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authorAsma Smaoui2017-02-15 11:24:50 -0500
committerGerrit Code Review @ Eclipse.org2017-02-17 06:11:09 -0500
commite919751a728b13f15815a964a67b19ebc54b20bb (patch)
tree60a39b401ce5c444d33f9de0e18f90b20f9812d8 /extraplugins/adl4eclipse/org.eclipse.papyrus.adl4eclipsetool.assistant/pom.xml
parentf6bf23c1ec5462bb0ffcda202b6dc1038b44efce (diff)
Bug 511917 - [Model import] update the model import tool to produce a
Port_NameLabel view without an explicit set of element * the toLabel() mapping that creates the DecorationNode PortNameLabel inherits from toPapyrusNode mapping that inherits from toPapyrusNodeView mapping that set the element : PortNameLabel should not in any case set the element, the element is set in the Port_Shape view. for the inherited ports this creates a conflict and did not display the label --> create an abstract mapping just like PapyrusConnectorLabel and ensure that we did not set the element in this mapping. toLabel() inherits now the new mapping * add junit test to be sure that for all PortNameLabel View no element was set (test only simple port, inherited port should be tested in Papyrus RT not in Papyrus) Change-Id: I68eb807294d9461e4a8dd448638030a5c0a5a472 Signed-off-by: Asma Smaoui <>
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