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2013-04-11bug[ats_SM0J7]: Fix ATS services initialization and loadingdonald.g.dunne1-0/+5
AtsLoadConfig synchronization problems Fix ATS services circular dependencies Create internal AtsClientServices for each bundle Move AtsConfigUtility to core internal Remove references to AtsWorkDefinitionService and AtsQueryService Changes to launch config for console Updates for ats client service Add service-component to manifest files Create user resolver and attribute resolver service Remove the need to load dictionary in the background Move VersionsClient logic to VersionService Fix ATS bulk load synchronization Move cache provider functionality to lazyObject Remove VersionsClient static class Fix AtsTestUtil.cleanup to close editors VersionArtifactWriter to use correct artifact type Improve error logged in AtsWorkItemArtifactProviderImpl Cleanup branch after ShowMergeManagerActionTest Close Merge View if associated art is deleted Change-Id: Iaa3fed5e99a3459c292d420a93e6238c2ca599fc

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