creates the basic page manager in a headless context, but is overridden by the UI-aware implementation when the UI bundles are installed * the MultiDiagramEditorGefDelegate (which has a GEF 3 dependency) is moved from the org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.core.sasheditor bundle to a new org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.gmfdiag.gef bundle. Its usage for an adapter of ActionRegistry type is extracted out of the CoreMultiDiagramEditor class into a new external adapter-factory in the infra.gmfdiag.gef bundle Tests all still pass (inasmuch as they do in the nightly master builds). Change-Id: I573dee5d9312d6e5746d74575350d0152b591ab3
2015-12-04Bug 477384: [Canonical] Should not use drop requests to create viewsChristian W. Damus1-1/+1 Changes to core APIs to remove PapyrusCanonicalEditPolicy's dependence on the generated diagram drag-and-drop behavior: * extract the CommonDiagramDragDropEditPolicy's abstract API for information about diagram-specific view types into a new service * update the canonical edit-policy and diagram-to-diagram synchronization infrastructure to use the new VisualTypeService to obtain information about the diagram's specific view types to then let the view service create views without resorting to drop commands * update extensions of various canonical strategies in the UML diagrams to adapt to the new drop-free synchronization mechanism Update the Papyrus Diagram GMFGen extensions and code generation templates to add generation of the IVisualTypeProvider that plugs into the new VisualTypeService to support canonical synchronization and drag-and-drop. Includes regeneration of the GMFGen extension model using EMF's most recent templates, which result in minor changes to most model source files. Regenerate all UML diagrams to create and register the visual type provider extensions. Also update the BREE for diagrams to 1.8 because at least one of them requires Java 8 to compile properly. * Note that the interaction overview diagram uses a code generator that is not published on, so I had to emulate the code generation step for this one * Note also that the SysML 1.1 diagrams likewise cannot be re-generated but, moreover, they do not implement the common pattern for Visual ID Registry, so they are also updated "by hand" for parity with the Mars implementation of drag-and-drop (which had gaps) Deprecate the ICreationTargetStrategy extension API which was only needed to redirect drag-and-drop requests, but these are no longer employed in the canonical synchronization. Also some fixes for region layout problems in the State Machine Diagram: * update custom creation edit policies to re-use the commands used by drag-and-drop and untargeted creation that perform initial placement of new regions * fix the GMFGen to register the custom creation edit policy for the state machine compartment Change-Id: I3afc68d6f0f1bfe05e336c9138a7f1acbc8f643b
2015-10-30Bug 465886 - [Navigation, Hyperlink] Double-click default actionShuai Li1-3/+4
- Double-click now creates hyperlinks if there are no default hyperlinks. This is done with hyperlinkContributor extensions. If there are none, then the hyperlinks menu opens. - Add HyperlinkService and its preferences page for hyperlink contributors. (The navigation service is not used for hyperlink contributors because otherwise there is a cyclic dependency issue.) - Hyperlink contributors for nested/nesting package, target/source of element in a directed relationship, owned behavior and inner class of a class - Specific hyperlinks icon for web and document - For nested and nesting contributors, diagrams must be of type class or composite - Add inner composite structure hyperlink contributor - Remove heuristic tab from hyperlink manager (remove extension from uml.diagram.common) - Open normal hyperlink manager instead of advanced one (with the heuristic tab) Patch set 16: - Remove oep.uml.hyperlink plugin (including feature and pom) - Move hyperlink contributors to oep.uml.diagram.X plugins accordingly - Views search is done with ViewerSearchService and DiagramViewerSearcher extends AbstractViewerSearcher implements IExtendedViewerSearcher; IExtendedViewerSearch is a new interface that extends IViewerSearcher - oep.uml.diagram.X depends on oep.infra.hyperlink and - Remove table hyperlinks since all tables are trees now; will re-integrate in tree table navigation patch Change-Id: I071767591243819205b35f4965383a43ce48cd2a Signed-off-by: Shuai Li <>
2015-09-03Bug 476547 - [Composite Structure Diagram] All non internal package areBenoit Maggi1-82/+93
part of api - add all package in the export package entry in the manifest file Change-Id: I45481c39b53a98ec9ac63470db0b05ac66208637 Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2015-08-21[releng] Neon-1.2.0 modification step by stepQuentin Le Menez1-81/+82
Change-Id: I9126d707fecad85c9b5384b35074deba995b6527 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2015-06-03Enforce dependency to GMF Tooling Runtime at 3.3 for Mars mgolubev1-1/+1
Change-Id: I45241d2746ca4c103b4605dcaf7f0616ecb1e2dd Signed-off-by: mgolubev <> Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Hudson CI Reviewed-by: Camille Letavernier <>
2015-03-25Bug 433206: Papyrus shall enable local synchronization between graphical ↵Christian W. Damus1-81/+81
element and element in the model (1) Refactor the 'uml.diagram.synchronizeview' plug-in: * remove the UML dependency (supplied by a UML-specific default children strategy) * move into infra.gmfdiag component * rename for GMF-standard 'canonical' terminology * API types, extension points, etc. renamed for 'canonical' terminology * fix parsing of priorities and other problems in the extension-point loading * support listening to multiple dependent model elements for canonical refresh * add a notion of default semantic children strategies for edit-parts that don't have specific requirements but can rely on a generic implementation (2) Implement a canonical request wrapper to pass through the drop request to default drop edit policy provided by the diagram, by-passing the pluggable strategies to which the CustomizableDopEditPolicy delegates. (3) Implement a toggle action in the various diagram filter menus to toggle canonical synchronization. (4) Enable the canonical edit policy provider. This requires additional changes: * only activate the canonical edit policy when the style is applied and is enabled because otherwise GMF assumes that canonical mode is on and treats connections as canonical (GMF run-time only checks that the edit policy is installed and is active) * listen for changes to the canonical style to disable/enable the canonical edit policy on the fly (5) Fix undo/redo of canonical view creation and of canonical enablement. (6) Properties view support for model/view synchronization (canonical edit policy). (7) Adapt SysML test utility to account for possible inclusion of ToggleCanonicalModeCommand by GMF in drop commands. (8) Implement deferred loading of synch child strategies and XML enablement expressions. (9) Fix problems in handling of connections incoming and outgoing canonical top shapes. (10) Support for a CSS 'canonical' style attribute. (11) Initial simple canonical synchronization scenarios for JUnit test cases. (12) Integrate canonical edit policy tests into the build. (13) Test cases for toggling canonical on/off, with undo/redo. Test cases for adding elements to the semantic model, with undo/redo. Test cases for deleting elements from the semantic model (including by simple remove, which unlike destroy does not also deletes dependent views anyways), with undo/redo. (14) Add regression tests for creation/deletion of elements and views together per the usual diagram editing scenarios, in the context of canonical diagrams. (15) Fix problems in canonical creation (with undo and redo) of connection views for non-owned relationship elements. (16) Add tests for CSS control of canonical synchronization. Fix inability to override CSS canonical style to turn synchronization off on selected views. Bug 461629: [CSS] Diagram refresh undo/redo problems Implement new DiagramHelper refresh APIs to fix a few problems: - encapsulate synchronous (forced) and asynchronous refresh in new API methods. Deprecate the old methods that required clients to follow several steps. Update various client call sites to use the new API instead of the deprecated API - add corresponding APIs for refresh of individual DiagramEditParts, with similar heuristic for dropping redundant refresh requests - re-implement asynchronous refresh to use a new TransactionalEditingDomain executor that runs tasks as pre-commit trigger commands, to capture any undo/redo information for model changes - implement a new transaction option in the Papyrus editing domain that prevents runExclusive calls creating read-only transactions nested within a write transaction, so that canonical changes ensuing from edit-part refresh during refresh tasks can be properly recorded (without unprotected writes nested in the read-only context) Bug 433206: Papyrus shall enable local synchronization between graphical element and element in the model (17) Enable test cases unblocked by the fix for undo/redo problems in diagram refresh (being bug 461629). (18) Do not record the edit-part but the view in the SetCanonicalCommand to support undo/redo even if the diagram has been closed and re-opened in the mean-time. To refresh the CanonicalEditPolicy's activation state after execute/undo/redo, the command now searches on the fly for all edit-parts (in all open diagram editors) that present the view in question. (19) Implement a new 'semi-active' state in the PapyrusCanonicalEditPolicy that is its minimally active state. This allows the edit policy to react to semantic model changes to delete views for deleted model elements, where such views are ones that it had originally created by canonical refresh. This relies on new tracking of canonically- created views, which in turn relies on a new utility for digging through complex command tree structures to get the views that were created by them. Includes automated tests for non-transactional refresh creating canonical views, with undo and redo in the semantic model undoing and redoing creationg of the elements that had been canonically created, after the canonical edit policy was (non-transactionally) disabled. (20) Don't forget about views that were created canonically if the diagram happens to be closed and then re-opened. (21) Rework the CanonicalStateListener to support injection of refresh 'pokes' to trigger updates in other dependents, such as the Properties view, when change in canonical activation is detected for any reason. (22) New JUnit tests for: - undo of semantic model change that created a canonical view after canonical edit policy disabled by CSS and close/reopen of the diagram - canonical edit policy's book-keeping does not leak diagram views nor model elements (23) CanonicalStateListener should be auto-retained because it automatically installs itself, and it won't be uninstalled except when successfully released. (24) Fix layout (margins etc.) of Synchronization properties group. (25) Fix concurrent modification in iteration over diagram edit part tree. Rationalize state-transition logic in canonical edit policy. (26) Fix some problems in canonical composite structures (incomplete): - manage connections canonically on border items as well as top shapes - do not include connectors as semantic children of structured classifiers but only as connections/edges of their connected elements - do not create parts of Association type when dropping an Association onto a structured classifier - include notation context in children-strategy query to account for structures such as part-with-port in connectors to disambiguate repeated semantic elements - add canonical composite structure tests (one still failing) (27) Refactor the canonical children strategies extension point ID to make it more meaningful and less redundant. Shave some execution time off the execution of the canonical edit policy tests in the automated build environment where we don't need to see what is happening in the diagrams. This involves a refactoring of earlier infrastructure that detects the build server or local Maven/Tycho build environment. (28) Fix failure to create canonical connection views because source/target nodes that were created canonically don't yet have their edit-parts. The canonical creation of connections is now deferred using the transaction pre-commit executor, exposed as a new DiagramHelper::submit(...) API. Several JUnit tests need updating, both to correct erroneous assumptions on latent bugs now fixed, and also to add UI event-processing in undo/redo scenarios to account for deferred connection creation. Use a DeferredLayoutCommand to improve the layout of the contents added to shape compartments by canonical 'drop', which otherwise would all be stacked on top of one another. Add a new pluggable strategy for determination of the edit-part that should handle creation of views, for cases such as flows in activities where connections must be dropped into contents compartments, not onto either the source or target node shape. (29) Fix canonical presentation of activity flows on pins. Implement basics of canonical synchronization of state machine diagrams. (30) Communication diagram synchronization of messages between lifelines. Requires a new extension interface for pluggable view-children strategies, to complement the semantic-children strategies, because the views that need to be synchronized are labels of connected edges, not the edges themselves. The semantic-children strategy interface is refactored to align with the new visual-children strategy interface, and likewise the determination of existing semantic and visual children in the PapyrusCanonicalEditPolicy. This also removes redundant re-calculation on semantic node children in the second-phase processing of connections. (31) Fix exceptions in synchronization and layout of communication diagrams. Fix regression in canonical deletion of edges. (32) Fix spurious deactivation of canonical edit policy in edit-parts that had had canonical mode (refresh enablement) toggled during execution of some user command. Change-Id: I9c39f74638cb55455e2d8bc42b07e49501ec3ea7
2015-03-12Migration of Composite Structure Diagram to ElementTypesConfigurations. Florian Noyrit1-3/+3
2015-02-10409368: [Tests] Hudson test failuresCamille Letavernier1-1/+1 - Fix ElementInitializer for specific Constraints in the Composite Diagram (Avoid logging errors during tests) - Update BREE to Java 1.7
2014-12-15436786: [Diagram] Composite diagram shapes shall be refactoredMickael ADAM1-7/+5 Refactor of: ActivityCompositeEditPart ActivityCompositeEditPartCN BehaviorPortEditPart ClassCompositeEditPart CollaborationCompositeEditPart CollaborationCompositeEditPartCN CollaborationRoleEditPartCN CollaborationUseEditPartCN ComponentCompositeEditPart ComponentCompositeEditPartCN DeviceCompositeEditPart DeviceCompositeEditPartCN DurationObservationEditPart ExecutionEnvironmentCompositeEditPart ExecutionEnvironmentCompositeEditPartCN FunctionBehaviorCompositeEditPart FunctionBehaviorCompositeEditPartCN InformationItemEditPart InteractionCompositeEditPart InteractionCompositeEditPartCN InterfaceCompositeEditPart InterfaceCompositeEditPartCN NodeCompositeEditPart NodeCompositeEditPartCN OpaqueBehaviorCompositeEditPart OpaqueBehaviorCompositeEditPartCN PortEditPart PropertyPartEditPartCN ProtocolStateMachineCompositeEditPart ProtocolStateMachineCompositeEditPartCN StateMachineCompositeEditPart StateMachineCompositeEditPartCN TimeObservationEditPart PrimitiveTypeEditPart SignalEditPartCN PrimitiveTypeEditPartCN SignalEditPart DataTypeEditPart DataTypeEditPartCN EnumerationEditPart EnumerationEditPartCN ClassCompositeEditPartCN InterfaceEditPart InterfaceEditPartCN ParameterEditPart ActorEditPartCN DeploymentSpecificationEditPartCN ArtifactEditPartCN InformationItemEditPartCN ArtifactEditPart ActorEditPart DeploymentSpecificationEditPart LiteralBooleanEditPart LiteralIntegerEditPart LiteralNullEditPart LiteralStringEditPart LiteralUnlimitedNaturalEditPart StringExpressionEditPart OpaqueExpressionEditPart TimeExpressionEditPart ExpressionEditPart DurationEditPart TimeIntervalEditPart DurationIntervalEditPart IntervalEditPart InstanceValueEditPart UseCaseEditPart SignalEventEditPart CallEventEditPart AnyReceiveEventEditPart ChangeEventEditPart TimeEventEditPart UseCaseEditPartCN Change-Id: Iba0dc763d52fe830cb25673d24728b3e52d3e862 Signed-off-by: Mickael ADAM <>
2014-09-15[Releng] Change plug-ins version to 1.1.0Camille Letavernier1-24/+24
2014-08-20[Releng] Update versions to 1.0.1Camille Letavernier1-80/+83
2014-08-07374050: [Properties view] Manage interfaces for ports does not refreshGabriel Pascual1-82/+80
"provided" and "required" interfaces immediatly Composite diagram : - Add adapter for derived attribute - Add actions (add and remove) on observable list of properties view - Connected menu action Interface Manager and Properties view - Refactor Manage interface Handler and UI - Fix several bugs about NewElementRepresentation handling during commands execution. - Clean dependencies after refactor - Manage strictly adapters Change-Id: I3635b1a94f53acb3ef592b741afe76c13d767093 Signed-off-by: Gabriel Pascual <>
2014-07-21update classpath and MANIFEST to 1.6Vincent Lorenzo1-1/+1
2014-05-13434626: [Diagram] change gmfgen to ensure that shape are generatedptessier1-82/+82 Change-Id: I61dc682a884a1c5e8a09bf5e619f25c7ae258fa6
2014-04-28433206: Papyrus shall enable local synchronization between graphicalptessier1-1/+2
element and element in the model Change-Id: Ib5c3e57812f253d29dd9e07c5a6ce204f8166e83
2014-04-10Regenerated Component Diagram. Updated the Xtend templates which impliedFlorian Noyrit1-1/+2
regeneration of Class, Composite, StateMachine diagrams
2014-04-04Regenerated Composite diaram with lastest code generator. Florian Noyrit1-82/+80
Regenerated Class diaram with lastest code generator. Corrected some figure issues.
2014-03-14[Releng] Fix dependency versionsCamille Letavernier1-4/+6
2014-03-14399860: Papyrus shall enable to customize the creation policy of viewsLaurent Wouters1-6/+5 Signed-off-by: Laurent Wouters <>
2014-02-18386118: [EMF Facet] Papyrus should progressively support EMF Facet 0.2ptessier1-1/+1 try to merge
2014-02-14386118: [EMF Facet] Papyrus should progressively support EMF Facet 0.2ptessier1-1/+0
2014-02-10386118: [EMF Facet] Papyrus should progressively support EMF Facet 0.2Patrick tessier1-1/+3 import EMF-FACET
2013-11-13263430: [General] Add relengCamille Letavernier1-20/+20 Luna: Update plug-in version numbers to 1.0.0

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