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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2015-02-17Bug 457266 - Remove pdoc from papyrus repositoryBenoit Maggi12-27/+37
2015-02-12Bug 450549 - [Example] Many examples don't compileBenoit Maggi24-89/+89
2015-01-13Merge "Bug 450549 - [Example] Many examples don't compile - patch compilati...vincent lorenzo120-12679/+10553
2015-01-05456677: [Moka] Moka shall provide a simple contribution exampleArnaud Cuccuru12-0/+722
2015-01-05Bug 450549 - [Example] Many examples don't compileBenoit Maggi120-12679/+10553
2014-11-06450233 - [C++ codegen] CmdHandler should be moved from "acceleo.ui"Ansgar Radermacher4-47/+4
2014-10-31449460 - [Example] The programmatic creation example is brokenAnsgar Radermacher2-9/+16
2014-05-26Example for programmatic creation of diagram elements, see https://wiki.eclip...Ansgar Radermacher12-0/+655
2013-12-16424099: [Diagram] Papyrus must provide a way to draw connections pointsvlorenzo10-0/+219
2013-07-11[SVN] Move examples to the right foldercletavernie14-0/+952
2013-07-11[SVN] Move examples to the right foldercletavernie14-0/+941
2013-07-11[SVN] Move examples to the right foldercletavernie18-0/+1463
2013-04-02341925: [refactor] move examples\QVToExamples --> examples\user/oep.example.u...cletavernie4-0/+0
2013-04-02341925: [refactor] move examples\QVToExamples --> examples\user/oep.example.u...cletavernie8-0/+0
2013-04-02341925: [refactor] move examples\QVToExamples --> examples\user/oep.example.u...cletavernie7-0/+0
2013-04-02341925: [refactor] move examples\QVToExamples --> examples\user/oep.example.u...cletavernie19-0/+0
2013-04-02341925: [refactor] move examples\QVToExamples --> examples\user/oep.example.u...cletavernie5-0/+0
2012-09-18Kepler: Update plug-in versions to 0.10.0cletavernie1-2/+2
2012-09-17380517: [Papyrus] We should use explicit plug-in dependencies whenever possiblecletavernie2-2/+1
2012-04-26Change the way the current editor is found.cdumoulin1-3/+7
2012-03-19359058: [Refactoring - Architecture] Identify the layers and sub-layers for t...cletavernie11-0/+820
2012-01-30ASSIGNED - bug 370129: [Core] ServicesRegistry should be accessible from any ...cdumoulin9-0/+439
2012-01-11359057: [Architecture - SVN - Build] The Papyrus architecture should be refac...vlorenzo10-0/+292
2012-01-09Update names to synchronize them with the refactoringcdumoulin12-36/+36
2011-04-07NEW - bug 336732: [General] Provide a "create a new diagram project" tutorial cdumoulin92-0/+12018
2011-04-05ASSIGNED - bug 341927: [refactoring] Move extraplugins/core.example/* --> exa...cdumoulin40-0/+2922
2010-12-09Merged branch 0.7.X changes r2480:3444 into the trunkrschnekenbu33-0/+7139

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