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2012-09-18Bug 389850 - [refactoring] change signature fails if role method isStephan Herrmann3-1/+38
bound in a signature-less callin
2012-08-11Use JRE from bundle's BREE.Stephan Herrmann1-1/+1
2012-08-11Bug 386587 - [refactoring] pull-up refactoring cannot handle calloutStephan Herrmann2-2/+11
bindings - fix compile time regression: used a diamond in 1.5 sources.
2012-08-11Corrected unicode of § character in messages.Stephan Herrmann1-3/+3
2012-08-11Bug 386587 - [refactoring] pull-up refactoring cannot handle calloutStephan Herrmann1-17/+9
bindings - support creation of new callout bindings - support removal of callout declarations
2012-08-11Bug 386814 - [refactoring] pull-up should distinguish callouts that canStephan Herrmann21-2/+177
be pull-up vs. abstract decl. - when pullup of callout is requested, check: - is destination type a bound role? - is the base member accessible via the destination's base? - also report when a base member of a referenced callout cannot be resolved (rather than throwing NPE).
2012-08-08Bug 386587 - [refactoring] pull-up refactoring cannot handle calloutStephan Herrmann10-61/+141
2012-08-03Bug 374841 - [refactoring] pull up does not work among (nested) rolesStephan Herrmann5-0/+43
2011-12-28Test & fix for bug 367605 - [refactoring] missing update of base importStephan Herrmann1-1/+24
during renaming or moving a base class
2011-12-27Test & fix for Bug 316698 - [refactoring] Refactoring for moving a roleStephan Herrmann4-1/+136
class doesn't handle base imports
2011-03-03adjust to small change in jdt.ui testsStephan Herrmann2-2/+2
2010-11-14Test & fix for Bug 330169 - [refactoring] Extract method throws NPE if ↵Stephan Herrmann6-3/+64
declared lifting arg is involved
2010-10-02Finish adaption of this one jdt.ui.tests.refactoring case: Stephan Herrmann2-12/+7
+ fix base class resolving (don't adapt our own class, but jdt.tests's) + fix string replacement (don't replace "as" in "class").
2010-09-30Fix a regression in OTReconcilerTest.testRoFiNestedTeam():Stephan Herrmann2-0/+0
- copying team methods _OT$save/restoreActivationState() requires more JCL methods to be resolvable. -> update JCLMin sources and deploy into test projects
2010-09-28corrected base plugins in aspectBindingsStephan Herrmann1-3/+10
2010-09-28add a SELF aspectBinding (nested team failed to weave into its base)Stephan Herrmann1-0/+12
2010-09-27need to use project specific compiler options during buildStephan Herrmann1-1/+1
2010-09-27try to avoid one more inline patch by using a role.Stephan Herrmann2-6/+21
2010-09-27start adapting jdt.ui.tests.refactoring using a team, rather than inline ↵Stephan Herrmann7-43/+202
2010-09-04Test & fix for Bug 324526 - [reconciler] NPE during AST creation, team in ↵Stephan Herrmann2-0/+0
role file subclassing non-team role And deploy JCLMin-updates into all relevant tests.
2010-08-29Tests and fix for Bug 311879 - [refactoring] adapt "change signature" ↵Stephan Herrmann15-0/+498
2010-08-20Enabled tests re Herrmann3-36/+35
- corrected test data (see the ticket) - completed the solution from the ticket (do for methods what we already did for fields)
2010-08-20re-enable a few tests which Jogeb commented out during his work (not ↵Stephan Herrmann1-236/+249
interesting at that time). only relevant change: do expect Info that this refactoring is not fully OT-aware (4 tests).
2010-08-15Final cleanup for Bug 321411 - [hierarchy] Replace OTTypeHierarchy with ↵Stephan Herrmann6-45/+205
adapting the original TypeHierarchy (see comment 9)
2010-08-12cleanupStephan Herrmann1-6/+1
2010-05-04add missing required execution environmentStephan Herrmann1-0/+1
2010-04-24follow-up of r222: JCLmin needs more classes.Stephan Herrmann2-0/+0
2010-04-23These should've been part of r204, subsersive screwed up on'em.Stephan Herrmann4-0/+46
2010-04-23revert r204 for these files:Stephan Herrmann4-8/+8
- subversive changed file I did not edit, but refused to save those files that I copied and edited.
2010-04-23Test and improve free-hand patch r154 regarding inlined role method call:Stephan Herrmann5-8/+13
- differentiate replace (needs tunneling) from before/after (role signature unchanged) - take base method argument names but for before/after adjust number of args to role method
2010-04-23deploy binary test resource into one more locationStephan Herrmann1-0/+0
2010-04-23fix classpaths for test projectsStephan Herrmann2-2/+2
2010-04-13add original jdt test resources.Stephan Herrmann1-0/+0
2010-04-02- deploy our jclMin1.5.jar for testing into our test suites.Stephan Herrmann1-0/+0
2010-04-02Prepare for building on Herrmann2-9/+2
* Change all version numbers to 0.7.0 * Update / cleanup names (bundle & provider) * Fix some configuration warnings ( * Remove Java-Builder from ot.runtime (not needed)
2010-04-01initial commit in accordance with CQ 3784Stephan Herrmann1234-0/+20591

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