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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2009-12-10move the feature for auto-layout tools in features dir.rschnekenbu3-134/+0
2009-12-09removed unused project (releng project adress is
2009-12-09Updated Papyrus-ALL-extssh.psf file with the latest repository state.fcano1-94/+146
2009-12-04Applied the new Formatter on papyrus coderschnekenbu153-3760/+4323
2009-12-02Fix possible NPE on dispose methodtlandre1-4/+11
2009-11-27ASSIGNED - bug 268775: [Sash Editor] Improve and finalize plugin cdumoulin1-1/+0
2009-11-06Clean Manifesft.MF using PDE Tools.tlandre2-2/+7
2009-11-04RESOLVED - bug 289449: [Backbone] Strange behavior with the "save" button tlandre3-13/+29
2009-10-15update featuretlandre1-4/+14
2009-10-13update version numbertlandre12-23/+23
2009-10-13organize importtlandre6-18/+4
2009-10-07NEW - bug 291571: [Additional Tool] AutoLayout tlandre130-0/+4912
2009-10-02ASSIGNED - bug 268775: [Sash Editor] Improve and finalize plugin cdumoulin1-3/+1
2009-10-02Removed unused dependencies from tlandre2-30/+2
2009-09-30ASSIGNED - bug 290904: [backbone] Remove old and unused stuff cdumoulin1-6/+2
2009-09-29delete project, move it on the rooteperico6-697/+0
2009-09-29add releng projecteperico6-0/+697
2009-09-17removed the @generated tag as it does not compile with Java 5rfaudou2-3/+1
2009-09-14Merge Validation branch with the trunk of the svntlandre5-5/+33
2009-09-01Update filecdumoulin1-7/+0
2009-09-01Sash Editor example showing how to connect a view to the sash editor.cdumoulin5-559/+613
2009-08-07NEW - bug 281320: [Composite Structure Diagram] Create a first version of thi...tlandre2-0/+4
2009-08-04adding tabbed properties for profile management of edges and compartmentrschnekenbu2-14/+35
2009-07-27bug 277478: implement stereotype management : manage ExtensionPoint + code re...eperico1-31/+25
2009-07-09change filters of profile section ptessier2-4/+22
2009-07-08adds support of stereotypes to property labels (to be continued)rschnekenbu1-0/+6
2009-07-02(no commit message)cdumoulin9-0/+720
2009-06-29Commiting missing project org.eclipse.papyrus.sasheditor.di to the psf filestlandre2-0/+4
2009-06-24small fixes to be able to build papyrus features.rschnekenbu3-9/+69
2009-06-19modify svn by http for pserver tlandre1-39/+39
2009-06-19Commit first version of the releng projecttlandre3-0/+193
2009-06-10NEW - bug 278929: [Outline] Outline contents is not refreshed when a new diag...ytanguy3-76/+167
2009-06-08NEW - bug 278929: [Outline] Outline contents is not refreshed when a new diag...ytanguy2-4/+5
2009-06-05added icon for stereotype support in node elements for class diagramrschnekenbu1-6/+16
2009-06-03New system for stereotype application:rschnekenbu28-284/+500
2009-05-29NEW - bug 268777: [Sash Editor] List of existing diagram cdumoulin2-2/+140
2009-05-28Add testing of null ActiveEditor.cdumoulin1-7/+13
2009-05-25NEW - bug 268775: [Sash Editor] Improve and finalize plugin cdumoulin2-0/+210
2009-05-25NEW - bug 268775: [Sash Editor] Improve and finalize plugin cdumoulin12-54/+29
2009-05-19fix bug to add a property of stereotype to displayptessier1-1/+1
2009-05-18Bugfix: single-valued properties of stereotypes can now be changed in profile...rschnekenbu1-1/+1
2009-04-29ASSIGNED - bug 274299: [General] All strings contained within the plugin.prop...gmerincube4-1/+7
2009-04-21NEW - bug 268775: [Sash Editor] Improve and finalize plugin cdumoulin29-0/+2218
2009-04-14some updates to work with stereotypesptessier11-270/+757
2009-04-10remove unused dependencyjbenois1-2/+1
2009-04-10RESOLVED - bug 271863: [Properties View] Regenerate view with EEFjbenois7-108/+107
2009-04-07RESOLVED - bug 269489: Display wanted applied stereotypes ptessier114-824/+2218
2009-04-03RESOLVED - bug 269487: Add the functionnality to apply profile on packages ptessier11-517/+693
2009-04-02RESOLVED - bug 269488: add the functionnality to apply stereotypes on UML Ele...ptessier53-1809/+3651
2009-03-27refactor org.eclipse.papyrus.profileptessier100-285/+285

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