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+= New and Noteworthy =
+== 0.1 ==
+EMF Facet 0.1 is the first release from EMF Facet, with the initial contribution coming from the MoDisco project.
+=== Table Model Editor ===
+There is a new table editor for models.
+[[Image:../img/EMFFacet_NatTable_QueryColumn.png|frame|center|EMF Facet Table Editor]]
+It supports the following functionalities:
+* The table can be opened from any selection of model elements.
+* The user can add and remove model elements from the table.
+* The table can display the results of queries in additional columns.
+* The user can edit values of the model elements attributes.
+* The user can set unary features (through a cell editor or drag & drop).
+* The user can set n-ary features with a dialog.
+* The table can be used to delete model elements.
+* The table provide a full support of undo/redo.
+* An extension point allow to provide new cell editors for any EType.
+* The table is automatically refreshed the model is modified.
+* The user/integrator can declare types of tables, which can be constrained to a specific type of element.
+* The use can copy a selection as text to paste it into a spreadsheet, text editor, etc.
+* The cells and column headers can be customized through the generic EMF Facet customization mechanism inherited from MoDisco (with .uiCustom files): label, colors, icons, fonts, struckthrough, etc.
+* The tables can be saved to a file and re-opened later.
+* The tables can display Facet attributes and references in additional columns.
+* Columns can be hidden/shown selectively with a dialog.
+[[Image:../img/EMFFacet_NatTable_CustomizationExample.png|frame|center|Customization of the table model editor]]
+=== Generic EMF serialization mechanism ===
+EMF Facet now defines an extension point and registry to specify serializers for specific types, through a generic serializable EDataType (see ISerializationService).
+== 0.3 ==
+* FacetSet and Customization editor.
+<font size="-2">
+Copyright (c) 2012 Mia-Software.
+All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
+are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
+which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
+ Grégoire Dupé - Bug 387470 - [EFacet][Custom] Editors

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