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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2018-08-21Bug 537653 - [EPL] Update java files headersQuentin Le Menez56-112/+224
2018-04-10Bug 531729: [Diagram] Explicit the preference used to draw common bendpoints ...Vincent Lorenzo4-4/+58
2018-01-09Bug 515367 - [releng] Uniformization of the end of lines to Unix standardQuentin Le Menez49-4546/+4546
2017-12-14Bug 528776 - [Quality] Remove auto-generated TODOBenoit Maggi4-4/+4
2017-11-27[Quality] Replace enterprise id by nameBenoit Maggi1-1/+1
2017-10-18Bug 518313 - [ClassDiagram] Nested Element should be treated asBenoit Maggi6-9/+104
2017-08-14520936: [Diagram Export] During export, Diagram Names should be moreCamille Letavernier1-1/+4
2017-04-05Bug 514300: [Preferences][Rulers And Grid] Inconsistency between theFanch BONNABESSE1-5/+23
2017-03-09Bug 511473: Grid must be displayed by default on diagramsFanch BONNABESSE1-504/+505
2016-08-28Bug 443799 - Fix potential bugs identified by FindBugs in oep.infra.*Florian Noyrit10-83/+27
2016-02-12Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architectureChristian W. Damus4-679/+374
2016-01-28Bug 419357: [Diagram][Palette] Diagram must provide a way to restoreFanch BONNABESSE4-274/+361
2016-01-22Bug 485220: [Architecture] Provide a more modular architectureChristian W. Damus2-5/+5
2015-10-13Remove 2 useless System.out.println commited by error there is a long timeVincent Lorenzo2-6/+0
2014-08-25[Code style] Apply clean-up profile to Papyrus Main plug-insCamille Letavernier23-38/+37
2014-08-21[Code style] Apply clean-up and formatter on Main plug-insCamille Letavernier55-685/+720
2014-01-16425890: [Table2]/[Diagram] PapyrusPreferenceStore must be refactored tovlorenzo6-1309/+163
2013-12-18Preferences must be initialized in thread UIVincent Lorenzo1-31/+38
2013-12-18Remove the deprecated class PreferenceConstantHelper fromVincent Lorenzo1-263/+0
2013-12-18423799: [Diagram]Rulers and Grid preferences are not customizable forVincent Lorenzo1-0/+3
2013-12-13[releng] Fixed unnecessary warnings and removed duplicated codeLaurent Wouters3-8/+8
2013-12-11422553: [Diagram] Status (checked/uncheked) of the grid actions are notVincent Lorenzo39-348/+787
2013-08-21400779: [Table 2] Tabular Editor must allow to create elements with aVincent Lorenzo1-0/+4
2013-07-05319956: [Palette] Problem when adding applied stereotype in an aspect actioncletavernie1-2/+18
2012-11-22394946: Incorrect preference key creation due to missing break statementsytanguy1-0/+3
2011-11-09362162: [Architecture - Refactoring] The plug-ins should be renamed to match ...cletavernie58-195/+195
2011-11-04362162: [Architecture - Refactoring] The plug-ins should be renamed to match ...cletavernie1-2/+5
2011-11-02362162: [Architecture - Refactoring] The plug-ins should be renamed to match ...cletavernie58-0/+6923

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