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attributeType "Name" extends StringAttribute {
	guid "AAMFEcF1AzV7PKuHmxwA"
	uuid 0x1000000000000070
	dataProvider DefaultAttributeDataProvider
	min 1
	max 1
	taggerId DefaultAttributeTaggerProvider
	description "Descriptive Name"
	defaultValue "unnamed"
	mediaType "plan/text"

attributeType "Annotation" extends CompressedContentAttribute {
	guid "AAMFEcWy0xc4e3tcemQA"
	uuid 0x1000000000000076
	dataProvider UriAttributeDataProvider
	min 0
	max unlimited
	taggerId DefaultAttributeTaggerProvider
	description "the version \'1.0\' is this \"1.2.0\""
	mediaType "plan/text"

attributeType "WordML" extends WordAttribute {
	guid "AAMFEcfcGS2V3SqQN2wA"
	uuid 0x100000000000007A
	dataProvider UriAttributeDataProvider
	min 0
	max 1
	taggerId XmlAttributeTaggerProvider
	description "value must comply with WordML xml schema"
	defaultValue "<w:p xmlns:w=\"\"><w:r><w:t></w:t></w:r></w:p>"
	fileExtension "xml"
	mediaType "application/xml"

attributeType "Field 1" extends EnumeratedAttribute {
	guid "AU1W_RDAbiHjGBUHyNQA"
	uuid 0x1000000000000080
	dataProvider DefaultAttributeDataProvider
	min 2
	max 3
	enumType "enum.test.proc.status"
	defaultValue "this is a field"
	mediaType "application/custom"

oseeEnumType "enum.test.proc.status" {
	guid "AKkmjINR11UDdTOE1WAA"
	uuid 0x3000000000000178
	entry "Not Performed"
	entryGuid "APt7jzRPv2HBlrjQZXAA"
	description "it was not performed"
	entry "Completed -- Analysis in Work"
	entryGuid "APt7j0WUEAIFUyyzVZgA"
	entry "Completed -- Passed"
	entryGuid "APt7j0YZq1AjCER1qzAA"
	entry "Completed -- With Issues"
	entryGuid "APt7j0aZWF2BJc_BqnQA"
	entry "Completed -- With Issues Resolved"
	entryGuid "APt7j0cv9B1ImjckeTAA"
	entry "Partially Complete"
	entryGuid "AAvULbOIbxhPUO_oDFQA"
	description "is a partial"

attributeType "Field 2" extends DateAttribute {
	guid "AU1tcZpvAgWKt9wooVQA"
	uuid 0x1000000000000081
	dataProvider UriAttributeDataProvider
	min 1
	max 1
	taggerId SomeOtherTagger
	description "field 2 description"
	fileExtension "hello"
	mediaType "**"

relationType "Requirement Relation" {
	guid "BOkzi3U9VTe2fcUz_9gA"
	uuid 0x2000000000000157
	sideAName "requirement-sideA"
	sideAArtifactType "Requirement"
	sideBName "subsystem-sideB"
	sideBArtifactType "SubSystem Requirement"
	defaultOrderType Lexicographical_Ascending
	multiplicity ONE_TO_MANY

relationType "Another Relation" {
	guid "AVM9fT1Ue2QhFnt30FQA"
	uuid 0x2000000000000158
	sideAName "other-sideA"
	sideAArtifactType "Other Artifact"
	sideBName "last-sideB"
	sideBArtifactType "Last Artifact"
	defaultOrderType Unordered
	multiplicity MANY_TO_MANY

artifactType "Artifact" {
	guid "AAMFDh6S7gRLupAMwywA"
	uuid 0x0000000000000001
	attribute "Name"
	attribute "Annotation"

abstract artifactType "Requirement" extends "Artifact" {
	guid "BOm4NmAq+HC1O2hkMagA"
	uuid 0x0000000000000015
	attribute "WordML"

artifactType "Software Requirement" extends "Requirement" {
	guid "BOm+AIG2snNbAM5FFcwA"
	uuid 0x0000000000000018

artifactType "System Requirement" extends "Requirement" {
	guid "BOnAaYTBOG68_Tw5Y_AA"
	uuid 0x000000000000001E

artifactType "Other Artifact" extends "Artifact" {
	guid "AUStoi43TWac2EHzNIAA"
	uuid 0x0000000000000020

artifactType "SubSystem Requirement" extends "Requirement" , "Other Artifact" {
	guid "BOnBhJ1XAFGKcrku3LgA"
	uuid 0x000000000000001D
	attribute "Field 1" branchGuid "AU2FErW1QwSXWPiP4cwA"

abstract artifactType "Last Artifact" extends "SubSystem Requirement" {
	guid "AUqqRktDXW9r6YXq0WQA"
	uuid 0x0000000000000021
	attribute "Field 2" branchGuid "AU2JKsKQAQAvzkTkk+gA"

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