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2014-03-26[Releng] Fix bundle metadata for Layers, Papyrus Facet and othersCamille Letavernier22-121/+128
2014-03-26392301: Colors are leakedChristian W. Damus1-6/+20 Update editor factories in extra plugins for new IPageModel API.
2014-03-25431121-[layers] - Use lookupLayerStackApplication instead ofCedric Dumoulin1-4/+6
getLayerStackApplication in dispose(). The getLayerStackApplication() method try to create the object if it is not found. But, if we are in the dispose mode, we should not create object.
2014-03-25330199 - [Layers] - Replace syserr and sysout by log.Cedric Dumoulin39-152/+340
2014-03-24330199 - layers - remove extra feature plugin, update versionCedric Dumoulin5-115/+1
2014-02-13330199 - Improve first level user tocCedric Dumoulin4-2/+15
2014-02-13330199 - Documentation: separate tutorials and docCedric Dumoulin35-19/+218
2014-02-10330199 - Layers documentation: first tutorial.Cedric Dumoulin21-281/+681
2014-01-27330199 - Layers are created at index 0 in layer operators.Cedric Dumoulin3-10/+16
Let the top layer be at index 0, and bottom layer at the end of the list of layers.
2014-01-27330199 - Update plugins version numberCedric Dumoulin11-24/+44
2014-01-27330199 - Correct copyrightsCedric Dumoulin5-37/+52
2014-01-27330199 - Remove unused class.Cedric Dumoulin2-201/+0
2014-01-27330199 - Add tests on attached state for reloaded layers tree.Cedric Dumoulin15-19/+629
2014-01-27330199 - Correct importsCedric Dumoulin2-1/+2
2014-01-27BUG 330199 - Add LayersFactoryForStackCedric Dumoulin24-366/+2116
2014-01-27Bug 330199 - Add Layers states ATTACHED DETACHEDCedric Dumoulin29-364/+3515
2014-01-27bugs 330199 - Try to improve the ExpressionMatcherCedric Dumoulin6-87/+178
2014-01-27Bug 330199 - Add AllViewsDerivedLayerCedric Dumoulin33-28/+1109
2014-01-27bug 330199 - Improve init of ExpressionMatcherCedric Dumoulin3-6/+151
2014-01-27Bug 330199 - Add ValueChangedNotifier for ExpressionMatcher.Cedric Dumoulin15-1/+1350
This version has a bug: the notifier is not propagated to domain element, because they are simple references (not containment).
2014-01-27Bug 330199 - Add DiagramView event notifier.Cedric Dumoulin10-3/+802
2014-01-27bug 330199 - rename NotyfyingList to ObservableListViewCedric Dumoulin8-91/+100
2014-01-27bug 330199 - Correct bug where RegExp::views andCedric Dumoulin3-48/+133
ExpressionMatcher::matchingElements list are unsync when model is reloaded.
2014-01-27bug 330199 - Add LayerTreeEventNotifier; Allow LayerStack to init addedCedric Dumoulin21-292/+1587
2014-01-27Bug 330199 - Add test for layers tree initialization.Cedric Dumoulin13-183/+972
The tests fails because init is not yet implemented.
2014-01-27Bug 330199 - LayerModel::isBranchEnabledCedric Dumoulin4-17/+73
2014-01-27Allows multi add/remove events from layer model.Cedric Dumoulin7-12/+358
Multi add/remove come from addAll() and removeAll() List methods. They are thrown by the RegExp. This commit take into account these events.
2014-01-27Auto generated classes for layer model.Cedric Dumoulin74-0/+5883
2014-01-27Classes for a not fully implemented solution for RegExp.Cedric Dumoulin4-0/+464
This classes have errors, and maybe they will not be used.
2014-01-27First working RegExpCedric Dumoulin11-96/+617
Add NotyfyingList and ExpressionMatcher Update layers model.
2014-01-27Updated architectureCedric Dumoulin3-0/+864
2014-01-27Add ExprMatcher and NotyfyingListCedric Dumoulin6-0/+1438
2014-01-27Bug 330199 - Update architecture: add RegExpSynchronizersCedric Dumoulin3-6630/+6630
2014-01-27Bug 330199 - Add properties and methods to Layers::RegExp model.Cedric Dumoulin27-250/+6766
2014-01-27Bug 330199 - Add properties to layers::RegExp MMCedric Dumoulin11-9332/+9976
2014-01-27330199 - Improve properties. Use true/false for boolean; remove key forCedric Dumoulin6-91/+90
2014-01-27bug 330199 - Remove property isValidCedric Dumoulin1-1/+1
2014-01-27bug 330199 - correct included files for updatesiteCedric Dumoulin8-10/+78
2014-01-27bug 330199 - add missing file to updatesite projectCedric Dumoulin1-0/+17
2014-01-27Bug 330199 - Improve LayerExplorer node renderingCedric Dumoulin5-24/+42
2014-01-27Remove old src-style repository from the build.Cedric Dumoulin1-7/+8
2014-01-27New project layers.features and layers.updatesiteCedric Dumoulin1-0/+4
2014-01-27update architecture with RegExp classes and NotifiersCedric Dumoulin4-232/+1996
2014-01-27Move old and dev menus to a separate dev.ui projectCedric Dumoulin16-132/+281
2014-01-27Bug can't add property to layeroperator that do not declareCedric Dumoulin22-753/+805
corresponding operator
2014-01-27Adjust headerCedric Dumoulin398-59581/+59627
2014-01-27Allows isLayerEnabled properties and explorer delete, move.Cedric Dumoulin3-8/+182
Factorization of methods in LayerStackSynchronizer.
2014-01-27Allow LayerExpression::isEnabled. Cedric Dumoulin151-4621/+9646
Add attribute in MM Implements checking in Layer Regenerate Property view TODO: implements in others Layer
2014-01-27Models changes (editor change ?)Cedric Dumoulin6-5907/+5925
2014-01-27Allow default values for Layers::PropertyCedric Dumoulin28-26055/+26863

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