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-= New Child Menu into the model explorer =
- AddNewChild (id=newChild001):
Papyrus shall add in the menu new child for new customized elements by using extended type
- HideElement (id=newChild002):
@@ -12,17 +11,17 @@ __TOC__
Papyrus shall be able to associated icons to folder or creation menu
- RoleAndElementCreation (id=newChild005):
When an element can created from several roles for a container, Papyrus shall let the possibility to choose the role or to let to the possibility to be created from all role.
-==Use Cases==
+=Use Cases=
The Papyrus User shall use this functionality from the model explorer in order to create elements in the model. It can decide to display or not this element creation
-====How to====
+===How to===
A user can create an element by select element in the model explorer, click on it ant then click on the diagram.
In order to not display a menu, a user can edit the model that represent the creation menu and set the attribute visibility to false.
-===Create or modify ElementCreationModel===
+==Create or modify ElementCreationModel==
An advanced User is able to create of modify creation menu. This menu is a model that can be edited
-====How to====
+===How to===
An advanced user can contribuate to the menu by adding a new plugin that contains:
*a xmi file that represents a creation menu. The model must be a instance of org.eclipse.papyrus.infra.newchild/resource/elementCreationMenuModel.ecore. It contains<br>
@@ -35,14 +34,14 @@ An advanced user can contribuate to the menu by adding a new plugin that contain
**Visibilty to specify if the folder is visible.<br>
*a reference to an extension point, to specify that papyrus must take in account this file display the menu<br>
+<source lang="xml">
In the following example, a menu creation for a package is presented. This menu is contained in the folder SimpleUMLTest. We have associated a image for this menu.
<br>[[Image:PackageWithIconO.png|Creation menu for a package with a specific icon]]<br>
@@ -55,15 +54,15 @@ In this following example, a creation menu will be specify to allow creation of
In the following example a creation menu is created for activities. In this case, all roles are displayed. Thanks to this, when we want to associate an activity to a state, 3 roles are proposed.
<br>[[Image:AllPossibleActivities.png|Creation menu model for activity]]<br>
<br>[[Image:AllPossibleActivitiesIllustration.png|Result for this menu activity]]<br>
-===Generate "ElementCreationModel" from a profile===
+==Generate "ElementCreationModel" from a profile==
From a stereotyped profile, a model of new child menu can be generated.
For example a user after designing a profile, want to have a dedicated menu from this profile/
For the moment this function is not implemented.
-===Hide, change order or add submenus===
+==Hide, change order or add submenus==
The User can modify the creation menu by adding submenus: order about new child menu, precise if the role must be displayed.
-====How to====
+===How to===
It only needed to change the order of element in the corresponding creation menu model
-===Create or modify ElementCreationModel at runtime thanks to a GUI===
+==Create or modify ElementCreationModel at runtime thanks to a GUI==
A user can edit a the model that represent the creation menu at runtime for papyrus thanks to a dedicated UI.
For the moment this function is not implemented.

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