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2014-08-26[Code Style] Configure code style in the projectsChristian W. Damus4-1/+708
Configure the master settings for Code Style in the org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.core plug-in, including: - Code Formatter - Code Clean-up - Code Templates - Import Sort Order Employ the Oomph Project Configuration tooling to propagate these settings to all other Papyrus main, test, and developer plug-ins, plus the CDO Integration plug-ins. Update the Papyrus Oomph model to remove the workspace-wide code style settings. Change-Id: Id1c7c7fb94c82974a9f1c7cafcfcf32b71ce6c1f
2014-08-25[Code style] Apply clean-up profile to Papyrus Main plug-insCamille Letavernier3-4/+5
2014-08-21[Code style] Apply clean-up and formatter on Main plug-insCamille Letavernier12-271/+279
2014-08-20[Releng] Update Papyrus version to 1.0.1 in pom.xmlCamille Letavernier1-2/+2
2014-08-20[Releng] Update versions to 1.0.1Camille Letavernier2-6/+6
2014-07-24437217: [Editors] In-place reloading of model resources in the editorsChristian W. Damus2-29/+31 In situ editor reloading. Introduces an IReloadableEditor adapter protocol with an implementation in the CoreMultiDiagramEditor that implements internal destruction of the ServicesRegistry and nested editors. Some refactoring of the initialization and disposal code in the editor class hierarchy and dependencies facilitates reuse of init/dispose code in the reload scenario. The re-loading of an editor is deferred until it is next activated, unless it is already the active editor (can happen when "Save All" is invoked). Editor re-load notifications to dependent views like Model Explorer and Outline. A new listener protocol informs dependents before and after reload so that they may properly dispose of obsolete state and re-initialize when the editor is reloaded. Also ensure that an editor is only reloaded once when some resource that it depends on has changed, not once for each resource. State restoration tokens. Re-load listeners can insert tokens into the re-load event that capture state to be restored after the re-load. Listeners retrieve and apply these tokens after the editor re-loads itself. Current state restoration includes: - tree node expansion and selection state in the Model Explorer view - diagram outline view: which presentation (tree or overview thumbnail) is active - which workbench part is active, such that the correct selection is reflected in views such as Model Explorer, Outline, and Properties - current active diagram in the re-loaded editor - edit-part selections in all diagrams - selection (columns and rows, not individual cells) in table editors - palettes in each diagram (or palette pages when the Palette View is open): * active tool * pinnable stack tool selection * drawer expansion state * drawer scroll position The Palette View support incidentally fixes loss of palette state when switching between Papyrus editors, caused by the PapyrusPaletteSynchronizer. JUnit regression tests for various aspects of editor re-load. Includes a fix for an NPE in the Validation View's content provider that occurs in several tests when an editor is closed or re-loaded. Also support for tests that need to load more than one test-fixture model and/or open more than one editor. Change-Id: Ic0f654ab138d3e091f81f1e9159bcca80d6bb0a5
2014-06-04[Releng] Remove the (Incubation) suffix from all (main) plug-ins andCamille Letavernier2-2/+2
features Update the Bundle test accordingly
2014-05-13[433192] - Explicit synchronization between active inner IEditorPage inmgolubev2-4/+130
multi-editor and PaletteView Change-Id: I88d9e13b0347ae809b836766040e6ee458d2a7b7 Signed-off-by: mgolubev <>
2014-04-17[releng] Generated all the pom.xml files for the plugins and featuresLaurent Wouters1-0/+14
Command: python releng/toolkit/ Signed-off-by: Laurent Wouters <>
2014-03-14[Releng] Fix dependency versionsCamille Letavernier2-5/+5
2013-11-13263430: [General] Add relengCamille Letavernier2-6/+6 Luna: Update plug-in version numbers to 1.0.0
2013-07-04[Releng] Update Papyrus version to 0.10.1cletavernie2-6/+6
2013-02-21398712: [Core] Multiple issues with the PageManagercletavernie1-0/+4 401434: [Core] The CoreEditor shall be covered with integration tests Missing classes from previous commits
2012-11-23391945: [Refactoring] Part 2: Refactoring on Kepler (0.10)cletavernie3-30/+53
2012-09-18Kepler: Update plug-in versions to 0.10.0cletavernie2-7/+9
2012-09-17380517: [Papyrus] We should use explicit plug-in dependencies whenever possiblecletavernie2-7/+3 + removed some unused dependencies and imports
2012-06-12344017: [General] Papyrus uses internal methods that don't exist in Eclipse 4.1rschnekenbu1-1/+2 - removing specific perspective listener on startup as this can only lead to bogus behavior. No action is made by this listener currently, so removing it should not be noticeable.
2012-03-22357348: [Build] Papyrus shall provide a source buildcletavernie3-4/+9 Fixed illformed files
2012-02-16344017: [General] Papyrus uses internal methods that don't exist in Eclipse 4.1ptessier2-159/+216
2011-12-09365919: [Architecture - SVN - Build] Rewrite the Buildcletavernie1-1/+4 Removed some reexported dependencies.
2011-11-09362162: [Architecture - Refactoring] The plug-ins should be renamed to match ↵cletavernie13-24/+23
their layer's qualified name
2011-11-04362162: [Architecture - Refactoring] The plug-ins should be renamed to match ↵cletavernie1-1/+1
their layer's qualified name
2011-11-04362162: [Architecture - Refactoring] The plug-ins should be renamed to match ↵cletavernie4-7/+8
their layer's qualified name
2011-10-27359057: [Architecture - SVN - Build] The Papyrus architecture should be ↵cletavernie2-25/+29
refactored Update the plug-in versions and dependencies over Papyrus plug-ins to 0.9.0
2011-10-25359057: [Architecture - SVN - Build] The Papyrus architecture should be ↵cletavernie15-0/+1177
2011-10-25359057: [Architecture - SVN - Build] The Papyrus architecture should be ↵cletavernie13-0/+456

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