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7 daysBug 580313 - Move 6.3.0 to 2022-12 instead of 2022-09HEADmasterPauline DEVILLE4-20/+22
Change-Id: Ie9f6ed6b13a5465d1f6fad4cce69721d71a9ecb5 Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <>
2022-09-14Bug 578651 - Move Migrate ElementTypes Configurations menu in papyrusAurelien Didier1-1/+1
customization framework category. Change-Id: I8396d1c57575b99d0c94be96ac327738e8a770a9 Signed-off-by: Aurelien Didier <>
2022-09-07Bug 578651 - Move Deploy/Disable Element types in developper ->Aurelien Didier1-1/+1
framework category. Change-Id: Ia1d62eb433198126486b9761a162871fc7df156b Signed-off-by: Aurelien Didier <>
2022-09-05Bug 580557 - [ClassDiagram] InterfaceRealization element disappears after a ↵Ansgar Radermacher1-2/+15
reconnecting (changing source) - Add interface-realization to new container before changing the client list Signed-off-by: Ansgar Radermacher <> Change-Id: Iaeb9e3d4f40913a8fe34aec604cf0df0506f7fc9
2022-09-01Bug 578651 - Move Generate ElementTypes Registry menu in papyrusbugs/refactoring_7.0.0Aurelien Didier3-3/+3
customization framework category. Change-Id: I65f0f95dfb6c080d37529d9d64da83c8d49fbd84 Signed-off-by: Aurelien Didier <>
2022-09-01Bug 578651 - Move Migrate Specializations menu in papyrus customizationAurelien Didier1-1/+1
framework category. Change-Id: If3b5898cc84f0e8694359f28d1ba05735213286f Signed-off-by: Aurelien Didier <>
2022-09-01Bug 578651 - Move Generate NewChild Menu to new customization modelAurelien Didier1-1/+1
explorer category. Change-Id: I09d4d66e89b1ca49c64fe73dbb27491ed52692d2 Signed-off-by: Aurelien Didier <>
2022-09-01Bug 578651 - Move extended palette configuration menu in customizationAurelien Didier1-1/+1
editors category. Change-Id: I1764bee380889ba07d752b76c6b9b8de42031ae8 Signed-off-by: Aurelien Didier <>
2022-09-01Bug 578651 - Move Generate Assistants from Element Types toAurelien Didier1-1/+1
customization editors category. Change-Id: I00ff6c49ec507ab938a14469ecf8d99d48795e3e Signed-off-by: Aurelien Didier <>
2022-09-01Bug 578651 - Split Generate Tooling Model submenus in dev and custoAurelien Didier3-9/+5
menus. Change-Id: Ib8b94bbb25d223aff2eaf6dce8e78b5f11ad0993 Signed-off-by: Aurelien Didier <>
2022-09-01Bug 578651 - Create main menus for the reorganization of toolsmiths andPauline DEVILLE6-4/+47
dev menus Change-Id: I5398c0c37680186329778ae80adc02ab460bb462 Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <>
2022-08-10Bug 580313 - Update to 6.3.0Quentin Le Menez16-20/+21
Change-Id: I921f0f7fe0c7a9b1756d35f74b045a550e0b5bf2 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2022-08-02Bug 580192: [Papyrus][Test] Bug and open API in PapyrusEditorFixtureVincent Lorenzo3-5/+10
Change-Id: I8d95cef5fb969e04bbf1b1c83c2eac66c82fe6e1 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2022-07-08Bug 580336: Xtext document validation shall be performed when the editorjeremie.tatibouet3-18/+12
embedded in page has the focus Change-Id: I32fc5c9576d4706b15f9142d97b35e800a8cc422 Signed-off-by: jeremie.tatibouet <>
2022-06-30Bug 580313 - [Releng] update platforms post 2022-06 releaseQuentin Le Menez7-34/+34
Change-Id: Ic78aebce223492ec81dea132421d661c786650b5 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2022-06-16Bug 580042: [Editor][Xtext] When the user opens an Xtext Editor, the ↵Vincent Lorenzo2-2/+20
validation markers must be displayed just after the opening Change-Id: Iabb3cd5135e48a3093f1592faf27c203dac29ab6 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2022-06-16Bug 580115: [Editor][XText] The Undo/Redo doesn't work for XText editor ↵Vincent Lorenzo21-53/+494
opened as nested Papyrus editor - wrap the text editor Undo/Redo into the Papyrus CommandStack - add api analysis nature and builder into .project - increase feature version Change-Id: I72f1d05988adef822789e2f22964fc902526c698 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2022-06-15Bug 579414 - [Releng] 2022-06 GA update platforms6.2.0Quentin Le Menez10-116/+116
Change-Id: I7509dd2df225e9660b8f69edfe1ead7d0b9cc5ae Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2022-05-25Bug 579414 - [Releng] 2022-06 M3Quentin Le Menez10-162/+162
Change-Id: Ie546e20d2c0d8868c2c32650423279247254d19a Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2022-05-20Bug 579917: [Matrix][Expression] The dialog used to edit Stereotype ↵Vincent Lorenzo3-11/+5
expression filter doesn't work Change-Id: Ie30ddbe6bbc6addd44e612430b4f0d91af2e52a2 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2022-05-19Bug 579959: [Build] Remove JBoss references from pom.xml to fix jobs in errorsVincent Lorenzo3-71/+2
Change-Id: I0599febb80b050fafad446f6a94e7d8f32b85868 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2022-05-04Bug 579414 - [Releng] Update signing behaviorQuentin Le Menez3-53/+15
Change-Id: I177d3130904be7bfbf15a75c74ec120c25b30b21 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2022-05-04Bug 579414 - [Releng] 2022-06 M26.2.0_M2Quentin Le Menez12-241/+200
Change-Id: Ic224bb715c48d93a6a2bafd82a94786cd4a8091d Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2022-04-14Bug 561262: [Table] Provide the axis manager for operations of stereotype in ↵Vincent Lorenzo3-0/+3
the configuration of the existing table Change-Id: I8f8009641c8dfab1ab3cc0ae4ffb5b040a3a2970 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2022-03-28Bug 579399: [Table][TreeTable] The dialog used to select categories must ↵Vincent Lorenzo3-6/+6
also propose mono-valued references Change-Id: I652d0b5d8174694901ef1c2f822687f51e2a6d37 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2022-03-25Bug 579414 - [Releng] Update references for 6.2.0Quentin Le Menez17-29/+27
Change-Id: Ifd8bb3ae6df0eeb551623be90f4cc587bb6bb6c9 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2022-03-24Bug 577567 - [Releng] 2022-03 Update signing behavior and RCP6.1.0_RCPbugs/qlemenez_updatercpsignQuentin Le Menez12-76/+177
Change-Id: Icba245339ce7dac3e196cd5269a5538258947fdc Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2022-03-17Bug 577567 - [Releng] 2022-03 Update platforms post releaseQuentin Le Menez9-51/+51
Change-Id: I94885a29597b2b61f13fd9449a080b9821356bec Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2022-03-09Bug 577567 - [Releng] 2022-03 Update target and p2 references6.1.0Quentin Le Menez10-65/+63
Change-Id: Iaf8d1da3e18ff1b8bcc566878a059e1d3d302b7c Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2022-03-03Bug 579075: [Diagram][GMF] Remove useless GMF Toolbar Actions (Bold, ↵Vincent Lorenzo1-0/+20
Italic,Font Color, Fill Color line Color) Change-Id: I718f9bbb3b1eb86d0d7bd6821ecb97369316f351 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2022-03-02Bug 577567 - [Releng] 2022-03 Update targets for 2022-03 RC1Quentin Le Menez8-54/+54
Change-Id: I2fd5d8c25c76aadad64aa6adbbe4730ea4644c25 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2022-03-02Bug 579033: [Diagram][KeyBinding] Undo/Redo actions are broken in diagram ↵Vincent Lorenzo3-2/+71
and it seems comes from the keybinding Change-Id: I557bb5c0ec8ab7f86b2f25097b65759c9420bbf3 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2022-03-01Bug 577854 - The execution of 5 papyrus test are not deterministptessier8-0/+19
add @Test Change-Id: I2774f50c0ff1e3d450fcefdaad22ca752c24f0d5 Signed-off-by: ptessier <>
2022-02-28Bug 577567 - [Releng] Update platformsQuentin Le Menez11-134/+134
Change-Id: I3f38fb5fd666254932a7144b7f06432b996d79e9 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2022-02-23Bug 577567 - [Releng] 2022-03 Update targets for 2022-03 M3 release trainQuentin Le Menez10-114/+114
Change-Id: Ifc0b9557b43160abfdae1e6c5d32adf25ea8ddcb Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2022-02-09Bug 578648: [TextEdit] NPE in a catch conditions with ↵Vincent Lorenzo4-7/+13
PapyrusXTextEditor#registerSashWindowsContainerListener Change-Id: Iab3f397ecfc686957b3972558bbd9e60e2356dc9 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2022-02-02Bug 577567 - [Releng] Update the link to orbit in the categoryPauline DEVILLE2-2/+2
Change-Id: I2749f7de43c24f2be28b2e80597244084e6b5652 Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <>
2022-02-02Bug 577567 - [Releng] Update for 2022-03 M2 + fix bundle testsPauline DEVILLE15-614/+125
Change-Id: I38ed3eb5faf13542e80d47e1d99df13844338492 Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <>
2022-01-31bug 578311: migrate to batik 1.14.0ptessier2-2/+2
update of minor version of impacted plug-ins Change-Id: Id8cdebfd9cc9bfb120f3d0f5fcb4c752c72621cb Signed-off-by: ptessier <>
2022-01-31bug 578311: migrate to batik 1.14.0ptessier15-78/+117
Change-Id: I00522ee8b88904a385318d8358f4c7be9d5ecddd Signed-off-by: ptessier <>
2022-01-28Bug 577822 - [Diagram][Menu] The menu declared for Papyrus GMF DiagramVincent Lorenzo5-90/+201
are also visible/active on Sirius Diagram and it should not - Hide the menu - Hide the toolbar - the visibleWhen condition is done on selection in order to be properly refreshed Change-Id: Ibf6fc1561c47d98bcd90941d4a61b62285d47b41 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2022-01-28Bug 578434: [ProjectExplorer][Di View][Sirius] Delete action doesn't work on ↵Vincent Lorenzo6-21/+44
model containing an aird file. Change-Id: I53a202dddcc40d017eebb8085f44b015f44b1b3d Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2022-01-26Bug 578357: [ModelExplorer] ↵Vincent Lorenzo3-8/+10
org.eclipse.core.runtime.AssertionFailedException: null argument Change-Id: I46defebf2ad6da2e6df8ca37105953c873b4d239 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2022-01-26Bug 577845 - [Sirius][Diagram][EditPolicy] some editpolicies provided by ↵Vincent Lorenzo6-9/+71
Papyrus for GMF Diagram are also applied to Papyrus Sirius Diagram and it should not Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <> Change-Id: Ica760932e298bc729b8f3cd34e3ce0471ac397a1
2022-01-24mistake!Patrick Tessier15-105/+64
Revert "bug 578311: migrate to batik 1.14.0" This reverts commit 6d24445d5e4388731a991ed9d8d94259f13d43d4. Reason for revert: <INSERT REASONING HERE> Change-Id: I67c4aa7004e654484ac5a11a5dd1851f5859cc82
2022-01-24bug 578311: migrate to batik 1.14.0ptessier15-64/+105
Change-Id: I78ea1168ee29731ce6a074165212ca0add9a035c Signed-off-by: ptessier <>
2022-01-21Bug 577843 - [Sirius][Diagram][ModelExplorer] The Facet for Papyrus GMF ↵Vincent Lorenzo4-9/+11
Diagram displays a child for Papyrus Sirius Diagram Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <> Change-Id: I13672002d109d15f1a052ca378b9b54dcc779655
2022-01-12Bug 578182 - [Menu] Wizard of creation of papyrus files should be reorganizedAurelien Didier16-25/+57
Change-Id: Ib3400e902e23223700a3c324d89426bc512635a7 Signed-off-by: Aurelien Didier <>
2022-01-12Bug 577567 - [Releng] Update for 2022-03 M16.1.0_M1Pauline DEVILLE8-89/+89
Change-Id: I05f00fd54b00fcad5a058b0501874bcf83497da2 Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <>
2022-01-11[Releng] Relax junit version due to incompatibilites with jupiterQuentin Le Menez9-13/+13
Change-Id: Ic86b098263e4272517eaca953fee8a5e4d133839 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>

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