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Bug 550902: [Doc] The papyrus embedded documentation must be the same
than the documentation on the wiki - Add missing Juno works into papyrus documentation Change-Id: I6418f2c78d1857f566515b1de0dcdfe57370d7a6 Signed-off-by: Nicolas FAUVERGUE <>
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@@ -983,6 +983,13 @@ When creating models UML is used. Since UML is general-purpose modeling language
=== 7.8.2 Defining constraints using OCL ===
+It should be possible to model OCL constraints for a profile, with a specific OCL editor. It should be possible to generate an EMF Validation plug-in from these constraints. The constraints should be validated either in real-time or in batch-mode, according to a user preference. It should be possible to define this preference either globally or constraint by constraint.
+Concretely, this will be realized in three steps:
+* Embedding the OCL X-Text editor in the property view, and associating it to UML Opaque expressions using the OCL language
+* Creating a generator, which inputs a Profile and outputs an EMF Validation plug-in
+* If necessary, adapt the Papyrus validation framework
== <div id="Searching">7.9 Searching</div> ==
== 7.10 Sample models ==

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