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diff --git a/plugins/uml/properties/ b/plugins/uml/properties/
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+++ b/plugins/uml/properties/
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
+CommentedElementPropertySection_AddButtonTooltip=Add a comment to the current selected element
+CommentedElementPropertySection_AddCommentCommand=Set Comment Body
+CommentedElementPropertySection_DeleteButtonTooltip=Delete the selected comment to the current selected element.\n If the comment annotates another element, the current element is only removed from the list of annotated elements. Otherwise, it is destroy.
+CommentedElementPropertySection_DestroyUpdateComment_DialogTitle=Destroy or update the comment?
+CommentedElementPropertySection_DestroyUpdateComment_Message=The comment you want to destroy is annotating several elements ({0}).\nYou can choose between 2 behaviors:\n- You can destroy the comment. All annotated elements will lose this associated comment.\n- You can only remove the current element from the list of annotated element of the comment. Other elements will remain unchanged.\n\nDo you want to destroy the comment?
+CommentedElementPropertySection_DisplayButtonTooltip=Display the selected comment in the current diagram
+CommentedElementPropertySection_RemoveCommentCommand=Remove or Delete Comment
+HTMLCommentEditorDialogConfiguration_CommentDialogTitle=Edit Comment

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