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2015-08-21[releng] Neon-1.2.0 modification step by stepQuentin Le Menez1478-19138/+16402
2015-08-21Bug 475382: [Releng] Change the behavior of the version updater toolQuentin Le Menez3-22/+114
2015-08-20457841 - [codegen] It should be possible to manage a list of changes / editor...Ansgar Radermacher1-0/+6
2015-08-20Bug 475373 - [SysML 1.4] Remove remaining elements from core repositoryBenoit Maggi697-90178/+2
2015-08-19Bug 464647: [Synchronization] Generate JUnit tests for diagram view synchroni...Christian W. Damus1-2/+3
2015-08-19Bug 474610: [Profiles] Papyrus does not detect out-of-date profile applicationsChristian W. Damus44-5/+1622
2015-08-19475388: [Helpers] Papyrus helpers (EMF, Notation...) should rely on theCamille Letavernier3-20/+14
2015-08-19[Releng] Update maps and Oomph setup for Neon M1Christian W. Damus6-4340/+2457
2015-08-18[releng] RCP: fix repackage.shFlorian Noyrit1-2/+6
2015-08-18[releng] Fix script eol encodingFlorian Noyrit1-100/+99
2015-08-18[Releng] Fix missing about file in dev bundle.Christian W. Damus1-1/+2
2015-08-18Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Noyrit5-22/+352
2015-08-18[Releng] Fix repositories in RCP pomFlorian Noyrit2-11/+10
2015-08-18Bug 473510 - UML Diagram Interaction Overview has a dependency to SysMLBenoit Maggi4-9/+335
2015-08-17474339 - [CDT integration] Synchronization of code to model requries addition...Ansgar Radermacher1-13/+17
2015-08-17Bug 474637 : [Releng] Fix RCP issues on MacOsFlorian Noyrit2-0/+103
2015-08-17Bug 475169: [Releng] Luna setup broken on half-specified UPR UTP dependencyChristian W. Damus1-1272/+3137
2015-08-14Bug 473148: [Synchronization] Classes show attributes for association endsChristian W. Damus10-46/+263
2015-08-14Bug 464647: [Tests] Generate JUnit tests for diagram view synchChristian W. Damus1-4/+4
2015-08-14Bug 464647: [Tests] Generate JUnit tests for diagram view synchChristian W. Damus3-5/+132
2015-08-13Bug 464647: [Tests] Generate JUnit tests for diagram view synchChristian W. Damus18-239/+314
2015-08-12Bug 464647: [Tests] Generate JUnit tests for diagram view synchChristian W. Damus3-6/+55
2015-08-12Bug 464647: [Tests] Generate JUnit tests for diagram view synchChristian W. Damus412-55200/+40756
2015-08-11[Releng] Update Papyrus setup for moved Developer Tools buildsChristian W. Damus1-2981/+1175
2015-08-10[Releng] Take Mars release of GEF for Mars branch in Papyrus setupChristian W. Damus1-1/+1
2015-08-07Bug 474489: [Composite Structure] Infinite loop while using canonical modeChristian W. Damus5-6/+172
2015-08-07Bug 474408 - [ElementType] Order by identifier the generatedBenoit Maggi1-4/+11
2015-08-07Bug 473146 - [Class Diagram] Component should be possible to create asskovalsky17-10/+3281
2015-08-07Bug 472945 - [All Diagrams] The stereotype compartment is missing foratischenko3-1/+14
2015-08-07Bug 469408 - [Class Diagram] Can't create Assocation Classashatilov8-38/+212
2015-08-06474339 - [CDT integration] Synchronization of code to model requries addition...Ansgar Radermacher6-36/+136
2015-08-06Bug 473844 - [drag and drop] missing label and descriptionFrancois Le Fevre - CEA3-12/+8
2015-08-05474335: [All Diagrams] Default diagram creation does not set the name ofRemi Schnekenburger1-1/+3
2015-08-05473514 - [CDT integration] Generated code within a method block is not filter...Ansgar Radermacher1-2/+1
2015-08-04Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Noyrit1-32/+29
2015-08-04[releng] Update RCP releng to build Papyrus for MacOSFlorian Noyrit2-7/+17
2015-08-04Bug 474017 - [Test]: improveFrancois Le Fevre - CEA1-32/+29
2015-08-03474164: (Core] InvariantContainer does not respect permissions when theRemi Schnekenburger1-125/+131
2015-08-03474162: [All Diagram] AbstractPapyrusDiagramHandler should be able toRemi Schnekenburger1-9/+17
2015-08-03Bug 474017 - [Test]: improveFrancois Le Fevre - CEA1-8/+7
2015-08-03[Profile Diagram] Constraint drops without context link ashatilov11-75/+228
2015-08-03Bug 463990 - [State Machine] Entry/exit point transitions do not workashatilov5-216/+295
2015-08-03Component Diagram regenerationashatilov1-10/+5
2015-08-03Component Diagram regenerationashatilov1-719/+665
2015-08-03Component Diagram regeneration.ashatilov76-3313/+2196
2015-08-03Composite Diagram regeneration.ashatilov1-110/+0
2015-08-03Composite Diagram regeneration.ashatilov364-27954/+35321
2015-08-03Bug 474111 - NullPointerException in DefaultDiagramCopyCommand.<init>Benoit Maggi1-121/+122
2015-08-03Bug 473188: [CSS3] Papyrus should provide a formatter for CSS3Nicolas FAUVERGUE2-19/+134
2015-07-31Bug 474017 - [Test]: improveFrancois Le Fevre - CEA1-2/+2

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