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2 hoursbug[TW21712]: Fix exact match searchdevAudrey Denk1-4/+3
23 hoursfeature[TW20790]: BAT - Implement wildcard NOT optionmuhammad.m.alam22-3/+10
25 hoursbug[TW21711]: AI - Searching by Action Id causes NPEdonald.g.dunne3-6/+16
27 hoursfeature[TW21373]: Add Data Rights check to Validate Req Changesvaibhav.y.patel1-1/+1
29 hoursRevert "feature: Add ArtifactReadableSerializer"donald.g.dunne7-204/+1
45 hoursfeature[TW21426]: AI - Improve Workflow Notes in WFEdonald.g.dunne10-10/+272
2 daysfeature[TW21558]: Fix integration tests for use.long.idsTorin Grenda2-9/+12
2 daysrefactor: Move Report Classes to orcs.searchEXT-Rebuck, Christopher7-9/+9
2 daysfeature[TW21630]: ICD - Updated styles on msg and submsg tablesRyan T. Baldwin10-38/+50
2 daysfeature[TW21426]: AI - Convert State Notes to jsondonald.g.dunne45-592/+1218
3 daysfeature: Add ArtifactReadableSerializerEXT-Rebuck, Christopher7-1/+204
3 daysfeature[TW21630]: ICD - Update plconfig stylesRyan T. Baldwin4-26/+34
5 daysfeature[TW21426]: AI - Move AtsPrefixId to IAtsConfigTxTeamDefdonald.g.dunne7-28/+54
6 daysfeature[TW21426]: Cleanup Change Request featuredonald.g.dunne29-90/+160
6 daysfeature[TW20783]: BAT - Resolve potentially mismatching features and configur...muhammad.m.alam26-18/+125
6 daysfeature[TW21679]: ICD - Added icons to messaging page linksRyan T. Baldwin8-20/+45
6 daysfeature[TW21670]: ICD - Display user avatar instead of nameRyan T. Baldwin2-3/+31
6 daysfeature[TW21301]: Moved queries to APIRyan T. Baldwin6-23/+102
6 daysRevert "feature[TW20783]: BAT - Resolve potentially mismatching features and ...Baily Roberts2-101/+16
6 daysRevert "feature[TW20790]: BAT - Implement wildcard NOT option"Baily Roberts2-10/+3
8 daysfeature[TW21301]: Platform Type ImporterRyan T. Baldwin15-78/+242
8 daysfeature[TW20790]: BAT - Implement wildcard NOT optionmuhammad.m.alam22-3/+10
8 daysfeature[TW20783]: BAT - Resolve potentially mismatching features and configur...muhammad.m.alam22-16/+101
8 daysfeature[TW20785]: BAT - Create warning for feature with no end featuremuhammad.m.alam24-13/+56
8 daysfeature[TW21637]: Create rest call for comprehensive applicability usage searchAudrey Denk6-0/+158
9 daysbug[TW21357]: SCA - Fix date showing default values on importmuhammad.m.alam21-1/+1
10 daysfeature[TW21439]: SCA - Allow export API to generate report in given locationmuhammad.m.alam23-8/+76
14 daysfeature[TW21029]: Update Jenkinsfile for Angular testsRyan T. Baldwin1-34/+66
2022-09-15feature[TW21301]: Use existing platform types when importingRyan T. Baldwin6-20/+53
2022-09-14feature[TW20776]: ICD - Add Url Parser to escape dashesLuciano T Vaglienti4-3/+32
2022-09-14feature[TW20776]: ICD - Warning when affecting parent artifactsLuciano T Vaglienti48-118/+1338
2022-09-14feature[TW20502]: ICD - Update workbook to allow for no view specifiedAudrey Denk1-2/+7
2022-09-14bug[TW21257]: SCA - Fix no text found in the Textmuhammad.m.alam23-22/+5
2022-09-13feature[TSK229158]: Sync - REST API Endpoint Authorizationloren.k.ashley33-793/+2206
2022-09-13feature[TW21171]: Fix DB Init userDavid W. Miller12-32/+42
2022-09-13bug[TW21094]: SCA - Resolve Database read issue for failing importstephen.j.molaro2-1/+15
2022-09-13feature[TW21548]: Improve performance of EmailGroupsBlamdonald.g.dunne3-9/+27
2022-09-12refactor: Resolve coverity vulnerabilitiesBaily Robers12-141/+174
2022-09-10bug[TW21536]: ICD - Update search filter so it doesn't include duplicatesAudrey Denk1-40/+13
2022-09-09bug: Fix PLConfig and MIM to align with new ATS endpoint priority requirementsLuciano T Vaglienti12-15/+127
2022-09-09feature[TW21377]: ICD - Enum literal change on import and diffsRyan T. Baldwin16-10/+54
2022-09-09feature[TW20760]: ICD - Move enum literal from platform type to elementLuciano T Vaglienti42-181/+330
2022-09-09Revert "feature[TW21277]: Remove Artifact Annotations"donald.g.dunne10-0/+444
2022-09-08bug[TW21536]: ICD - Applicability not showing up properly on elements pageAudrey Denk1-1/+11
2022-09-08feature[TW21014]: Remove erroneous addWidget in XWidgetBuilderdonald.g.dunne1-6/+0
2022-09-08feature[TW21548]: Update CreateTasksDefinitionBuilder to include descdonald.g.dunne1-0/+4
2022-09-08feature[TW20502]: ICD - Select and handle applicability on workbook exportRyan T. Baldwin21-157/+228
2022-09-07bug[TW21562]: Fix OSEE drag and drop in LinuxRyan D. Brooks1-5/+7
2022-09-07bug[TW21530]: Peer Rvw - Review Blocks widget not showing valuedonald.g.dunne1-0/+5
2022-09-07feature[TW21380]: Toggle Branch Search View as defaultvaibhav.y.patel1-9/+2

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