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2021-08-05Bug 575254: [Toolsmiths] Remove the plugin org.eclipse.papyrus.gmfgenextensionbugs/569174-GMFToolingIntegration_LastsaveBeforeRebaseOnMasterVincent Lorenzo52-5183/+17
2021-07-29Bug 569174 - [Toolsmiths] Sequence diagram code regenerationEtienne Allogo133-29962/+1881
2021-07-29Bug 569174 - [Toolsmiths] Timing diagram code regenerationEtienne Allogo212-30773/+2279
2021-07-29Bug 569174 - [Toolsmiths] Use case diagram code regenerationEtienne Allogo145-45487/+2133
2021-07-29Bug 569174 - [Toolsmiths] Communication diagram code regenerationEtienne Allogo86-12374/+1168
2021-07-29Bug 569174 - [Toolsmiths] Statemachine diagram code regenerationEtienne Allogo110-34160/+1611
2021-07-29Bug 569174 - [Toolsmiths] Profile diagram code regenerationEtienne Allogo153-40180/+2132
2021-07-28Bug 569174 - [Toolsmiths] Composite diagram code regenerationEtienne Allogo376-159093/+6658
2021-07-27Bug 569174 - [Toolsmiths] Deployment diagram code regenerationEtienne Allogo133-37933/+1999
2021-07-27Bug 569174 - [Toolsmiths] Component diagram code regenerationEtienne Allogo155-42505/+2313
2021-07-27Bug 569174 - [Toolsmiths] Class diagram code regenerationEtienne Allogo296-2949/+2944
2021-07-27Bug 569174 - [Toolsmiths] Activity diagram code regenerationEtienne Allogo712-348075/+8662
2021-07-27Bug 569174 - [Toolsmiths] Loss of custom code and fix cleanup @overrideEtienne Allogo33-207/+624
2021-06-21Bug 574294: [Diagram] Fix the provider field in the gmfgen filesVincent Lorenzo6-5/+6
2021-06-21Bug 569174 : Pull up refreshVisuals/setRatio for shape compartmentsEtienne Allogo93-5272/+210
2021-06-21Bug 569174 : generate less dead or duplicate codeVincent Lorenzo34-64/+64
2021-06-17Bug 574258: [Toolsmiths] Improve GMF generation for manifest.MF and Lorenzo14-75/+1265
2021-06-17Bug 569174 : L1.2 : fix copyright header extra space to removeEtienne Allogo1-8/+11
2021-06-17Bug 569174 : [GMF-Tooling] L1.2 clean up - missing nonNLS and @OverrideEtienne Allogo263-452/+524
2021-06-17Bug 569174 : L1.2 clean up - FIX Junit testsVincent Lorenzo1-22/+48
2021-06-17Bug 569174 : L1.2 clean upEtienne Allogo1473-39904/+10108
2021-05-28Bug 569174 : generate less dead or duplicate codeVincent Lorenzo3-4/+12
2021-05-27WIP-Bug 569174 : generate less dead or duplicate codeEtienne Allogo170-90555/+13146
2021-05-25Bug 569174 - [Toolsmiths] Papyrus integration of GMF Toolingorigin/bugs/569174-GMFToolingIntegrationEtienne Allogo1564-204957/+260
2021-05-25Bug 569174 - [Toolsmiths] Papyrus integration of GMF ToolingEtienne Allogo245-16475/+6350
2021-05-25[Releng] Remove the update site GMF-ToolingVincent Lorenzo1-1/+0
2021-05-25Bug 569174: [Toolsmiths] Papyrus integration of GMF ToolingEtienne Allogo17-81/+197
2021-05-25[1.3] PapyrusGmfExtension ePackage merge into gmfgen :Etienne Allogo71-2269/+5559
2021-05-25Bug 569174: [[Toolsmiths] Papyrus integration of GMF ToolingEtienne Allogo503-12616/+24079
2021-05-20Bug 572644: [Builder] Plug-in builder dependencies are backwardsChristian W. Damus33-260/+780
2021-05-07Bug 573429 - [Table] Properties view of tables are shown in the welcomePauline DEVILLE3-9/+39
2021-05-06Bug 527181 - [Composite structure diagram] Initial port location on a part is...Ansgar Radermacher1-8/+10
2021-05-04Bug 570486: [Architecture] Architecture model shall clearly define merge and ...Christian W. Damus11-44/+398
2021-05-04Bug 570486: [Architecture] Architecture model shall clearly define merge and ...Christian W. Damus24-418/+1062
2021-05-04Bug 570486: [Architecture] Architecture Model support for CDO implementationChristian W. Damus4-196/+300
2021-04-30Bug 570486: Fix Xtend compilation errorChristian W. Damus1-2/+2
2021-04-30Bug 572677: [Toolsmiths] Duplicate extensions for "Missing oepu.extensionpoin...Christian W. Damus14-83/+420
2021-04-30Bug 572712: [NewChild] Creation menu edit providers do not support child crea...Christian W. Damus83-249/+2075
2021-04-30Bug 570486: [Architecture] Architecture model shall clearly define merge and ...Christian W. Damus80-709/+5214
2021-04-30Bug 571881: [Architecture] Model creation sets architecture context too lateChristian W. Damus1-7/+9
2021-04-28Bug 571125: [Toolsmith] Improve icon validation for toolsmith validationChristian W. Damus31-593/+1304
2021-04-28Bug 573197: [Toolsmiths] Exception in ValidateElementTypesPluginTesterChristian W. Damus4-29/+127
2021-04-28Bug 571715: [New Child] Duplicate drop-down menus can appearChristian W. Damus1-49/+92
2021-04-27Bug 571629: [Properties] Undo fails and other problems with applied stereotypesChristian W. Damus14-201/+882
2021-04-27Bug 571561: [Element Types] Simple rule configuration refactoringsChristian W. Damus14-55/+1127
2021-04-27Bug 571560: [Element Types] Not rule does not contain its operandChristian W. Damus20-59/+139
2021-04-27Bug 571630: [Element Types] InvariantStereotypeRule never asked to approve re...Christian W. Damus1-31/+38
2021-04-26Bug 570486: [Architecture] Architecture model shall clearly define merge and ...Christian W. Damus29-84/+3319
2021-04-26Bug 570716: [Tests] Fix ReloadEditorTest failureChristian W. Damus4-122/+177
2021-04-26Bug 572865: [Toolsmiths] Architecture Editor may break because of the new Pla...Christian W. Damus11-8/+355

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