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authorCamille Letavernier2014-09-08 09:58:08 -0400
committerCamille Letavernier2014-09-08 10:28:50 -0400
commitdd865cf210edf71bebfb92fa2fa9a461003caee5 (patch)
tree2bd4ef90e02835bd1a23692c4c9b11a3092a1264 /plugins/customization/
parent272a5a17835253278bc49a01cd80ba0a866b14b0 (diff)
351146: [Property View] Customization : an error occurs when saving a
context depending on another context
Diffstat (limited to 'plugins/customization/')
1 files changed, 6 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/plugins/customization/ b/plugins/customization/
index 995f3e3f84d..4d9caea6513 100644
--- a/plugins/customization/
+++ b/plugins/customization/
@@ -2,16 +2,16 @@
Bundle-Name = Papyrus properties customization
Bundle-Vendor = Eclipse Modeling Project = Properties View Editor
-customize.command.label = Customize Property view
+customize.command.label = Customize Properties view
customize.command.mnemonic = C
-customize.command.tooltip = Customize the content of the Property View
+customize.command.tooltip = Customize the content of the Properties View
customize.command.description = This command allows customization of the content of the properties view = Customize properties view = Customization preview = Property view Customization = Property view customization
-command.description = Customize the Property view = Customize property view = Properties view Customization = Properties view customization
+command.description = Customize the Properties view = Customize properties view
command.description.0 = Toggles the customization's Preview view = Toggle preview
command.description.1 = Toggles the DataContext display

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