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2017-01-09Bug 508512 - [Core] respecting maven conventionFrancois Le Fevre7-7/+14
2016-11-29Bug 496905: [Diagram][ModelExplorer][Table][Dialog] Papyrus must integrateNicolas FAUVERGUE2-2/+10
2016-08-28Bug 443799 - Fix potential bugs identified by FindBugs in oep.infra.*Florian Noyrit3-7/+7
2016-07-10Bug 496307: [Profile Migration] Restrictive package pattern matchingChristian W. Damus2-22/+0
2016-05-11Bug 493375: [Viewpoints] Cannot create two state-machine diagrams in successionChristian W. Damus1-4/+3
2016-05-09Bug 493030: [Viewpoints] Contributions to parent viewpoint are not consideredChristian W. Damus1-13/+24
2016-03-03Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architectureChristian W. Damus26-29/+785
2016-03-02Bug 474467: Papyrus editors title do not update when their label changeChristian W. Damus6-18/+131
2016-02-24Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architectureChristian W. Damus14-350/+455
2016-02-13Revert "Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architecture https:...Christian W. Damus8-9/+0
2016-02-13Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architectureChristian W. Damus8-0/+9
2016-02-12Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architectureChristian W. Damus8-35/+44
2016-01-22Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architectureChristian W. Damus2-14/+32
2016-01-22Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architectureChristian W. Damus1-6/+12
2015-11-25[viewpoints] Add a listener mechanism to notify current viewpoint changeFlorian Noyrit7-0/+218
2015-10-21Bug 434129 - [diagrams][viewpoints] Each Diagrams declaration should beBenoit Maggi1-491/+10
2015-09-25Bug 463787 - Cannot add a usecase diagram in a use caseashatilov1-0/+17
2015-09-03bug 476531: [Table] UML Generic Table doesn't appear in new Project wizardVincent Lorenzo1-1/+1
2015-08-21[releng] Neon-1.2.0 modification step by stepQuentin Le Menez14-107/+91
2015-07-23Bug 473366 - [ViewPoint] The Stereotypes property dialog must handleBenoit Maggi1-95/+116
2015-06-11469953: [Releng] Update the build to support a global POMCamille Letavernier7-14/+14
2015-05-27Bug 468172: [Model Explorer - Diagrams] Cannot create behaviour diagram for a...Christian W. Damus1-24/+12
2015-05-26460336: [ViewPoint] Validation error on a standard one class diagramCamille Letavernier8-31/+35
2015-05-18Bug 467481 - [Model Explorer] [Use Case Diagram] Allow creation of useBenoit Maggi1-0/+6
2015-05-05358695 - [StateMachine Diagram Editor] Not possible to create a statemachine ...Ansgar Radermacher1-0/+6
2015-04-28Bug 463156: [Assistants] Integrate with viewpoints for filteringChristian W. Damus60-1576/+3019
2015-04-01Bug 435502 - [Usability] The New Child/Diagram context menu subitemsShuai Li1-474/+474
2015-03-06461605: [Package Diagram] The ContainmentLink is not availableCamille Letavernier1-473/+474
2015-02-23[Releng] Fix local bundle metadata test failuresChristian W. Damus1-1/+1
2015-02-18Bug 459480 - [ViewPoint] Extract all custom code from generated javaBenoit Maggi2-14/+14
2015-02-09Bug 459480 - [ViewPoint] Extract all custom code from generated javaBenoit Maggi83-1727/+2080
2015-01-07Merge branch 'change/34540-vp/1'Camille Letavernier1-23/+23
2014-12-10Merge "Bug 447888 - [Model Explorer] ability to create sequence diagram from ...Camille Letavernier1-467/+473
2014-12-09Bug 454538 - [ViewPoint] Missing image for RootAutoSelect rulesBenoit Maggi2-2/+2
2014-12-09Bug 447888 - [Model Explorer] ability to create sequence diagram fromBenoit Maggi1-467/+473
2014-12-08[Viewpoints] Use Absolute URIs instead of relative in the builtinCamille Letavernier2-4/+10
2014-11-25Bug 447915 - [ViewPoint] [Papyrus4Ecore] Diagram configuration shouldBenoit Maggi64-9669/+9136
2014-11-20Bug 451968 - [viewpoints] Papyrus4ecore extra overrides built-inBenoit Maggi1-2/+2
2014-10-08Bug 446120 - Moving/Deleting active viewpoint configuration blocksBenoit Maggi1-23/+23
2014-09-15[Releng] Update feature versions to 1.1.0Camille Letavernier7-14/+14
2014-09-15[Releng] Change plug-ins version to 1.1.0Camille Letavernier7-32/+32
2014-08-26[Code Style] Configure code style in the projectsChristian W. Damus14-0/+2464
2014-08-25[Code style] Apply clean-up profile to Papyrus Main plug-insCamille Letavernier138-2243/+2105
2014-08-21[Code style] Apply clean-up and formatter on Main plug-insCamille Letavernier155-4968/+7767
2014-08-20[Releng] Update Papyrus version to 1.0.1 in pom.xmlCamille Letavernier7-14/+14
2014-08-20[Releng] Update versions to 1.0.1Camille Letavernier7-96/+104
2014-08-08Bug 441315 - [ViewPoint] A configuration with a bad category breaks theBenoit Maggi1-0/+14
2014-07-22Fixed leftovers from previous code generation in viewpointsLaurent Wouters7-24/+50
2014-07-21Exposed viewpoint API for counting views on objectsLaurent Wouters2-57/+58
2014-07-11Bug 439094 - [BDD] Kepler BDD placed under A Block (as container) failsBenoit Maggi1-459/+467

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