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+This plug-in contains a tool to update a Buckminster rmap (XML file) from a B3 build model.
+The rmap is updated using comments in the XML that reference the model elements from which
+the update sites must be copied.
+These comments must appear before each "rm:uri" element which must be updated automatically, like this:
+ <!-- updateFrom("Eclipse", 0) -->
+ <rm:uri format=""/>
+The first parameter in updateFrom is the label of a contribution, which you can find in the b3aggrcon files:
+ <aggregator:Contribution ... label="xxx">
+The second parameter is the index of the "repositories" element that must be used
+(in case there are several update sites defined on one contribution).
+To update the map once these comments are written, right-click on an rmap file
+and choose "Update RMap From Aggregation Build Model".
+Then choose from which b3aggr file (aggregation build model) the map must be updated.
+The b3aggr file must be at the root of a project in your workspace :
+checkout one of the "org.eclipse.<releaseName>.build" projects from CVS "". \ No newline at end of file

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