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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
43 hoursbug[TW16969]: Improve server health statusdevdonald.g.dunne1-17/+5
43 hoursbug[TW17152]: Program UUIID widget not showing value (string token) when setStephen J. Molaro2-1/+8
43 hoursfeature[TW17207]: Improve SyncJiraOperationdonald.g.dunne3-22/+46
47 hoursfeature[TW17472]: Add artifact transaction comment queryRyan D. Brooks13-13/+174
48 hoursbug[TW17511]: Swap order of RelationType checks for processingBranden Phillips2-19/+19
48 hoursbug[TW17542]: Fix ReplaceWithBaseline by using UserManager.getUser()David W. Miller1-2/+2
3 daysfeature[TW17487]: Add ORCS type joinsRyan D. Brooks20-26/+383
3 daysfeature[TW17487]: Add TupleQuery.getTuple2UniqueE1()Ryan D. Brooks5-30/+53
3 daysrefactor[TW17487]: Remove RelationTypeToken.create()Ryan D. Brooks8-96/+12
3 daysbug: Take out egit repo to fix dev_review buildbroberts1-6/+1
4 daysbug[TW17347]: Fix OrcsParamConverterProvider sentinel handlingRyan D. Brooks1-14/+17
4 daysrefactor[TW17487]: Remove RelationTypeSide.create()Ryan D. Brooks15-105/+85
4 daysfeature[TW17506]: Use unqualified names on attributes in ms word previewBranden Phillips1-1/+1
4 daysbug[TW16978]: Expand all with relations shown crashes JavaBranden Phillips1-2/+13
4 daysbug[TW17508]: Remove un-used Rule classesdonald.g.dunne6-222/+0
4 daysrefactor[TW17449]: Use ArtifactTypeToken with skynet eventsRyan D. Brooks15-75/+70
4 daysrefactor[TW17449]: Remove IAtsStoreService.getArtifactTypeRyan D. Brooks5-19/+8
5 daysfeature[TW17275]: Create ATS rest call to return siblings of team workflowdonald.g.dunne6-1/+50
5 daysfeature[TW17342]: Add rest call to get all artifacts of a given type(s)donald.g.dunne3-3/+23
5 daysfeature[TW17162]: Develop initial trace report structureDavid W. Miller14-2/+627
5 daysbug[TW15414]: Fix WorldEditor error on closedonald.g.dunne1-1/+1
5 daysbug[TW17507]: Fix and Improve Delete and Purge branch dialogdonald.g.dunne2-50/+27
9 daysrefactor[TW17413]: Remove RelationTypeRyan D. Brooks17-801/+37
9 daysfeature[TW17492]: Catch query error on guids in server publishingBranden Phillips1-6/+13
9 daysfeature[TW17409]: Version 26.0 typesdonald.g.dunne1-2/+2
9 daysfeature[TW17412]: Add page layout option to setPageBreak and adjust method callsBranden Phillips1-9/+25
9 daysbug[TW17481]: Remove canned db bundles and testsdonald.g.dunne117-9579/+23
10 daysfeature[TW17409]: Add .gitignore items for maven buildsdonald.g.dunne2-0/+3
10 daysbug[TW17050]: Prevent duplicate art ids in join tabledonald.g.dunne1-2/+9
10 daysRevert "feature[TW17409]: Version 26.0 types"donald.g.dunne1-2/+2
10 daysRevert "feature[TW17409]: Version 26.0 types"donald.g.dunne5-22/+4
10 daysbug[TW17450]: Add create task widget feedbackdonald.g.dunne4-31/+96
10 daysbug: Fix for iprogress monitor problemDavid W. Miller1-1/+1
10 daysfeature[TW17409]: Version 26.0 typesdonald.g.dunne5-4/+22
10 daysfeature[TW17409]: Version 26.0 typesdonald.g.dunne1-2/+2
11 daysbug[TW17450]: Shorten enums in ChangeReportTaskMatchTypedonald.g.dunne4-12/+12
11 daysfeature[TW17440]: Add Artifact Id to Guid linking errors for Server PublishingBranden Phillips1-5/+9
12 daysbug[TW15414]: Refresh WFE in place on Reloaddonald.g.dunne15-59/+148
12 daysrefactor[TW17413]: Remove RelationTypeManagerRyan D. Brooks4-53/+12
12 daysrefactor[TW17413]: Remove RelationTypeManager usage from atsRyan D. Brooks8-62/+13
12 daysrefactor[TW17413]: Remove RelationType usage from skynet.uiRyan D. Brooks22-118/+75
12 daysbug[TW17155]: Add Change Report Task config by WorkTypedonald.g.dunne13-104/+351
2020-06-19feature[TW16544]: Remove non-registered attribute and state columnsdonald.g.dunne8-244/+16
2020-06-19refactor[TW17325]: Remove RelationTypeManager.getType(name)Ryan D. Brooks5-12/+32
2020-06-19refactor[TW17325]: Remove RelationTypeManager.getValidTypesRyan D. Brooks23-151/+92
2020-06-18refactor[TW17412]: Remove duplicated method and seperate RenderWTCBranden Phillips1-56/+5
2020-06-18feature[TW16544]: Fix ATS WFE Work Package loadingdonald.g.dunne11-18/+36
2020-06-18feature[TW17342]: Add rest call to get all artifacts of a given type(s)audrey.e.denk11-169/+209
2020-06-18feature[TW16544]: Fix ATS using configurations for configsdonald.g.dunne6-8/+27
2020-06-18feature[TW16544]: Fix Navigator performance loading current userdonald.g.dunne4-9/+19

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