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authorVincent Lorenzo2014-02-12 11:24:31 -0500
committerVincent Lorenzo2014-02-12 11:24:31 -0500
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Apply bugfox from B. Maggi on master (already applied on branch (see
commit id in following text) e8fb604a0762987da518649578bbee6308742323 Use DiagramCommandStack to allow editPart creation notification (used when dropping a link create a view for a (source or target) node) 58f0eb6713f732753ab262d88cd13b2464aeadcc Bug 427271 - [SysML BDD] Can no more draw associations between a Block and an Actor. f86c1d8b36eb37cee0122e4de920ed71a6f952bc Bug 406290 - [SysML IBD] When the type of a part or a reference changes the nestedConnectors linked to an internal component of the part/refrence are hidden but are not deleted from the model. When destroying a part or changing its type, destroying all connectors that reference this part in NestedConnectorEnd.
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