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2013-03-17Bug 403396 - Possible bug with the layering of teams (or stacking ofStephan Herrmann2-23/+71
2013-02-20bug 400833 - [compiler] resolve error re lifting constructor withStephan Herrmann1-0/+49
implicit playedBy refinement
2013-02-10Bug 400404 - [compiler] No enclosing instance of the type TOuter.T1 isStephan Herrmann1-2/+48
accessible in scope - layered team and inheritance
2013-02-09Bug 400360 - [reconciler] fails to resolve callout-to-field withStephan Herrmann3-10/+86
path-anchored type Solution: include necessary STATE_ROLES_LINKED into mngmt by lookupEnv
2013-02-08Bug 400362 - [compiler] role field with anchored role type breaksStephan Herrmann1-0/+26
implicit inheritance
2013-02-03Revert change of major version, no incompatibilities as of yet.Stephan Herrmann1-1/+0
2013-02-02Adjust tests to change in ac72852be92166b2f1bf098a60ae00aa0346d2c1Stephan Herrmann2-0/+3
- add newline between normal imports and base imports
2013-02-02Bug 382185 - [refactoring] renaming base package fails to rename baseStephan Herrmann7-6/+435
2013-02-02Bug 399781 - Callout to private field of deeply nested class givesStephan Herrmann1-2/+83
compile error
2013-01-22Bug 397192 - Prepare OTDT for new (dynamic) weaver:Stephan Herrmann2-17/+7
Generalize configuration of runtime libraries to please both weavers. Master switch currently is system property "ot.weaving"
2013-01-22Bug 397192 - Prepare OTDT for new (dynamic) weaver:Stephan Herrmann1-4/+2
Align error messages for not-found team from teamconfig file.
2013-01-10Bug 397867 - [compiler] illegal access to invisible method via callinStephan Herrmann1-4/+40
binding not detected
2013-01-10Bug 397878 - [compiler] Using field of enclosing team as team anchorStephan Herrmann2-13/+58
causes illegal bytecode to be created
2013-01-10Bug 397897 [compiler] In three layers of teams anchor equivalence is notStephan Herrmann1-3/+65
2013-01-08Bug 397712 - [compiler] illegal bytecode from chains of teamStephan Herrmann1-0/+36
2012-12-29Bug 397235 - [compiler] cannot bind to a static role methodStephan Herrmann1-0/+68
2012-12-29New regression test: externalized role in base-side of declared liftingStephan Herrmann1-0/+31
(no failure observed).
2012-12-29Bug 397182 - Prepare OTDT for new (dynamic) weaverStephan Herrmann2-4/+26
- let otdt plug-in coordinate selection of - compiler mode - OTRE classpath container - let otdt.tests automatically adjust to the selection OTRE/OTREDyn - bump up otequinox to 3.0.0 - new: TransformerPlugin.useDynamicWeaving() - this version shall be able to alternatively handle both variants of the weaver
2012-12-16Improve expected error message after Bug 388795 has been fixed in JDTStephan Herrmann1-2/+2
2012-12-04Bug 395762 - [assist] completion in c-t-f parameter mapping hangsStephan Herrmann1-3/+23
2012-12-04Bug 394037 - [refactoring] renaming an argument with declared liftingStephan Herrmann1-0/+46
fails to rename occurrences
2012-12-04Bug 395746 - [compiler] role of static inner of an inaccessible outerStephan Herrmann1-0/+24
cannot resolve base methods
2012-12-04Adopt JDT/UI change for bug 391927 via their commitStephan Herrmann2-46/+34
a9d28d0d237966d409e0e603033f3ce8cddb5d35 (Method safeDelete has been removed and isn't needed actually).
2012-12-04Bug 394037 - [refactoring] renaming an argument with declared liftingStephan Herrmann3-0/+65
fails to rename occurrences
2012-11-14Bug 394263 - Team with generic type parameter causes role inheritanceStephan Herrmann1-1/+16
2012-11-10Bug 394035 - [assist] completion fails to propose role creationStephan Herrmann2-30/+68
- test & fix - also cleared up confusion fjProject1 vs. CompletionTestSetup.getProject() which broke testPlayedBy2()
2012-11-10Bug 394034 - [assist] completing a method call does not propose anStephan Herrmann1-0/+41
argument with declared lifting - test & fix
2012-11-08Bug 393915 - [dom][refactoring] pull-up with "use the destination typeStephan Herrmann3-3/+21
where possible" throws StackOverflowError - test (modified existing one) & fix - additional advance fix for bug 393932
2012-11-06Bug 393072 - VerifyError caused by super call within team constructorStephan Herrmann1-1/+94
using declared lifting - account for array of role / array lifting in more locations
2012-10-18Bug 391876 - false-report (nested class): interface cannot beStephan Herrmann1-1/+42
implemented more than once
2012-10-16Bug 374833 - Complain when base plugin of an aspectBinding cannot beStephan Herrmann32-23/+129
2012-10-14Bug 381790 - [compiler] support @Override for role method implementingStephan Herrmann1-0/+115
an interface method
2012-10-07Bug 382188 - NPE in copyRole() when commenting out roles in a nestedStephan Herrmann1-1/+70
team / role file - immediate: ensure roles found during complete type bindings are connected, too - secondary: teams w/o a super team always need reflection methods (was regression in OTReconcilerTests.testRoFiNestedTeam)
2012-10-07Bug 391290 - Internal compiler error/Corrupt byte codeStephan Herrmann1-0/+61
2012-09-22Bug 390146 - [compiler] Better support outer & inner teams adaptingStephan Herrmann1-1/+1
different bundles
2012-09-22Bug 390057 - decapsulation warning for final base class is not reportedStephan Herrmann1-4/+16
- fix - the test change is only mildly related: need to set severity to error to actually see it. But the real issue needs an OT/Equinox context.
2012-09-22Bug 367605 - [refactoring] missing update of base import during renamingStephan Herrmann3-1/+139
or moving a base class - fix an omission in one of ImportRewrite.create - new role (nested team) in MoveAdaptor to detect base imports on this path, too. - test
2012-09-22Bug 354480 - VerifyError due to bogus lowering in inferredStephan Herrmann1-0/+60
2012-09-21Bug 390059 - [compiler][performance] too much time spent inStephan Herrmann2-8/+5
SourceTypeBinding.findTypeInTeamPackage() - Cache SourceTypeBinding.notFoundMemberNames - Restrict all this to types with an existing teamPackage - Change in TypeDeclaration fixes a regression in Java5.testA120_enumInTeam1 (enum missing from InnerClasses attr.)
2012-09-18Bug 389850 - [refactoring] change signature fails if role method isStephan Herrmann3-1/+38
bound in a signature-less callin
2012-09-01Remove workaround from 5086ecafb50bea89ca6fdedd9445a06a61770579 whichStephan Herrmann1-9/+0
was superseded by 20e6d9b23168c72f0fb4c64ceeedfba3f89f3099
2012-08-26Fix test failures which happened if tests were not executed in textualStephan Herrmann4-5/+56
order See (PDE) Fixed by better shutdown/restart.
2012-08-26Bug 387996 - "T cannot be resolved or is not a field" error due to fieldStephan Herrmann1-2/+1
named like package cleanup after discussion in bugzilla.
2012-08-26Bug 388060 - [compiler] closeable role triggers resource warning fromStephan Herrmann1-6/+88
lift method
2012-08-26Experiment: try to avoid test failures by waiting 200ms before startingStephan Herrmann1-0/+9
a full build.
2012-08-25Test convenience: more error output.Stephan Herrmann1-0/+2
2012-08-25Bug 387996 - "no method found" warning due to field named like packageStephan Herrmann1-1/+23
Fixed wrongly interpreting test.T.R
2012-08-14Bug 387236 - [compiler] type mismatch in signature-less c-t-f with arrayreleases/OTDT_2.2M1builds/201208141515Stephan Herrmann1-0/+33
type causes NPE
2012-08-12Bug 387077 - [compiler] illegal modifiers generated for callout toStephan Herrmann1-71/+128
static field - test and initial fix: test showed a bogus compiler error which I fixed by properly setting baseclass decapsulation for argument types also in copied ifc-methods.
2012-08-11Use JRE from bundle's BREE.Stephan Herrmann1-1/+1

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