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authorChristian W. Damus2016-03-04 20:23:52 +0000
committerGerrit Code Review @ Eclipse.org2016-03-04 23:01:16 +0000
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Bug 488965: Trying to select a default hyperlink without selecting one first result in hanged application Overhaul the hyperlink management UI: * use proper JFace dialogs instead of VE-generated shells * don't implement a flat property-sheet-like white look (instead a more native look-and-feel, especially for tabs on Mac) * stack modal dialogs properly instead of all on the workbench window * implement enablement of buttons to reflect availability of up/down/left/right and modify/delete actions * implement intuitive response to double-click to cut down on number of gestures required to complete an edit * implement proper action listeners on buttons (not mouse-down) * fix deletion of existing hyperlink when canceling an edit (web and document hyperlinks) * disable modify button for specific-object hyperlinks, which don't support editing Change-Id: I16a27a4e978bcc2204eeac2991edd1a1fbb445ca
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