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2018-09-05538100: update org.eclipse.mylyn.tasks versions to 3.24.2R_3_24_2e_4_8_m_3_24_xalexei.trebounskikh2-3/+3
Change-Id: I6c25c1e576932977679e60b9b4c531d7d644c980 Task-Url: Signed-off-by: alexei.trebounskikh <>
2018-08-02537208: Task data filename can get too longalexei.trebounskikh1-0/+82
* moved file-related operations to a separate class * file name is only encoded if required * file name is trimmed to stay below 255 characters * encoded file name always used if file already exists * added unit tests for file-related methods Change-Id: I8b536b3a3df8168b997aa9be1ec82b9f7e314dfd Task-Url: Signed-off-by: alexei.trebounskikh <> (cherry picked from commit f422548545a931cd4ab2d7d3ba9068607828d902)
2018-06-19536060: update org.eclipse.mylyn.tasks versions to 3.24.1R_3_24_0Sam Davis2-3/+3
Change-Id: I0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Task-Url:
2017-06-29515140: update org.eclipse.mylyn.tasks versions to 3.24Sam Davis2-3/+3
Change-Id: I4499fd4ae90b548187859e40d6736dcedc169b7f Task-Url:
2017-04-11505126: update org.eclipse.mylyn.tasks versions to 3.23Sam Davis2-3/+3
Change-Id: I1e92f72a45e96edb7e975a1ac31c46d10ae01c12 Task-Url:
2017-03-24514190: NPE expanding attachments sectionSam Davis1-0/+12
Change-Id: I29a3b560bd04e7a7fcb2f53d379a8546c44423e9 Task-Url:
2017-02-07510997: upgrade Guava dependency to version 21Steffen Pingel1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ia30f7bfa671186578d5f2fde7012db6bf6459f58 Task-Url:
2017-01-27326005: Task Editor asks to save or delete newly created tasks on closeJaxsun McCarthy Huggan1-11/+13
* The Task Editor is marked as dirty initially when editing newly created tasks ** In this state when the editor is closed it asks if the user wants to save or delete the new task ** If the editor is saved or the task is submitted this state is cleared * Introduced TasksUiUtil API for task deletion from relevant stores * Removed remaining uses of WorkbenchUtil.SHOW_IN_TASKBAR_ICON_PROPERTY * Fixed workspace warnings and did code cleanup in altered classes Change-Id: Icb06522aac407cbc877b1643d58c4ff4bb9dcd64 Task-Url: Signed-off-by: Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan <>
2016-12-14505598: TaskEditorAttachmentPart should useFrank Becker1-8/+8
ConfigurableColumnTableViewerSupport Change-Id: Ie21e7465068654978c04b1ee57d40ec19c44d176 Task-Url:
2016-10-11497533: update tasks versions to 3.22Sam Davis2-3/+3
Change-Id: Ib0d219a06af1cf3b2090da2fc844c39fad74e323 Task-Url:
2016-10-06Bug 501868: In "copy details" please add "ID and Summary"Leo Ufimtsev1-10/+10
- Added "ID and Summary" field. - Following bugzilla convention, I capitalized "Bug" (from "bug") - NOTE: 'SUMMARY' was already in the code base, but it was not used, maybe left overs from the past... I basically recycled and re-used SUMMARY. Patch set 3: - Removed the task ID and Summary seperattor introduced in patchset 1. - Refactored/Renamed a bunch of variables. - Removed comment out line in ID_SUMMARY_URL - Refactored Mode enum to remove switch statement. Patch set 4: - Renamed "Bug" back to "bug" in BugzillaRepositoryConnector - In CopyTaskDetailsAction, capitalized prefix as per suggestion. Patch set 5: - Updated test cases to use renamed enum. Change-Id: I1441c0e4fc975eba225ac79077ff65a26074cc13 Task-Url: Signed-off-by: Leo Ufimtsev <>
2016-09-30502035: Refactor the task list scheduler constructorDavid Yee1-4/+4
- Require a Job-typed parameter instead of a factory Task-Url: Change-Id: I3d491ccf7c11d33d2f6b26233f79f67f46cfa9a6 Signed-off-by: David Yee <>
2016-08-18158461: users can configure when to schedule new tasksJaxsun McCarthy Huggan1-3/+4
Change-Id: I892587aafd47c1802914bfcb94f7367a863e034c Task-Url:
2016-08-17319889: TaskListInterestSorter uses configured sort criteria as backupJaxsun McCarthy Huggan2-29/+153
Change-Id: Iaabefc6ca4d928a8bb60beba3fedff96c06ddc88 Task-Url:
2016-08-17319889: Support sorting of scheduled presentationJaxsun McCarthy Huggan1-41/+0
The TaskComparator now maintains a list of sort criteria per presentation. The criteria will always be configured for the active presentation. The migration of old sorting mementos was removed. Change-Id: I5d9b594e4efda7b35ccdca2b19fb824a6590d5f1 Task-Url:
2016-08-12499581: Task Image is different when the task is owned by the userColin Ritchie2-3/+62
Introduce the "Golden Clipboard" for tasks owned by the active user. Change-Id: I4fed0b3dccf3b2e1199e792881ca369f9490903e Task-Url:
2016-07-23497412: TaskTask leaves key blank on constructionJaxsun McCarthy Huggan1-2/+3
Change-Id: Ibf797d74f26846c4514d80ccc794bd55fd86862a Task-Url:
2016-07-14497625: fix the two failing proxy junit testsSam Davis1-9/+12
Change-Id: I14f61dd16ce1423f296d74e2bf15c0772aaef90f Task-Url:
2016-06-30492212: [release] release Mylyn 3.20 (update version)Frank Becker2-3/+3
Change-Id: I5d3cf37792febe87bb3accbeb3fcfb5c71ec98d2 Task-Url:
2016-06-20reduce log noise from org.eclipse.mylyn.tasks.testsSam Davis2-4/+28
This bundle has tests of exception handling that cause log messages at startup. This change makes those log messages much shorter and makes it more obvious what they are. Change-Id: I3bce9b55c76f09ae05ed28018ddaf83062aac918
2016-06-08494568: support refactoring task idsBrandon Dong2-4/+120
Change-Id: I32f749d32f072bb05045e4749717309df8f4cb86 Task-Url: Signed-off-by: Brandon Dong <>
2016-05-18493037: deprecate AbstractTaskListMigratorJaxsun McCarthy Huggan1-6/+0
Task List migrators are no longer used when reading the task list. Change-Id: I88e0f60af3cf512e4176c5abefd117c229311ac0 Task-Url: Signed-off-by: Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan <>
2016-04-25487770: Mylyn bundles require Java 8Colin Ritchie3-5/+5
Change-Id: I17c362d99d2f87cfd50a3233ee8c32d8e4fe4320 Task-Url: Signed-off-by: Colin Ritchie <>
2016-04-19485582: Upgrade versions 3.19.0 to 3.20.0Colin Ritchie2-3/+3
Change-Id: I4b20e6222d27afa36d9de4e3be7b64770bc25dd1
2016-03-16488408: update tasks copyrights for 3.19 release Sam Davis14-14/+14
Change-Id: Ic1dc5d3714e683dca780ab30ce0917180ae6e02e Task-Url:
2016-02-02486145: tasks should not receive incoming notifications for attributesBrandon Dong3-8/+198
that aren't visible Task-Url: Change-Id: I57980475082de716c2ca24a11e0bc4b31121cdc5 Signed-off-by: Brandon Dong <>
2016-01-29486782: compilation failure in TaskListSorter against staging platformJaxsun McCarthy Huggan1-26/+26
* TaskListSorter no longer overrides ViewerComparator.getComparator() * ViewerComparator.getComparator() must return a String comparator Change-Id: Ie005203b0833109f450a0f94e72f126da93276ae Task-Url: Signed-off-by: Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan <>
2016-01-22486309: allow connectors to specify that their markup language extends aJaxsun McCarthy Huggan1-0/+16
"base-markup" when determining what rich text editor to show Change-Id: I39b5a14e034fb8c84143fbe333c6946e1f78544c Signed-off-by: Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan <>
2016-01-11479456: update o.e.m.tasks versions to 3.19Sam Davis2-3/+3
Change-Id: I6621d7e940bbb1deb855e215e2594e2a34a82736 Task-Url:
2015-11-30483327: [api] provide API to specify the precision of date/time fields Sam Davis1-0/+24
Change-Id: I01bf0cf5d8437785a69103427dfaeaedef9cbca0 Task-Url:
2015-11-25483036: owner ID is not persisted Sam Davis1-0/+27
Change-Id: Idbf3e63a71bb040c3e82eaf3d95180fb4ef1ae4d Task-Url:
2015-11-19482429: getValueLabels should fall back to attribute.getOption whenSam Davis1-0/+68
getOptions does not contain a value Change-Id: I3b45ff4be32d9534ea0cf686892b058332024aec Task-Url:
2015-10-26480057: connect mylyn notification appears on every eclipse startSam Davis1-0/+21
Change-Id: Ifdf476f150e7994d8b79262b22f85e88c6fc24fa Task-Url:
2015-10-09471058: update o.e.m.tasks versions to 3.18Sam Davis2-3/+3
Change-Id: Ie20f86024db89adee5f7a07d4885017e950944c5 Task-Url:
2015-09-09476680: AbstractRepositorySettingsPage doesn't udpate brand whenJaxsun McCarthy Huggan3-72/+99
specified brand is null Change-Id: I2f003ceba1ea9c5b46adabe301dbd8302eb80fc9 Task-Url: Signed-off-by: Jaxsun McCarthy Huggan <>
2015-09-02476383: add an attribute editor for label fields chris.poon2-0/+177
Add a text attribute editor that supports single and multi values and has content assist Change-Id: I9e53666e713abb1affbb7b6376c5af7192174ddb Task-Url: Signed-off-by: chris.poon <>
2015-08-26475540: enable plugins to display messages using the task list messageSam Davis2-1/+85
service Change-Id: I524a266b0ea4770a07511b543bcd4f5643337890 Task-Url:
2015-08-19475428: content assist proposals created from tasks in the task listSam Davis1-0/+30
should insert the owner ID if it is set on the task Change-Id: Iaf008ac571ef226f0e38ea88958ecc5a521aefbf Task-Url:
2015-06-25465143: update o.e.m.tasks versions to 3.17Sam Davis2-3/+3
Change-Id: I2acb6672e20cb182ef35e021719d002c96e98e72 Task-Url:
2015-06-09467045: Connectors can register different brandings Sam Davis7-6/+181
Change-Id: Ibf2872214ec3d314dd09cf3c04368eac7f7168da Task-Url:
2015-05-25423848: change o.e.m.tasks minimum required JRE to Java 7Sam Davis3-5/+5
Change-Id: If251da6002a0dfa3f565680d08d7cbc8f5e8479a Task-Url:
2015-05-22update copyrights for o.e.m.tasksSam Davis57-57/+57
Change-Id: I06d677963930f43bd2058a263320f1a11078cad3
2015-05-20334937: provide API for canceling a task switchchris.poon1-6/+96
Task-Url: Change-Id: I0962f312b692de78be778d8ecb5dd11f8efdc815 Signed-off-by: chris.poon <>
2015-05-13fix non-determinism in testIncomingSupressedSam Davis1-6/+6
It fails sometimes on Hudson. This may be due to other tests having put task data in the manager with the same id. Change-Id: Ic7f01701c8a3598bd082a6780df10ff35dc61371
2015-04-20457394: update o.e.m.tasks versions to 3.16Sam Davis2-3/+3
Change-Id: I90681d26c7ba101b4c5e5bd0ce8b90ad79e1d3ed Task-Url:
2015-03-16378032: BooleanAttributeEditor should initialize attribute to falseSam Davis1-0/+36
Change-Id: I29c92306b8055e6d9867f77ef222f1d301020443 Task-Url:
2015-03-11446091: [api] allow clients to determine when the current user owns anSam Davis2-0/+81
ITask Change-Id: Ie6fb5d4c27fd31be4f4127be7fc82e892b503466 Task-Url:
2015-01-13445557: update o.e.m.tasks version to 3.15Sam Davis2-3/+3
Change-Id: Ifedf542e8545cd04499bdb904713b454723424b2 Task-Url:
2014-09-30439453: update Mylyn Tasks to version 3.14Sam Davis2-3/+3
Change-Id: I8fb86730e3560eb26e73c4061a865e6850dde039 Task-Url:
2014-08-21442088: fix failing test for LunaFrank Becker4-2/+45
(org.eclipse.core.runtime.compatibility.auth removed) Change-Id: Id0080523bf8c292ca7cf7d21db9921d1f97a8941 Task-Url:

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