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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bugs/5.2.0_RCPBug 575999 - [Releng] Update target platform for 2021-09 releasePauline DEVILLE9 months
bugs/5.2.0_relengBug 572017 - [Releng] Update dependencies and releng platformQuentin Le Menez11 months
bugs/571960-sirius-integrationCorrect d&d of constraint/comment from model in sequence and StateAurelien Didier7 months
bugs/573986-properties-validationBug 573986: [Toolsmiths] Properties view editor validation & incremental updatesChristian W. Damus10 months
bugs/575122-palette-builderBug 575122: [Toolsmiths] Validation builder for Palette Configuration modelsChristian W. Damus10 months
bugs/576393IncludeJDKInRCPchange the path in the eclipse.iniPauline DEVILLE9 months
bugs/577691-ChangesForSiriusIntegrationBug 577845 - [Sirius][Diagram][EditPolicy] some editpolicies provided by Papy...Vincent Lorenzo6 months
bugs/6.0.0_RCP[Releng] Fixe product xml formatingPauline DEVILLE6 months
bugs/qlemenez_updatercpsignBug 577567 - [Releng] 2022-03 Update signing behavior and RCPQuentin Le Menez3 months
masterBug 580042: [Editor][Xtext] When the user opens an Xtext Editor, the validati...Vincent Lorenzo10 days
6.2.0org.eclipse.papyrus-6.2.0.tar.gz  org.eclipse.papyrus-6.2.0.tar.xz  Quentin Le Menez4 days
6.2.0_M2org.eclipse.papyrus-6.2.0_M2.tar.gz  org.eclipse.papyrus-6.2.0_M2.tar.xz  Quentin Le Menez5 weeks
6.1.0_RCPorg.eclipse.papyrus-6.1.0_RCP.tar.gz  org.eclipse.papyrus-6.1.0_RCP.tar.xz  Quentin Le Menez3 months
6.1.0org.eclipse.papyrus-6.1.0.tar.gz  org.eclipse.papyrus-6.1.0.tar.xz  Quentin Le Menez3 months
6.1.0_M1org.eclipse.papyrus-6.1.0_M1.tar.gz  org.eclipse.papyrus-6.1.0_M1.tar.xz  Pauline DEVILLE5 months
6.0.0_RC2org.eclipse.papyrus-6.0.0_RC2.tar.gz  org.eclipse.papyrus-6.0.0_RC2.tar.xz  Pauline DEVILLE7 months
6.0.0_M3org.eclipse.papyrus-6.0.0_M3.tar.gz  org.eclipse.papyrus-6.0.0_M3.tar.xz  Pauline DEVILLE7 months
6.0.0_M2org.eclipse.papyrus-6.0.0_M2.tar.gz  org.eclipse.papyrus-6.0.0_M2.tar.xz  Pauline DEVILLE8 months
5.2.0I4org.eclipse.papyrus-5.2.0I4.tar.gz  org.eclipse.papyrus-5.2.0I4.tar.xz  Pauline DEVILLE8 months
5.2.0org.eclipse.papyrus-5.2.0.tar.gz  org.eclipse.papyrus-5.2.0.tar.xz  Pauline DEVILLE9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2018-12-12Bug 539022 - [Releng] Update targets for 2018-12 RC24.2.0_RC2Quentin Le Menez15-143/+143
2018-12-05Bug 539022 - [Releng] Update the Oomph setup and the API reference4.2.0_RC1Quentin Le Menez4-13/+13
2018-12-05Bug 539022 - [Releng] Update target platforms for 2018-12 RC1Quentin Le Menez15-246/+246
2018-11-30Bug 541746 - [Profile] Stereotype base properties should have 0..1Asma Smaoui1-0/+19
2018-11-30Bug 533667: the nameNicolas FAUVERGUE4-10/+35
2018-11-30Bug 539926: [CDO] Papyrus standart version must execute its tests with the CD...Vincent Lorenzo4-2/+100
2018-11-29Bug 539926: [CDO] Papyrus standart version must execute its tests with the CD...Vincent Lorenzo20-0/+815
2018-11-29Bug 541590: [Modeling Assistant] Remove the generation of the cache adapter m...Vincent Lorenzo17-202/+123
2018-11-28Bug 539022 - [Releng] [2018-12] Update the API baseline for the toolsmiths AP...Quentin Le Menez3-8/+8
2018-11-28Bug 539022 - [Releng] [2018-12] Update targets and setup files for M34.2.0_M3Quentin Le Menez11-43/+43

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