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2014-05-07433984 - [QDesginer] Refactoring - move C++ project generation to "standard" ↵Ansgar Radermacher15-0/+441
code generation: add missing plugin
2014-05-07433984 - [QDesginer] Refactoring - move C++ project generation to "standard" ↵Ansgar Radermacher26-368/+199
code generation
2014-05-07434286 - [C++ codegen] Generate into separate project instead of current projectAnsgar Radermacher11-26/+84
2014-05-07433338 - [C++ codegen] Required files are not generatedAnsgar Radermacher1-22/+59
2014-05-07434285 - [C++ codegen] Provide a hello world exampleAnsgar Radermacher13-0/+463
2014-05-07434263 - [QDesginer] Refactoring - move model copier wizard to ↵Ansgar Radermacher10-149/+27
2014-05-07[Releng] Fix bundle metadataCamille Letavernier12-5/+16
2014-05-06432813: [Performance] Papyrus performs poorly (grey screen) or crashes when ↵Christian W. Damus2-2/+38
working on large profiles Fix leak of models on the operation history when CDO integration layer is installed.
2014-05-06434176: [Table] Papyrus shall migrate to Nattable 1.1Camille Letavernier3-3/+3 - Update dependency versions from EAST-ADL to Nattable
2014-05-02422257: [Performances] Memory leaksChristian W. Damus1-2/+24 ResourceSet clean-up in CDO repository model export utilities.
2014-05-02Bug 433984 - [QDesginer] Refactoring - move C++ project generation to ↵Ansgar Radermacher37-121/+231
"standard" code generation (correct broken build, since intermediate changes had been pushed unintentionnaly)
2014-05-02Bug 433584 [EAST-ADL] Switch to new EAST-ADL version 2.1.12: Fix ↵Ansgar Radermacher5-5/+15
2014-05-02Bug 433647 - [OCL Editor] Properties View OCL Editor for OpaqueExpression is ↵Ansgar Radermacher6-0/+0
2014-04-30422257: [Performances] Memory leaksChristian W. Damus12-55/+266 Updates to CDO Integration component and tests to fix memory leaks. This is a work-in-progress. Especially noteworthy is the new "unload" implementation for CDO views, which clears the adapters (especially UML CacheAdapter) from all CDOObjects in the view when closing it, in lieu of relying on Resource::unload() which CDOResource does not implement.
2014-04-29Bug 433584 - [EAST-ADL] Switch to new EAST-ADL version 2.1.12: add pom.xml ↵Ansgar Radermacher12-41/+125
files & missing plugins to feature.xml
2014-04-28Merge "Bug 425215: Duplicate #include directives"Ansgar Radermacher16-2101/+2683
2014-04-28Bug 425215: Duplicate #include directivesAndrew Eidsness16-2101/+2683
When class uses more than one type from the AnsiCLibrary package, multiple, identical #include directives are generated. I've created a utility rule to generate #include directives. The parameter to the rule is a string containing the path of the file to be included. The rule also fixes a problem where #include's were specifying system includes (angle-bracket strings) instead of user includes (quoted strings). Include directives are now generated in two steps. In the first step, all dependencies are examined to create an ordered set of strings with the include paths. In the second step the new utility rule is used to generate the directive. Change-Id: I11b784f1def4875ecf2c40cae7c3995d7666ef48 Signed-off-by: Andrew Eidsness <>
2014-04-27Bug 433584 - [EAST-ADL] Switch to new EAST-ADL version 2.1.12Ansgar Radermacher1020-96224/+142904
2014-04-22Merge branch 'refs/heads/master' into bugs/431953-stereo-repair2Christian W. Damus150-24/+1886
Conflicts: plugins/uml/org.eclipse.papyrus.uml.modelrepair/src/org/eclipse/papyrus/uml/modelrepair/internal/participants/
2014-04-18[releng] Fixing Buckminster build due to aggressive dead code removal for TychoLaurent Wouters3-0/+3
Signed-off-by: Laurent Wouters <>
2014-04-17Merge changes ↵Camille Letavernier149-23/+1882
Ifc5ddca3,I6a47c3c1,I4d7614cf,If34f0ee1,Ie2b27cb9,I5834c981,I83f26645 * changes: [releng] Generated all the pom.xml files for the plugins and features Command: python releng/toolkit/ [releng] Moved the build configuration to Tycho [releng] Added the feature for the developer plugins [releng] Cleanup the features for the main and extras build [releng] Cleanup plugins for developer build [releng] Cleanup plugins for extras build [releng] Cleanup plugins for main build
2014-04-17[releng] Generated all the pom.xml files for the plugins and featuresLaurent Wouters88-0/+1232
Command: python releng/toolkit/ Signed-off-by: Laurent Wouters <>
2014-04-17432981: [Properties view - Usability] The Validation rule property boxCamille Letavernier1-1/+1
"Is enabled by default" is too big - Change the label to "Enabled by default"
2014-04-17[releng] Cleanup plugins for extras buildLaurent Wouters61-23/+650
Signed-off-by: Laurent Wouters <>
2014-04-15431953: Stereotype garbage left in .uml file after removing profile (crash ↵Christian W. Damus2-34/+25
reason?) Refactor the initialization of the ModelSet service so that its own service factory associates it with the service registry (removing the additional service-factory that did this). This introduces a new concept of service adapters that can externally provide a POJO service instance with the service lifecycle hooks, for POJOs that are injected into the service registry by a client and not created by a factory. Non-POJO services and factory-created services do not need this because they have the service lifecycle built-in. Update the CoreMultiDiagramEditor to start itself early to let other services such as the model set find it in the registry. Fix an NPE in the abstract editor triggered by the service registry's attempt to obtain a service adapter from it.
2014-04-11Merge "Bug 425208: Duplicate visibility keywords"Ansgar Radermacher1-6/+6
2014-04-11432599: [Papyrus Profiles] Provide static profile implementationsCamille Letavernier25-340/+2954
2014-04-10Bug 425208: Duplicate visibility keywordsAndrew Eidsness1-6/+6
A Java utility function is used to merge adjacent visibitily sections (within a C++ class definition). For example, this: class T { public: void func1(); public: void func2(); }; Should appear as: class T { public: void func1(); void func2(); }; This Java utility maintains internal state so that the visibility keyword is written only once. This problem was raised because the internal state is updated even when the keyword is not written to the file. For example, this happens if the generation templates try to generate an empty section with a different visibility from what was currently written. This patch modifies the utility function so that internal state is only updated when the keyword is actually written out to the file. Change-Id: I052ede33110d382409476cac4cef38a417aaa904 Signed-off-by: Andrew Eidsness <>
2014-04-09[PDoc] Add documentation metadata to CDO Integration plug-in projects.Christian W. Damus9-0/+40
2014-04-08330199 [Layers] - Remove the 'Property' extra node in the LayerCedric Dumoulin13-23/+617
Explorer. Improve the Label of the property instances: now the property name (from the node parent) is shown when available.
2014-04-07Bug 431912: C++ code generation test model out of dateAndrew Eidsness3-18/+8
The CDT test model has stale references to UML 4.0.0. This patch regenerates the model for 5.0.0. Change-Id: I2205bb1e660762d287ca1511be76b095467d603b Signed-off-by: Andrew Eidsness <>
2014-04-04[Bug 429744] [UML 2.5] Migrate Papyrus to UML 2.5: Migratred C++ profile to ↵Ansgar Radermacher35-392/+549
UML 2.5
2014-04-03[Releng - Marte] Migrate Marte grammars to the new XText IntegrationCamille Letavernier13-1288/+924
2014-04-03[EMF Facet 0.2] Remove some dependencies to EMF FacetCamille Letavernier3-26/+28
2014-04-03[Releng] Remove unused dependencies to EMF FacetCamille Letavernier4-3/+16
2014-04-03Merge branch 'cleanRepo' into masterCamille Letavernier421-60704/+0
Conflicts: plugins/infra/viewpoints/org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.viewpoints.doc/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
2014-04-03[Trivial] Remove logged exceptions in expected casesCamille Letavernier1-11/+3
2014-04-03Bug 431841 - [C++ view] The C++ view does not handle selections within model ↵Ansgar Radermacher4-31/+23
2014-04-03Bug 431917 - [QDesginer] RefactoringAnsgar Radermacher59-1404/+1870
2014-04-01Merge branch 'master' of ↵ptessier16-3151/+4713
2014-04-01282857: [Developer doc] Update documentation related to Papyrusptessier16-2/+1180
2014-03-31[Bug 429744] New: [UML 2.5] Migrate Papyrus to UML 2.5 - recompiled acceleo ↵Ansgar Radermacher15-3151/+4711
2014-03-31Added generated files to .gitignore (trivial)Ansgar Radermacher1-0/+2
Change-Id: Ic51c44874d09f7ddad9c71b1ae9e10d24272696d
2014-03-28330199 [Layers] - Use FillStyle, FontStyle, LineStyle instead ofCedric Dumoulin5-37/+76
Notation concepts to set layer properties values. Also improve Attach Views dialog. It filter (a little bit) more UML elements.
2014-03-27351803: [New Child] Papyrus shall provide a customizable "New Child"ptessier6-24/+11
menu add doc and adapt ADL4Eclipse
2014-03-27[Releng] Fix Bundle vendor/nameCamille Letavernier1-2/+2
2014-03-26[Releng] Fix bundle metadata for Layers and ModelExplorerCamille Letavernier7-5/+10
2014-03-26[Releng] Fix bundle metadata for Layers, Papyrus Facet and othersCamille Letavernier22-121/+128
2014-03-26392301: Colors are leakedChristian W. Damus2-7/+27 Update editor factories in extra plugins for new IPageModel API.
2014-03-26Bug 431031 - [Constraint] An "Edit Label" dialog shows up on some diagrams ↵Ansgar Radermacher4-3/+45
for no good reason

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