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2021-09-02Bug 573410: [Toolsmiths] Plug-in builder reports spurious problems in ↵Christian W. Damus2-45/+49
Expansion Models - update the validation to use the ClasspathHelper to support classes in the JDT workspace classpath - add JUnit test coverage Change-Id: Ie6337c57b4a574f7bc47fe07c1d3f8de88deccd4 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-08-30Bug 573888: the papyrus builder raises an error on the profile referenced in ↵Christian W. Damus1-0/+7
the AF - ensure that package/profile registrations on the EMF and UML2 extension points that use platform:/plugin URIs are resolved into the workspace where applicable Change-Id: I859ff15a80cfc5cc4fab9168657f7ad9503ad792 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-08-30Bug 573042: Spurious indexingChristian W. Damus1-2/+4
- do not index derived resources in the workspace Change-Id: Iefde5547bf8722d73d0f3707ec1d07fcccd7ab88 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-08-25Bug 573988: [Toolsmiths] Fix some Facet-customizations in the PropertiesCamille Letavernier3-3/+2
Editor - Replace the long-deprecated EMF Facet 1.x query sets used by the Properties Editor (Customization.ctx) with JavaQueries, to fix all dynamic sections used in the Properties Editor Change-Id: Ieb19878c8e91645e83eb73378ee0dceb26f386c3 Signed-off-by: Camille Letavernier <>
2021-08-25Bug 573987: [Toolsmiths] Properties Editor improvements (Perspective, Toolbar)Christian W. Damus3-10/+151
- open the editor on completion of the new properties context wizard - remove toggle action for showing data contexts - filter out inapplicable child/sibling creation actions for virtual nodes in the editor tree - add preference for action to take on opening the Context Editor - fix the tracking of state of the Preview View toggle button - compute initial generator and source model in the wizard from the current workbench selection, where applicable Change-Id: I20f40f34bc71ac6ea1b885aed6f5118ee97132ec Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-08-25Bug 573788: [Toolsmiths] Generic representation clean-up adviceChristian W. Damus10-23/+258
- create a generic representation (view) deletion advice that works with any user-defined representation kind - add a context menu action to the Architecture Model that adds this advice to an architecture context - add a custom toolsmiths validation warning for architecture contexts that do not reference, inherit, or get by extension this new advice, unless the context is an extension of other contexts - add a bit of documentation about quick fix APIs Change-Id: I58ce20d7d9654d5c5204a7a01c505d143a0328af Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-08-09Bug 575205: [Core, model indexer] Race condition workspace model indexerChristian W. Damus3-29/+450
- do not use JobManager::join to wait for idle state of indexing - aggregate after-index computations onto a single job to avoid flooding the JobManager with tiny JobBasedFutures - add new listener mechanism in IndexManager to improve testability of synchronization scenarios involving the JobWrangler job - ensure isolation of WorkspaceModelIndex tests for consistent execution Change-Id: Icb915bebb8a90e46e29aafe3b788c18ade42033d Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-07-30Bug 572487 - [Designer, Codegen] Move ProjectBasedFileAccess and ICleanCode ↵Ansgar Radermacher4-6/+15
interfaces to Designer - Mark these the two classes as deprecate in core Papyrus as they are moved to designer - Increase minor version number to 4.2.0 Signed-off-by: Ansgar Radermacher <> Change-Id: I17324dd3332194c58dc5b71d2f235315aad68f24
2021-07-21Bug 574687 - [Properties] The content of a widget is not refresh in someptessier1-0/+6
cases Change-Id: Ib488314fce39b7ec7c6767e215c6b2407f1a0d3b Signed-off-by: ptessier <>
2021-07-19Revert "Bug 574687 - [Properties] The content of a widget is not refresh in ↵ptessier1-6/+2
some cases" This reverts commit 7aed6d6923ee426b474f1d48bcb01ad3862a1bf5.
2021-07-13Bug 573890: the builder shall informa that ↵Christian W. Damus7-11/+55
org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.gmfdiag.common is needed for the AF - define an annotation to specify additional required bundles for a creation class - apply this annotation in the GMF Diagram representation model to add org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.gmfdiag.common as a dependency (.commands is already inferred from the classConstraint annotation) - add missing classConstraint annotation for creation commands in the table representation model Change-Id: Ib05275445560dcaeadb682846f442ef0d8295b73 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-07-13Bug 572633: [Toolsmiths] New Child Menus: plug-in builderChristian W. Damus4-56/+105
- create a New Child Menu validation bundle with the plug-in checker implementation - implement role validation based on a workspace-wide Element Types Configurations index on a refactoring of the Architecture Domain model index - integrate the New Child Menu plug-in checkers into the Papyrus Project Builder - support plug-in relative paths for icons in creation menu models in addition to absolute URIs - avoid unintended automatic builds during plug-in builder tests - add documentation of the new child plug-in validation Change-Id: Iadbbd7515a092290d5b66d17ff22676d330f61c3 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-07-13Bug 573656: [Welcome Page] Concurrent Modification issue on Welcome page ↵Christian W. Damus7-34/+95
while generating Element Types for a profile Privileged runnables cannot be run asynchronously, otherwise there is every possibility that the transaction that owns them will no longer be active when the runnable runs. So, instead, create a new read-only transaction in the asynchronous runnable to process the notifications and update the observable property on the UI thread. Change-Id: I35ce6845415d8a90108bca5a1877c7c0b11b747a Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-07-13Bug 572794: [Properties] Add AbstractSection and regenerate theCamille Letavernier192-6230/+6994
Properties model - Convert the Properties model from Ecore to UML - Add an AbstractSection; keep the current Section for "XWTSections" - Add tab#allSections, and keep tab#sections as a derived subset for compatibility - Regenerate & fix dependent code (Toolsmith + Runtime) - Add a service to plug different section renderers - Architecture Representations depend on the Constraint model and need to be regenerated - Make redefinedProperties non-derived to be more consistent with how the code was previously generated Change-Id: Ib02784508d6924415d82ff76c5c78c4a4d3cb95e Signed-off-by: Camille Letavernier <> Also-by: Christian W. Damus <> Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-07-08Bug 574688 - [Properties] Widget is disposed exception when updatePauline DEVILLE1-1/+3
ReferenceDialog Change-Id: Ieb71b3cc622f255c2a0605e03f7f2c26ad835730 Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <>
2021-07-06Bug 574687 - [Properties] The content of a widget is not refresh in somePauline DEVILLE1-2/+6
cases Change-Id: I177ba4afd8d1854fafaf972026e8a4426ca468fe Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <>
2021-06-29Bug 571814 - Table configuration export bugVincent Lorenzo3-0/+0
- fix the calculus of the path to support space in eclipse location (the initial bug) - in addition : - resave some gif image as gif (in reality they were under png format) - forbid table type declared with space Change-Id: I3736e572c8114b872eeed6ca53b5a774101cd7eb Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2021-06-22Bug 573886: [Optional] Dynamic profiles can make the AF wobblyChristian W. Damus1-12/+58
- support registered dynamic profile definitions in the PolicyChecker, handling the distinct copies that are loaded in every resource set's package registry Change-Id: I6e7e88b7c4575560d8dce5fbfedb850eabc498bb Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-06-01Bug 573807 - [Core] Cannot close modified modelAnsgar Radermacher2-7/+10
- Verify that a shell is not disposed, before asking for its display. Signed-off-by: Ansgar Radermacher <> Change-Id: Id88e07e33782578304a55574805d56be4a1a14a4
2021-05-31Bug 573839 - [Properties] table in the properties view is not refreshedAsma Smaoui1-1/+9
when adding new rows when adding rows to a table displayed in the Properties view, the table does not refresh : the resourceset listener should be added to the contextEditting domain Change-Id: I108df538d4db43624920466573ddcd2da71a05f6 Signed-off-by: Asma Smaoui <>
2021-05-27Bug 571948 - [Core][Editor] When the editor is opening the tool shouldPauline DEVILLE13-19/+23
display progress informations * Export IStatusService as api Change-Id: Ibc6fdb202d3640f08a526384d63d4c883840d68b Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <> Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2021-05-20Bug 570542: [Toolsmiths] Provide cookbook to guide toolsmith developersChristian W. Damus84-108/+14615
- define a generic Constraint Advice Configuration for invariant constraints - reference constraint for create/set/move restrictions - relationship constraint for create/reorient restrictions - required stereotype constraint for unapply restrictions Change-Id: I5f3a20fc1ce793e902bfccea6bc0ec1da744ca01 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-05-07Bug 573429 - [Table] Properties view of tables are shown in the welcomePauline DEVILLE3-9/+39
page in some case Change-Id: I328fb81e8c32b9686cf14c1ad39daa6eefbd9386 Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <>>
2021-05-04Bug 570486: [Architecture] Architecture model shall clearly define merge and ↵Christian W. Damus23-415/+1058
inherit concepts - make single consistent item provider factory for the merged architecture facade API - deprecate and/or replace custom providers in various places Change-Id: I42d8ceff11d63c2683332c70ea7efc15ca741724 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-05-04Bug 570486: [Architecture] Architecture Model support for CDO implementationChristian W. Damus4-196/+300
- externalize non-generated method bodies for re-use in the CDO implementation of the model Change-Id: Ic4a14b5d40547127a25d1167c10266e1146de76c Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-04-30Bug 570486: Fix Xtend compilation errorChristian W. Damus1-2/+2
- Xtend compilation fails on what failure to infer return type from what it incorrectly thinks is a recursive call - so, make the return type explicit Change-Id: I94f88cbb3c76161b69e6f9ab39d56e651e0075b0 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-04-30Bug 572712: [NewChild] Creation menu edit providers do not support child ↵Christian W. Damus79-234/+1904
creation extenders - add an indirection filter to enable sharing filters amongst constraint rules in Element Creation Menu models, Modeling Assistant models, and other dependent models - also with the option to own the filter to access child creation extenders - incorporate operator into label of compound filters for clarity - regenerate dependent models' EMF.Edit plug-ins, cleaning out creation icons where possible Change-Id: I0846b7e47180e381f0774e1858e6b51c53b74d3d Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-04-30Bug 570486: [Architecture] Architecture model shall clearly define merge and ↵Christian W. Damus32-415/+2564
inherit concepts - implement new architecture domain merger with support for legacy algorithm - update ArchitectureDomainManager and ArchitectureDomainMerger to be safe in concurrent access from the ArchitectureIndex - adapt look-up of creation and conversion command classes to trace the class name to the source architecture model for the most appropriate bundle context - update Architecture View to use the public merged model API - adapt old merge tests to use new API - add more test coverage of legacy merge - test coverage of legacy merge mixed with explicit extensions - test coverage for mixing context inheritance with context extension - improve test coverage of the Merged Architecture façade API - update documentation to describe new inheritance and extension concepts, and the merge algorithm - add tracing options for analysis of run-time problems in architecture merge Change-Id: I939d252e7ccdcc55ec81e54ba2b9677616d2d488 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-04-30Bug 571881: [Architecture] Model creation sets architecture context too lateChristian W. Damus1-7/+9
- initialize the model-set's architecture context before creating the model so that configuration of the new model can leverage its element types Change-Id: I27edabdf4428c81e186305a458cafcebb3211408 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-04-28Bug 571125: [Toolsmith] Improve icon validation for toolsmith validationChristian W. Damus6-7/+176
- unify validation of icons referenced by model elements - covers opaque resources of all kinds, not just icons: e.g., creation/conversion command classes in Architecture models - covers resources referenced from model files and from plugin.xml - add calculation of required bundle dependencies from command-class features that are constrained to implement some interface, the bundle providing that interface type being a required dependency. This helps to diagnose problems in resolving commands when the JDT classpath of the architecture bundle does not include the required interface Change-Id: I70db66a448d13cd989da3aeb51b54d2995d273b6 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-04-28Bug 571715: [New Child] Duplicate drop-down menus can appearChristian W. Damus1-49/+92
- merge menus at the same level that have the same name Change-Id: Ie0c8c20cb923df7efac11760e2ca9d9e72612a77 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-04-27Bug 571561: [Element Types] Simple rule configuration refactoringsChristian W. Damus7-7/+639
- add refactoring actions for rule-based element type rules - account for non-containment of NotRuleConfiguration::composedRule (bug 571560) Change-Id: Ie32f0524429801ca0ccbc6b91863403161c74f7e Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-04-27Bug 571560: [Element Types] Not rule does not contain its operandChristian W. Damus18-57/+123
- fix the NotRuleConfiguration::composedRule reference to be a containment - regenerate child providers in dependent models - fix up a few icons Change-Id: I349aadfe849587ee3f7f11f0788d42584e1ed287 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-04-27Bug 571630: [Element Types] InvariantStereotypeRule never asked to approve ↵Christian W. Damus1-31/+38
requests - for requests that are not putting elements into other elements, get the types for the elements that the request edits, to process approval Change-Id: I5d91ecf8488c81cf693002ddff4101f45ce9d318 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-04-26Bug 570486: [Architecture] Architecture model shall clearly define merge and ↵Christian W. Damus11-79/+1831
inherit concepts Updates to the Architecture Description model. Changes: - make ArchitectureContext::creationCommandClass optional ([0..1] multiplicity) as it is now not required by a context that extends another context Additions in class ArchitectureContext: - reference extendedContexts: ArchitectureContext [*] — the contexts to which this context contributes elements such as viewpoints - reference generalContext: ArchitectureContext [0..1] — a context that this context specializes to define a new instantiable context based on it - attribute /extension: Boolean — whether the context is an extension of one or more other contexts. An extension context cannot be instantiated in it own right and does not appear in the New Model Wizard and other UIs that present architecture contexts - operation isConsistentWith(context: ArchitectureContext): Boolean — query whether this context is consistent with another one with respect to extension or generalization. For now the only condition is that they are of the same class (an ArchitectureFramework is not consistent with an ArchitectureDescriptionLanguage and vice versa) - operation allGeneralContexts(): ArchitectureContext [*] — computes the chain of all contexts that this context inherits - operation allExtendedContexts(): ArchitectureContext [*] — computes the closure of all extended contexts. If context C extends context B and B extends context A, then by transitivity C extends context A also. But note that extension of contexts is not inherited: a context C with a general context B that extends context A does not, itself, extend A. But if C does also references A as an extended context, then that makes B's extension of A moot when C is also present in the architecture registry (the merge algorithm will need to account for this) Constraints in class ArchitectureContext: - generalizationCycle — an ArchitectureContext must not specialize itself, either directly or indirectly - extensionCycle — an ArchitectureContext must not extend itself, either directly or indirectly - generalNotExtended — none of the extended contexts of an ArchitectureContext may extend any of its general contexts as this would effectively result in it extending itself. Note that I see no reason why a context that is a specialization of another context may not also be an extension of yet other contexts, so long as this constraint is satisfied - creationCommandClassRequired — an ArchitectureContext that is not an extension must have a creationCommandClass (this replaces the previous multiplicity constraint that is now relaxed) - contextGeneralizationIsConsistent — an ArchitectureContext may only specialize a general context that is consistent with it (which for now is just that it is of the same class) - contextExtensionIsConsistent — an ArchitectureContext may only extend a context that is consistent with it (which for now is just that it is of the same class) Change-Id: I9ccf7210f4bf82d930226d1e1c20eec62e1da488 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-04-26Bug 572865: [Toolsmiths] Architecture Editor may break because of the new ↵Christian W. Damus1-5/+44
PlatformHelper - handle case of package registration without a genmodel which is common in compatibility scenarios mapping older NS URIs to the current version of a package - while we're at it, the URI mapping parsing needs the same bullet-proofing - add JUnit regression test coverage Change-Id: I881f214f04349dafa4243bbe2b3e0cd8fbbd729d Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-04-26Bug 572969 - [PropertiesView] String Label size is not update when thePauline DEVILLE1-1/+5
string is changed Change-Id: Ib536bcd96a9aecf6672d6e20027ef80a415161b8 Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <>
2021-04-14Bug 571948 - [Core][Editor] When the editor is opening the tool shouldPauline DEVILLE2-27/+44
display progress informations *Add catch block and throw back the exception *Make the pop-up closable Change-Id: I3b00325a2cc2799454694fb02a32e0180fc1834f Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <>
2021-04-14Bug 570716: [Tests] Fix Modeling Assistant test failuresChristian W. Damus1-3/+4
Fix modeling assistant test failures in the nightly build. These did actually signal a bug affecting normal Papyrus editing functionality: drawing out a connection handle to create new elements did not suggest any connection types from the assistants model. Change-Id: Ifeba21644f67baf592e8ebbc702e330d35ced17c Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-04-12Bug 571713: [New Child] Empty drop-down menus can appearChristian W. Damus1-14/+14
- dispose the menu item also that had the menu that was disposed Change-Id: Ic711aa25479db449ecc98830efc0b7d588f7d632 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-04-12Bug 539694: The Architecture models raises bad errorsChristian W. Damus1-3/+10
- fix case of workspace-wide JDT search without context URI broken by earlier fix - ensure that JDT and Java projects are ready when running tests with Maven Change-Id: If65d2334ee653286d8ddbed01765093135893ba5 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-04-12Bug 572532: [Tests] UML validateCamelCaseRule test fails consistentlyChristian W. Damus1-7/+17
OCL Pivot maintains environments on a per-thread basis, which means the Modal Context thread cannot use an environment set up by pre-validation hooks on the main thread. Thus this pre-processing needs to be performed on the Modal Context thread also and the test needs to be updated to use the hook mechanism to inject its OCL constraints from the file. Change-Id: Id3fdb3b9f8ab876d9ad6a7b39500684c18133f28 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-04-12Bug 570097: [Toolsmiths] Architecture Domains: Validation BuilderChristian W. Damus1-0/+1
- refactoring of common quick fix framework to support similar fixes in multiple tooling domains - fix duplication of problems on static profile registration having no location element at all - initial set of marker resolutions for Architecture and Element Types - refactor quick fixes into the validation bundles for each domain - move common quick fix framework into the common validation bundle - add class attribute to plugin.xml in quick fix for missing generated package extension for static profiles Change-Id: Iba6c190047c4b80af9bf970a82f9697033f989e7 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-04-06Bug 572556 - [Internationalization] Loading Internationalization modelFlorian NOYRIT1-79/+82
in the context of CDO usage leads to error Let loading of the model to be done on demand
2021-04-06Bug 551740: [AF][validation] we must check that all representation are ↵Christian W. Damus1-0/+151
referenced by a viewpoint - add a custom validation rule to the architecture validation builder to check for references from some viewpoint to a representation kind - requires augmentation of the ArchitectureIndex to look for internal cross-references within the architecture models, not just external cross-references from architecture models to other tooling models - the latter motivated encapsulating some more friendly APIs in the ArchitectureIndex - and also is based on a new reusable InternalCrossReferencer utility - minor fixes to bundle metadata of some test projects files Change-Id: I9b7bf44d22bab442502eee01a11dfdddd3c42f1d Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-04-01Bug 571948 - [Core][Editor] When the editor is opening the tool shouldPauline DEVILLE13-29/+478
display progress informations * create a StatusService to display a dialog with ProgressBar and trace the evolution of the loading of the editor Change-Id: I6f749babdd40c15da7576ca1d84cbabc77ddab1a Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <>
2021-03-29Bug 570856: [Toolsmiths][AF] Improve messages for command-class constraintsChristian W. Damus9-23/+177
- introduce custom messages for problems in the command class attributes - includes a second step to distinguish diagnosis of missing class versus a class that doesn't implement the expected protocol - requires generation of the plug-in class for the Papyrus Representation model - update existing JUnit tests to accommodate new diagnostic messages Change-Id: I351466b561700fdcda68d23b1385821d4d8fc1a9 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-03-26Bug 570097: [Toolsmiths] Architecture Domains: Validation BuilderVincent Lorenzo12-560/+306
- give the Architecture Model Editor access to packages registered in the workspace - support references to locally loaded element type configurations in the palette configuration editor Enhancements to common plug-in builder framework: - support checking for cross-referenced resources in the - look up packages in the resource set's registry, not the shared instance (because Architecture Models are loaded in a resource set with workspace packages) - support loading resources to be validated in a resource set with a custom package registry (again for Architecture Models) - initial Architecture plug-in builder at parity (plus a bit) with the menu action Fix problems found in test development: - workspace-aware package registry doesn't get dynamic EPackages - dependency checking doesn't check for bundle containing referenced icon - custom model checker supertypes checking doesn't cross EPackage boundary - missing check for reference icons' existence - fix Architecture view to update when preferences are changed, especially to show contexts registered from models in the workspace - fix the ArchitectureDomainManager API to report all registered model URIs, including from preferences (used by Architecture view and Load Resource dialog in the Architecture Model Editor) Add validation of icon resources in Element Types Configurations models as was done for Architecture Context models. Change-Id: Ibe62c9f775049197d9f4a1e7d5c582bdf7e67040 Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <> Also-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2021-03-26Bug 539694: The Architecture models raises bad errorsChristian W. Damus1-19/+24
- new ClasspathHelper utility to search for classes on the JDT workspace classpath - reimplement "class exists" constraints using the ClasspathHelper - requires passing information about class types down the plug-in dependency graph, which is done by annotation of the command-class attributes in the Ecore models Change-Id: I234d25f4410c477bf29535d611de7eb4d83cbc7a Signed-off-by: Christian W. Damus <>
2021-03-26Bug 569356: [Toolsmiths] Support regeneration of ElementTypesConfiguration ↵Vincent Lorenzo26-200/+1555
models - Add an optional 'source' attribute to ConfigurationElements, to identify the source element used to generate them - Regenerate all Types models to include the new 'source' attribute - Add "generate extension points" option - add README to list Element Types configurations Extensions - These models (contained in separate plugins) need to be regenerated when the Element Types Configurations model changes - update Element Types configurations model to include generic Annotations - Remove the specific 'source' attribute used by the incremental generator; it will be replaced with an Annotation - Regenerate all ElementTypesConfigurations models Change-Id: I1bbea241a2d8989e27855bd3833d4e81604c8d5b Signed-off-by: Camille Letavernier <> Also-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>

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