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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.21.0bug[ats_ATS203547]: Fix published linksjmisinco5 years
0.22.0bug: Fix 'No Data Right Found' wordmlmegumi.telles5 years
0.23.0bug[ats_ATS244360]: Fix AtsClientImpl.getAtsIddonald.g.dunne5 years
0.23.1feature[ats_ATS277469]: Create Implementation Details types and imagesdonald.g.dunne4 years
0.24.0refinement: Fix ATS help contexts.xmldonald.g.dunne4 years
0.24.1refinement: Improve TaskToChangedArtifactReferenceAttributeAdapterdonald.g.dunne4 years
0.24.2bug[ats_ATS317936]: Fix users able to edit baseline branchesMorgan E. Cook4 years
0.24.3bug[ats_ATS325622]: Resource History's author column is unhandledDominic Guss3 years
0.24.4refinement: Add Ignore to ClientResourceTest.testGetClientsForUserdonald.g.dunne3 years
0.25.0refinement: Update non applicable arts methodmegumi.telles3 years
0.25.1bug[ats_TW2816]: Opening Agile backlog displays Loading indefinitelydonald.g.dunne3 years
0.25.2refinement: Add support to find other invalid linksmegumi.telles2 years
0.25.3bug[ats_TW8285]: OSEE Web listing names of non-software requirementsDominic Guss2 years
0.25.4refactor: Update nebula sitebroberts14 months
0.26.0bug[TW17027]: Relation not exists criteria missing artifactsStephen J. Molaro11 days
26.0refactor: take out findbugs to fix buildbroberts3 weeks
26_testfeature[TW15833]: Convert ATS Enums to OseeEnumdonald.g.dunne6 weeks
NR_Jenkinsfeature: Allow F18 Beta Jenkins job to workbroberts3 months
ats_agilefeature: Add Agile New Action pagedonald.g.dunne3 years
ats_config_loadbug: Improve test performancedonald.g.dunne3 years
ats_decision_faildebugging: Attempt to catch TranstionManagerTest failure (do not review)donald.g.dunne3 years
ats_from_branchfeature[ats_ATS34674]: ATS from another branchdonald.g.dunne6 years
ats_renamefeature[ats_TW8369]: Rename ats.client bundles to ats.idedonald.g.dunne17 months
ats_topic_branchbug[ats_TW1505]: BranchDoesNotExist errors shown in build outputdonald.g.dunne3 years
beta_no_fbrefactor: Improve null safety of Json SerializerRyan D. Brooks3 months
beta_nrrefactor: referfbroberts3 months
brobertsbug: fix ServInt Testbroberts9 months
build_attemptbug[ats_ATS317936]: Fix users able to edit baseline branchesMorgan E. Cook4 years
build_depfix the buildmegumi.telles4 years
build_issuesin-workmegumi.telles4 years
ci_dispofeature: Add support for mass send dispo statusmegumi.telles3 years
devbug[TW17235]: Working Branch not archiving after all commits completeBranden Phillips3 days
dev_0.26.0refactor: Remove patch fileRyan D. Brooks4 days
directBranchrefactor: Use branchId directlyRyan D. Brooks5 years
dispo_analyzebug: add analyzeangel.avila221 months
dispo_refatorALMOSTAngel Avila5 years
fix_testbug: Fix burndown testmegumi.telles4 years
fix_testsrefactor: Remove TokenFactory.createUserTokenRyan D. Brooks3 years
for_donrefinement: Adjust diff with no fields testmegumi.telles3 years
ftirouting workingAngel Avila3 years
graphitiIPA Demo resourceRyan D. Brooks5 years
hudson_buildBuild and Testmegumi.telles4 years
jrm/buildcreate test framework p2jmisinco3 years
lambda_fixuse while loopangel.avila215 months
masterbug[ats_TW11692]: Make PL Feature definition case insensitive for publishingDavid W. Miller18 months
master_suiterefinement: Updates to support testsmegumi.telles3 years
master_testsfeature[ats_ATS113159]: Updates to p2 test framework and testsjmisinco3 years
morgan_stuffrefactor: wordMorgan E. Cook3 years
mpm/feature_ATS349137_AddingOteConsoleBufferLimitfeature: TEMPMichael P. Masterson3 years
mult_env_2added config and multi env ui updateangel.avila218 months
mult_env_3improve edit config popupangel.avila213 months
multi_envfeature[ats_12345]: working but too slowangel.avila220 months
neonremove jdt for funjmisinco4 years
ote.runtimerefactor: Fix ote.runtime eclipse jenkins jobbroberts3 months
ote_0.21.0feature[ats_ATS308197]: Add miscFiles directory.Andy Jury4 years
ote_0.23.1feature: Add compression to endpointsjmisinco3 years
ote_0.23.2feature[ats_ATS377052]: Add message send/receive timing infrastructureAndrew M. Finkbeiner3 years
ote_0.24.0feature: Cleanup the subscription logicAndrew M. Finkbeiner3 years
ote_testingrefactor: Take out xtext.xtextbroberts2 months
p2_testingrefactor: Remove FB featurebroberts3 months
rbrooks/0.26.1bug[TW17235]: Working Branch not archiving after all commits completeBranden Phillips3 days
rbrooks/devfeature[TW16632]: PL Management - update WorkDefTeamProductLine to require ap...audrey.e.denk4 days
rbrooks/rebasefeature: Suport Certification Baselining strategyRyan D. Brooks16 months
rebaserefactor: Reduce guid usage with ArtifactQueryRyan D. Brooks2 years
resolve_jdtrefinement: Fix jdt.annotation depmegumi.telles3 years
roadmapfeature: Agile roadmap generationRyan D. Brooks5 years
sca_reportclean upangel.avila217 months
single_page_appfind resource locator bugRyan D. Brooks5 years
testGetClientsForUserrefinement: Fix ClientResourceTest.testGetClientsForUserdonald.g.dunne3 years
testing_p2feature[TW16544]: Create Version Parallel Config Viewerdonald.g.dunne3 months
the_buildsfix itmegumi.telles4 years
uicounttempAngel Avila5 years
upgrade_photonWIP - Upgrade to Photonmegumi.telles21 months
wordrefactor: NotesMorgan E. Cook3 years
word_testfeature[ats_ATS377299]: HLR - Changes in support of actiondonald.g.dunne3 years

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