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2017-03-13Bug 510451 - Reimplement the ISO42010 specification to properly supportMaged Elaasar1160-71626/+68700
architectural contexts and viewpoints Replaced the viewpoint configuration framework by a new architectural context/viewpoint framework. This involves defining architecture contexts and viewpoints in models and contributing them via extension points or via the preferences. Models reference an architecture context and a set of viewpoints at creation time, but can be switched later. Architecture contexts double as client contexts for which elementtypesetconfigurations can be registered. They also define viewpoints, which reference representation kinds (diagrams or tables). This contribution defines three architecture contexts: UML, Profile, and SysML corresponding to what Papyrus used to call diagram categories. Change-Id: I203b58d9e97afdffc45c2674683c0281eb8a7c5b Signed-off-by: Maged Elaasar <>
2017-03-13Bug 513481: [Infra][Gmfdiag] NPE in ↵Géry Deloge1-9/+7
AbstractPapyrusGmfCreateDiagramCommandHandler Change-Id: I461bd6c5e31aa1c26cd42de6e78ce34d5a7e6fc9 Signed-off-by: Géry Deloge <>
2017-03-13[releng] [oxygen] update dependencies to equinox e4.ui.model.workbench from ↵Quentin Le Menez3-3/+3
2.0.0) to 3.0.0) due to the new 2.0.0 contribution Change-Id: I372283d74f4f28a8cd44cd6056c4b312b0b426e3 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2017-03-10[releng] [Oxygen] update targetplatform dependencies for the upcoming M6Quentin Le Menez13-163/+127
Change-Id: Ic0d58ac75e636fbf118541cdc9d1b164db096276 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2017-03-10Bug 424803: Papyrus diagrams won't printFanch BONNABESSE5-9/+322 Customization of print action. Change-Id: Ib6a8eac648fec40ccb3f26c5c7380a620123436b Signed-off-by: Fanch BONNABESSE <>
2017-03-09Bug 509653 - [Tool] Model explorer direct edit cancelled due to refreshAsma Smaoui1-1/+3
from SemanticUMLContentProvider * do not trigger refresh if the cell is activated (can not call isCellEditorActive() cause this method is not public) Change-Id: If770d66c885bb266e5d0802f803f0024f61ebe61 Signed-off-by: Asma Smaoui <>
2017-03-09Bug 512207: [Preferences] Specific prefence pages "Rulers And Grids" forFanch BONNABESSE44-76104/+75651
UML diagrams are unused Remove preferences pages "Rulers and Grid" for all diagrams Change-Id: Id0de50c322cd96296ca58d1add786e437d332b72 Signed-off-by: Fanch BONNABESSE <>
2017-03-09Bug 511473: Grid must be displayed by default on diagramsFanch BONNABESSE1-504/+505 Change Default Preferences. Change-Id: I47dab14594c6773460ab32c408df4a47ef30f9bc Signed-off-by: Fanch BONNABESSE <>
2017-03-09Bug 512988 - [ELK] The Elk Prototype should be moved to incubationBenoit Maggi55-4318/+1
repository - remove all code related to the elk integration - the code is still available in the org.eclipse.papyrus.incubation Change-Id: I3de063fb5d6bfd51eea06c4cb3923535e335def1 Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2017-03-09Bug 512986 - [Layers] The layers extra should be moved to incubationBenoit Maggi981-142980/+0
- remove the code related to layers - the code has been moved to the org.eclipse.papyrus.incubation repository Change-Id: I9d074d70519f3aa7b76bfeecc60b75bfe215399b Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2017-03-08Bug 512022 - [Papyrus] [oxygen] Creation of a new Git/Gerrit repository ↵Quentin Le Menez1212-104188/+0
org.eclipse.papyrus-requirements.git - Archived the plugins moved to the new repository - Corrected the merge conflict Change-Id: I8dfffd72c0d8127348821c518307955d19e3b245 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2017-03-07Bug 492143 - FixFlorian Noyrit1-2/+1
oep.uml.service.types/model/umldi.elementtypesconfigurations to remove reference to non-existent icon Change-Id: I762d497f3c3039a7d1c28b7de66c3bd8c1b0b25d
2017-03-07Bug 513244 - [Discovery Site] Update the discovery to oxygenBenoit Maggi1-2/+2
- update url for the discovery site Change-Id: Ie443884e7e10a50f9cb4bc52e848618fd441a841 Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2017-03-06Bug 513158 - Archive design prototype Benoit Maggi78-12937/+0
- remove the code in extraplugins/design/ - the code was never released Change-Id: Ie632b4741574c90de42d8ac29fa72fc94650dafb Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2017-03-06Bug 513134 - [BPMN] Remove code from master repository Benoit Maggi766-152319/+0
- remove the plugins, feature - remove the references in pom.xml and extra feature Change-Id: I36e6d591431a788233dc32449ceaf418fca5ea0d Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2017-03-06[releng] [oxygen] Proposition of gitignore modificationQuentin Le Menez1-1/+5
- added a rule that ignores the created .project by the egit tool when importing folders detected as 'mavenized' Change-Id: Iec45258fc37d7c1f95a6f9027e43185a9f0876eb Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2017-03-06Bug 512983 - [ALF Extra] Move the extra part to incubationBenoit Maggi202-192267/+0
- remove code related to alf extra - the code has been moved to org.eclipse.papyrus.incubation Change-Id: If81f3a3ba3ca0ac2d81cb3be7ca5a0a93aa0d09d Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2017-03-06Bug 512981 - [DiagramTemplate] Move diagram template code to incubationBenoit Maggi107-13909/+0
- remove the code related to diagramtemplate - the code is now available in org.eclipse.papyrus.incubation Change-Id: Id796087d91ed807e93be8f18d36489b879ca74f3 Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2017-03-06Bug 512954 - [UML Export] Move umlexport to incubation repositoryBenoit Maggi42-4536/+0
- remove code from UML Export - the code has bee moved to org.eclipse.papyrus.incubation repository Change-Id: Iff76aceeca8fd9ce3f4f9f64b1dac426d78997df Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2017-03-03Bug 512748 - OperationCanceledException in ↵Ansgar Radermacher2-22/+31
NestingNotifyingWorkspaceCommandStack.handleError - Capture OperationCanceledException in ReferenceDialog and MultipleValueEditor - Correct method name (was partly in french): API break, but major revision number has changed
2017-03-03Bug 512962 - [Refactoring] Move refactoring to incubation repositoryBenoit Maggi134-8536/+0
- remove all code related to refactoring - the code has been transferred to org.eclipse.papyrus.incubation Change-Id: I30ae106f0c610f08d408f2eee4e33bf7cf4a8008 Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2017-03-03Bug 508175: [Table] NPE doing Invert Axis twiceNicolas FAUVERGUE4-44/+109 - Don't initialize the listeners for the table in properties view. Those ones don't need to be inverted, updated, ... Change-Id: I7e472b867c0f9d97c4c5c3d78ce52f5452e718ad Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2017-03-03Bug 494531: [Property][Table] Editor is dirty after the creation of theNicolas FAUVERGUE6-27/+293
table in the Property View - The used command need to be execute with a GMFUnsafe because this don't need to be in the command stack - Manage the table as a proper Resource. Change-Id: I4a3d418467516f9a4b4aea37d8eaa05c81e59dbb Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2017-03-01Bug 512818 - Package notysroh1-0/+1
visible for runtime make it available. Change-Id: I8b7bd5386860fd1671076b9395858d355307ddeb Signed-off-by: ysroh <>
2017-02-28[Doc] Update doctemplate propertiesQuentin Le Menez2-5/+9
Change-Id: I9e05cd7a2f65c209e894d9b51edde00179f9d0e2 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2017-02-27Bug 512113 - [Extra][Table] Archive tablemigrationQuentin Le Menez75-6012/+38
- archived the tablemigration plugins - removed the associated extra feature - removed old table metamodel depdendencies in some tests models Change-Id: Ib1e6be570b137811e96f9a9474e98448c14f8f5f Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2017-02-24[releng] [doc] clear formatting of the oep.infra.doc toc.xmlQuentin Le Menez1-29/+39
Change-Id: Ia815d63f4823baade7d657958e6d7a5eefd9137e Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2017-02-24Bug 508305 - [Doc] The documentation should have a template and rules to ↵Quentin Le Menez15-0/+369
which all documentation should conform - second draft of the doctemplate plugin Change-Id: I90d0c857502930ce5499b071f9d01fbacdaf6018 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2017-02-22[releng] [tests] rewire tests failures checkQuentin Le Menez1-7/+3
Change-Id: I95a6bd70e2ec704dbad965e7593efb7b24f33f08 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2017-02-22Bug 511045: [Core] required stereotype extension prevent copy pasteThanh Liem PHAN1-6/+14 - Check the stereotype application on the element before applying the stereotype Change-Id: Ied91ba4bbeae74a580c372b8116fa9bcada6cbf4 Signed-off-by: Thanh Liem PHAN <>
2017-02-21Bug 512477: [EMF-Facet] Prefix name for all EMF-Facet plugins forked in ↵Vincent Lorenzo44-44/+44
Papyrus by Papyrus in the Manifest.MF files Change-Id: Iba5e88200f7001327798bb65ea6283e1d57aed9e Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2017-02-21bug 405442: [Table] The new table must manage the datatype editionVincent Lorenzo3-4/+104
- register cell editor for table to edit multivalued datatype Change-Id: I0d3b01233e2a3848f176d350b7812ed889a27cde Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2017-02-21Bug 512475: [EFacet] ↵Vincent Lorenzo1-0/+8
'' not found. Change-Id: I404b2ee030a89c2174a3e645afaa206da34d97d7 Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2017-02-21Bug 511990: [Toolsmiths] plugin org.eclipse.papyrus.toolsmiths provides ↵Vincent Lorenzo37-5551/+5279
exception in the console - This patych fix renaming bugs: - some toolsmiths have been renamed into customization - some customization have been renamed into toolsmiths - extension point has been renamed to be consistent with the new plugin name - file TestConfig.xmi seemed useless, so I remove it - I did hand tests, wizard works fine Change-Id: Ia223ed9ed3bbf07b766d9f011f9c96c8beba680f Signed-off-by: Vincent Lorenzo <>
2017-02-20[releng] [oxygen] [test] update pom.xml to point on the immediate parent ↵Quentin Le Menez144-1751/+1714
instead of the releng one - suites kept this dependency for now Change-Id: I03ba6253e884b7361efa1b05d48ffbe17e0f6491 Signed-off-by: Quentin Le Menez <>
2017-02-20Bug 509908: [Internationalization][Tests] Internationalization JUnitNicolas FAUVERGUE2-2/+0
tests failed Remove the ControlMode tests for internationalization. Those ones are working fine in Eclipse running and local hudson but not on Papyrus hudson. Change-Id: Ic31aec5b84c895dae4f4df4a12f972030100e4a7 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
2017-02-17Bug 512387: [Properties] UML Advanced Properties assumes too much about ↵Christian W. Damus1-29/+29
adaptables Ensure that adaptables are leveraged to their full potential for extraction of the semantic element. Change-Id: I5c813286711ea22352afaa4f2d5858399c02f23b (🍒⛏ from streams/2.0-maintenance)
2017-02-17Bug 512380: [LinksLF] UML Links LF bundle exports none of its APIChristian W. Damus2-2/+6
Export the bundle's API packages. Change-Id: If2e4eca1a8a33753e313ceb47b2f5f9b37f1691e (🍒⛏ from streams/2.0-maintenance)
2017-02-17Bug 512352 - [ADL4Eclipse] Move Adl4Eclipse in tools repositoryBenoit Maggi227-33034/+0
- remove adl4eclipse code from master branch - the code is available in repository Change-Id: I552eea9c765dffc6ed0aad2949f16ec34c3765ec Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2017-02-17Bug 511917 - [Model import] update the model import tool to produce aAsma Smaoui2-959/+3
Port_NameLabel view without an explicit set of element * the toLabel() mapping that creates the DecorationNode PortNameLabel inherits from toPapyrusNode mapping that inherits from toPapyrusNodeView mapping that set the element : PortNameLabel should not in any case set the element, the element is set in the Port_Shape view. for the inherited ports this creates a conflict and did not display the label --> create an abstract mapping just like PapyrusConnectorLabel and ensure that we did not set the element in this mapping. toLabel() inherits now the new mapping * add junit test to be sure that for all PortNameLabel View no element was set (test only simple port, inherited port should be tested in Papyrus RT not in Papyrus) Change-Id: I68eb807294d9461e4a8dd448638030a5c0a5a472 Signed-off-by: Asma Smaoui <>
2017-02-16Bug 491334 - [CSS] Improve CSS Engine performanceCéline Janssens2-2/+5
- Fix JUnit Test failing due to this new CSS rule: if property of the selector is null, then the selection match by default. Change-Id: I5cbf26e35f857ede3e38bf792c42a61ef1fff37c Signed-off-by: Céline Janssens <>
2017-02-16Revert "Bug 511307 - [releng] introducing new strategies to ensure more ↵Patrick Tessier1-22/+0
robustess on Papyrus Release" This reverts commit a09dbfb5d898e05bfaa327390455285bc8d4cbca. Change-Id: If321aac252a86c3c293fd0873e34afc1e23ede37
2017-02-16Bug 511895 - [StateMachine] State in State creation should use rely on ↵Ansgar Radermacher1-34/+16
elementype for creation - Replace direct UML creation of sub-vertex (UMLFactory.create ...) with element type based creation. => separate customization command is not required, since invoked by creation command
2017-02-16Bug 511818 - [Activitiy diagram] Exception when "content" compartment isPauline DEVILLE1-5/+4
invisible Change-Id: I9bcf5360921b24b8a1e5a60eadd65e8ee336a2c3 Signed-off-by: Pauline DEVILLE <>
2017-02-15Bug 512164 - [Extra] Archive ManufacturingBenoit Maggi279-392830/+0
- remove manufacturing plugins, feature... Change-Id: I2ea92a462b74b8f12503f6db15b220fc1f9f5452 Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2017-02-14Bug 512162 - [Extra] Archive Benoit Maggi28-2312/+0
- remove code - remove the reference in the build Change-Id: I41f1c4885872862d8e16c9cfe09d5addc0ff59ae Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2017-02-14Bug 512133: [StateMachine] Transition container is set by default toRemi Schnekenburger1-6/+10
source state container rather than than request container - compute the new container only if it is not a valid region Change-Id: I6ed56e9112fa1f3f0a4540e4d360be4c761dfbd7 Signed-off-by: Remi Schnekenburger <>
2017-02-14Bug 512120 - [Extra] Archive facade Benoit Maggi314-52616/+0
- remove plugins org.eclipse.papyrus.facade.** from the build Change-Id: I5effd8d0a0608ce932c1ee0d44264478e86649b2 Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2017-02-14Bug 512125 - [Extra] ArchiveBenoit Maggi23-1317/+0 - remove - remove org.eclipse.papyrus.extra.migration.feature Change-Id: Iebbdc77746951fcdb12221731915dcaec902913a Signed-off-by: Benoit Maggi <>
2017-02-13Bug 509357: [Model Explorer] Rename... Contextual menu doesn't existThanh Liem PHAN21-308/+748
anymore for element - Add commands to rename an element and its label - Refactor common methods into the ModelExplorerEditionUtil class - Refactor rename handlers - Correct an NPE in DirectEditorEditingSupport - Externalise the dialog's parameters Change-Id: I96dd078590139bde342fa6c0e633d04c4cd40b92 Signed-off-by: Thanh Liem PHAN <>

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