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2011-05-23315780: [SysML] Papyrus shall support SysML Requirement diagramptessier39-1910/+0
2011-05-23315780: [SysML] Papyrus shall support SysML Requirement diagramptessier39-0/+1910
2011-03-30Cleaning SVN repository. This MARTE plugin is deprecated, the one in ↵rschnekenbu725-0/+239515
extraplugins/marte should be used instead.
2011-01-25Replaced by {oep}.properties.umlrschnekenbu15-0/+45416
2011-01-25Replaced by {oep}.properties.sysmlrschnekenbu15-0/+2486
2010-12-11ASSIGNED - bug 332378: [Releng] Removing unused old 'di' plugins from the corerschnekenbu161-0/+35096
2010-06-29moving property view based on old framework to deprecated plugins arearschnekenbu1410-0/+1166328
2010-06-21ASSIGNED - bug 310969: [SysML] Provide Bloc Definition and Internal Bloc ↵ytanguy201-0/+25527
Diagram based on GMF Runtime
2010-04-30remove old plugin. Move it to deprecated foldereperico17-0/+1183
2010-04-30move to deprecated foldereperico211-0/+51726

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