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  DCR: TableTree should support icon in 1st column (1G06WFT)
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Bug#: 4548   Platform:   Reporter: erich_gamma@ch.ibm.com (Erich Gamma)
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Assigned To: veronika_irvine@ca.ibm.com (Veronika Irvine)   Target Milestone:  

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Description: Opened: 2001-10-11 14:18

EG (8/24/00 3:41:25 PM)	
	TableTree doesn't support showing an icon in the first column. The icon is eaten up
	by the +/- icon.
	Not being able to have an icon in the first column reduces the applicability
	of TableTree (we would like to use it in the Java plugin, but we can't).


VI (8/24/00 10:54:39 AM)
	TableTree is implemented using the Windows table widget and this only allows
	one image per column.  Sorry, there's nothing we can do.

AW (24.08.00 17:31:06)
	Why not combining the +/- icon with the client's icon into a single icon?

EG (8/29/00 3:35:01 PM)
	JFace has support for compositing icons see: 

CM (3/17/01 5:29:49 PM)
	P1/M1 (April 1st, 2001)
	Need to know the priority of 1GAJ9KP: SWT:ALL - TableTree class has no selection support for the SWT.CHECK style
	because these two PRs may conflict.

CM (3/28/01 5:09:33 PM)
	We investigated using the Windows "state image" feature in Table, but this is already being used by
	checkboxes if the Table is created with check style. It would also mean that we would have to provide
	platform-specific public API on Table to allow TableTree class to set/get state images. So we decided
	against this.

	VI is going to investigate merging the [+]/[-] images with the user's image. We would try to write it
	in such a way that only those who actually put an image in the first column would have to pay for
	the added slowness. We suspect there may be issues such as background color/transparency
	problems, hit test problems, selection highlight problems, and cheese problems, but we will have
	to try it first before we know for sure.

VI (4/4/2001 10:41:59 AM)
	Two major issues which prevent us from merging the [+]/[-] with the user's image and using the normal first column image:
	1) Images of different sizes can be added to the control, however the size of the image displayed in the associated 
        Windows Common Control will be constrained to the size of the first image added to the ImageList.
		Images for all columns are added to the same ImageList and therefore must have the exact same height and WIDTH.
		This makes merging the +/- and the first column image have impact on every image in the TableTree
	2) There is a limit to how may images I can cram in the ImageList.  Having potentially 3 per row I think will quickly exceed the limit.

VI (4/4/2001 05:20 PM)

	We have a PR that requests support for an image in the first column of a TableTree and I believe that you
	are the prime requestor.

	I have tried to make this work and below is the best I can do.  As you can see, there is a limitation on the
	underlying native widget which is that all images in the TableTree must have the exact same height and width.
	Consequently, when I leave enough room to merge the +/- image with the image you wish to show in the first column,
	this causes all the other images in the TableTree to be stretched width wise.


	It is my opinion that the current TableTree can not be made to work any better than this.  If this is not
	adequate for your use, the only alternative is to write a custom widget that does this and does not
	use the native widget.  Writing a full custom widget is not trivial.  It will probably require a month or
	two and will probably not give all the capability that is present in native List or Tree widgets (just
	because there are a lot of subtle things going on there and I won't have time to get them all).  I need
	to know if I should commence with a custom widget.  Also, as I have other responsibilities, Mike and I will
	have to discuss which of them will be set aside before I can do this work.

VI (4/27/2001 8:42:19 AM)
	Have received no feedback requesting a custom Tree or implementation of the solution presented above.
	Moving to Inactive.

------- Additional Comment #1 From Veronika Irvine 2002-05-27 16:17 -------
Closing this bug report.  A new DCR should be raised from a better custom table 

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