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2022-03-24Bug 577567 - [Releng] 2022-03 Update signing behavior and RCP6.1.0_RCPbugs/qlemenez_updatercpsignQuentin Le Menez12-76/+177
2022-03-17Bug 577567 - [Releng] 2022-03 Update platforms post releaseQuentin Le Menez9-51/+51
2022-03-09Bug 577567 - [Releng] 2022-03 Update target and p2 references6.1.0Quentin Le Menez10-65/+63
2022-03-03Bug 579075: [Diagram][GMF] Remove useless GMF Toolbar Actions (Bold, Italic,F...Vincent Lorenzo1-0/+20
2022-03-02Bug 577567 - [Releng] 2022-03 Update targets for 2022-03 RC1Quentin Le Menez8-54/+54
2022-03-02Bug 579033: [Diagram][KeyBinding] Undo/Redo actions are broken in diagram and...Vincent Lorenzo3-2/+71
2022-03-01Bug 577854 - The execution of 5 papyrus test are not deterministptessier8-0/+19
2022-02-28Bug 577567 - [Releng] Update platformsQuentin Le Menez11-134/+134
2022-02-23Bug 577567 - [Releng] 2022-03 Update targets for 2022-03 M3 release trainQuentin Le Menez10-114/+114
2022-02-09Bug 578648: [TextEdit] NPE in a catch conditions with PapyrusXTextEditor#regi...Vincent Lorenzo4-7/+13
2022-02-02Bug 577567 - [Releng] Update the link to orbit in the categoryPauline DEVILLE2-2/+2
2022-02-02Bug 577567 - [Releng] Update for 2022-03 M2 + fix bundle testsPauline DEVILLE15-614/+125
2022-01-31bug 578311: migrate to batik 1.14.0ptessier2-2/+2
2022-01-31bug 578311: migrate to batik 1.14.0ptessier15-78/+117
2022-01-28Bug 577822 - [Diagram][Menu] The menu declared for Papyrus GMF DiagramVincent Lorenzo5-90/+201
2022-01-28Bug 578434: [ProjectExplorer][Di View][Sirius] Delete action doesn't work on ...Vincent Lorenzo6-21/+44
2022-01-26Bug 578357: [ModelExplorer] org.eclipse.core.runtime.AssertionFailedException...Vincent Lorenzo3-8/+10
2022-01-26Bug 577845 - [Sirius][Diagram][EditPolicy] some editpolicies provided by Papy...Vincent Lorenzo6-9/+71
2022-01-24mistake!Patrick Tessier15-105/+64
2022-01-24bug 578311: migrate to batik 1.14.0ptessier15-64/+105
2022-01-21Bug 577843 - [Sirius][Diagram][ModelExplorer] The Facet for Papyrus GMF Diagr...Vincent Lorenzo4-9/+11
2022-01-12Bug 578182 - [Menu] Wizard of creation of papyrus files should be reorganizedAurelien Didier16-25/+57
2022-01-12Bug 577567 - [Releng] Update for 2022-03 M16.1.0_M1Pauline DEVILLE8-89/+89
2022-01-11[Releng] Relax junit version due to incompatibilites with jupiterQuentin Le Menez9-13/+13
2022-01-06Bug 577567 - [Releng] Update RCP and platform post releasePauline DEVILLE19-35/+35
2022-01-06Bug 577854 - The execution of 5 papyrus test are not deterministptessier8-37/+38
2022-01-04Bug 576004 - [Architecture][API] Provide an API to listen easily architecture...Vincent Lorenzo8-56/+176
2021-12-16[Releng] RCP with jrePauline DEVILLE4-2/+15
2021-12-16[Releng] Add market place to the rcpPauline DEVILLE3-4/+25
2021-12-10Bug 573807 - [Core] Cannot close modified modelAnsgar Radermacher3-29/+36
2021-12-08Bug 576227 - [Releng] Update target platfrom for the releasePauline DEVILLE9-19/+19
2021-12-01Bug 576227 - [Releng] Update dependencies for 2021-12 RC26.0.0_RC2Pauline DEVILLE11-81/+81
2021-11-24Bug 576227 - [Releng] Update dependencies for 2021-12 RC1Pauline DEVILLE10-66/+66
2021-11-24Bug 576651 - [Facet] problem when loading and unloading a Facet declared with...Vincent Lorenzo4-12/+28
2021-11-22Bug 577392: Add ModelSet.isShardingSupported() so that CDOAwareModelSet can d...Eike Stepper4-10/+16
2021-11-17Bug 576227 - [Releng] Cannot install textEdit feature6.0.0_M3Pauline DEVILLE1-3/+3
2021-11-17Bug 577297 - [Core] Papyrus shall contain files to be conform for theptessier1-0/+71
2021-11-17Bug 576227 - [Releng] Update dependencies for 2021-12 M3Pauline DEVILLE10-94/+94
2021-11-15Bug 576650 - [Properties view] [DataType] property typed by anAsma Smaoui1-7/+12
2021-11-10Add Code conduct and security for the releaseptessier2-0/+3030
2021-11-03Bug 575255: [Toolsmiths] Remove genextension EPackage from the gmf.codegen me...Vincent Lorenzo106-23439/+36
2021-10-29Bug 573841 - [Properties] can not display tables in the properties viewAsma Smaoui1-2/+11
2021-10-29Bug 576599 - [ModelExplorer] IOpenable and Open on double-click must be improvedVincent Lorenzo2-16/+107
2021-10-28Bug 563212 - [Diagram] Containment link cannot be deleted (semanticPauline DEVILLE17-71/+619
2021-10-28Bug 573840 - [Properties] empty line table displayed in the PropertiesAsma Smaoui5-10/+14
2021-10-28Bug 576525 - [UpdateSite] the update site of papyrus is strangelyPauline DEVILLE2-11/+6
2021-10-27Bug 576227 - [Releng] Update dependencies for 2021-12 M26.0.0_M2Pauline DEVILLE9-52/+52
2021-10-25Bug 573889 - problem to configure plugins as a papyrus project to runRemi Schnekenburger1-3/+2
2021-10-25Bug 573986: [Toolsmiths] Properties view editor validation & incrementalChristian W. Damus360-1334/+20406
2021-10-21Bug 576525 - [UpdateSite] the update site of papyrus is strangelyPauline DEVILLE2-14/+9

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