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  Usability issue with external editors (1GE6IRL)
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Description: Opened: 2001-10-10 17:34

- Setup a project that contains a *.gif resource
	- release project to CVS
	- edit the *.gif resource with an external editor, e.g. PaintShop
	- save and close external editor
	- in Navigator open the icon resource and verify that your changes are there
	- release project
		-> nothing to release!
	- in Navigator open the icon resource and verify that your changes are still there

	Problem: because I never "Refreshed from local", the workspace hasn't changed so "Release" didn't find anything.
	However opening the resource with an external editor found the modified file on disk and showed the changes.

	The real problem occurs if "Release" actually finds something to release but you don't spot that some resources are missing.
	This is extremely error prone: one of my changes didn't made it into build 110 because of this!

EG (5/23/01 3:00:33 PM)
	Release should do a refresh from local before doing the release.
	Moving to VCM

KM (05/27/01 5:10:19 PM)
	Comments from JM in related email:

	Should not do this for free.  Could have a setting which made it optoinal but should nt be mandatory.  Default setting could be to have it on.
	Consider the SWT team who keep their workspaces on network drives.  This will be slow.  

	Side effects will be that a build runs when the refresh is completed unless you somehow do it in a workspace runnable and don't end the
	runnable until after the release.  This would be less than optimal as some builders may be responsible for maintaining some invariants and deriving resources which are releasable.  If you don't run the builders before releasing, the invariants will not be maintained and you will release inconsistent state.

	Summary:  Offer to "ensure local consistency" before releasing.

KM (5/31/01 1:30:35 PM)
	See also 1GEAG1A: ITPVCM:WINNT - Internal error comparing with a document
	which failed with an error.  Never got log from Tod though.

------- Additional Comments From James Moody 2001-10-19 06:32 -------
*** Bug 183 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

------- Additional Comments From James Moody 2001-10-19 12:36 -------
Implemented 'auto refresh' option. Default value is off.

------- Additional Comments From DJ Houghton 2001-10-23 19:39 -------

------- Additional Comments From James Moody 2001-10-25 06:19 -------
Fixed in v206

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