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9 days549811: as dependencyHEADmasterFrank Becker1-3/+2
Change-Id: Ida72cd1d8ba5dbdc1558692f289613910a2fb2ab Task-Url:
10 days564932: fix jenkins build errors in nightly jobsFrank Becker8-7/+24
Change-Id: I71e20a3c0f528b673b0b1a9e4198aefe7d10cf8a Task-Url:
2019-12-15558210: Task List view “Failed to create the part’s controls”Frank Becker2-9/+31
Change-Id: Iabc0d9c09fc2b27699ed24469edac68ebe79a63a Task-Url:
2019-10-02550409: update org.eclipse.license from 2.0.0 to 2.0.2fbecker9-9/+9
Change-Id: I02fa52f0522f94769347dd6e746ded7debc06328 Task-Url:
2019-09-30548295: update org.eclipse.mylyn.tasks versions to 3.26Colin Ritchie73-119/+119
Change-Id: I7afb5a9bd14643dce4695a29e071dbc3644c4128 Task-Url: (+1 squashed commit) Signed-off-by: Colin Ritchie <>
2019-08-01Bug 548846: Mylyn should use High Resolution PNGsMatthias Becker217-101/+101
Changes icons in org.eclipse.mylyn.tasks.ui to high resolution PNGs. Also removes unused icons. Wizard banner icons are mostly still low resolution. But as they have much more pixels than the "normal" 16x16 icons this is not that visible. As they are much more work to draw this is postponed for now. Change-Id: Id69918426e9d1842c02b80e2a84ccaab5534acb7 Signed-off-by: Matthias Becker <>
2019-04-07537254: update org.eclipse.license from 1.0.1 to 2.0.0Frank Becker1372-5287/+7829
Change-Id: Ia3213bade19ba8d3055ddcbdff850f4c54b37db4 Task-Url:
2019-01-28543815: Mylyn should use buffered output streamsR_3_25_0Natasha Carson10-173/+135
Buffered output streams and replaced try-finally with try resource Change-Id: I504647dc1a608df3502158eded47a917e9be37df Task-Url: Signed-off-by: Natasha Carson <>
2018-11-28Bug 535962 - Submit button cut offXi Yan1-0/+2
Set heightHint for submit button on GTK to prevent cutoff. Change-Id: I0b697a9648220edff4c37d34c6366d02032898b5 Signed-off-by: Xi Yan <>
2018-09-17Revert "537208: Task data filename can get too long"Sam Davis2-3/+1
This reverts commit 8c12584aa0b1666866804006c4cd8100e1553a8e. There was no migration path for users who had already upgraded to 3.24.2 which would hash long task IDs. The problem is that we check for the presence of a file with the encoded name but not the trimmed encoded name. Change-Id: I0f2358338781bfd80c53d251dc2e2047c1423954
2018-09-13537208: Task data filename can get too longalexei.trebounskikh2-1/+3
* file names with underscores do not need to be encoded Task-Url: Change-Id: I9f8678d101e4a371b5b1c5c0df328a58c829c9df Signed-off-by: alexei.trebounskikh <>
2018-08-01537208: Task data filename can get too longalexei.trebounskikh3-58/+228
* moved file-related operations to a separate class * file name is only encoded if required * file name is trimmed to stay below 255 characters * encoded file name always used if file already exists * added unit tests for file-related methods Change-Id: I8b536b3a3df8168b997aa9be1ec82b9f7e314dfd Task-Url: Signed-off-by: alexei.trebounskikh <>
2018-07-06Bug 536703 - DatePickerPanel not styled correctly on dark theme.Roland Grunberg1-1/+8
- DatePickerPanel is a custom widget from mylyn.commons.workbench that includes a DateTime styled as an SWT.CALENDAR, a List of hours for the given day, as well as a "Today" Hyperlink to automatically select the current date/time. Change-Id: Iba78c5902c5fabc38a37497b0955e6320387fe78 Signed-off-by: Roland Grunberg <>
2018-06-28Use better job labelsMichael Keppler2-3/+3
Job labels are visible in the progress view and status bar. They should not contain the term "job", since that is an Eclipse internal technical term which is not show anywhere else in the UI. Change-Id: I1c1d2a061ad175001dde4eb8e44611d49bfff834 Signed-off-by: Michael Keppler <>
2018-06-28519262: update org.eclipse.mylyn.tasks versions to 3.25Sam Davis73-119/+119
2018-06-19535879: [performance] Loading a large tasklist.xml takes a long timealexei.trebounskikh3-3/+218
Changed the order the tasks are added to the task list to prevent unnecessary removals from UnmatchedTaskContainer when loading tasklist.xml Change-Id: I1931578f3c9cdd3e47fc5f2324577ec83874fc27 Task-Url: Signed-off-by: alexei.trebounskikh <>
2018-06-18532275: store the template property values in the task repositoryFrank Becker2-9/+14
Change-Id: I263dc190aba5cdb8556fe7ba2ffac5f62f731ce8 Task-Url:
2018-06-18515992: NullPointerException in ProjectTaskRepositoryPage.createContentsFrank Becker1-0/+4
Change-Id: I56fa418a0ef1145aab54845407c8723f61f019f8 Task-Url:
2018-06-16534407: BugzillaRestPostNewTask.TaskAttributeTypeAdapter.write wrongFrank Becker2-14/+8
compare Change-Id: I646170c7d5f1cbcb0d8a082a9c0b310d09c1b9a5 Task-Url:
2018-06-16515975: Bugzilla REST: add private support to attachmentsFrank Becker3-3/+28
Change-Id: Ife9db5586ffba8060aefa0f94e32d6c06063eaeb Task-Url:
2018-05-06515333: [refactor] BugzillaRestPutUpdateTask -> BugzillaRestPutRequestFrank Becker2-169/+208
Change-Id: I0ff3e13d5164c0af0d84720ddbc198a720d7fd85 Task-Url:
2018-02-27531530: [dark] Scheduled tasks appear with dark blue on dark grey whenRobert Munteanu3-1/+22
using the dark theme Change-Id: I737c3f93dee56f721b6e97a2542905bcffd66b22 Task-Url: Signed-off-by: Robert Munteanu <>
2018-02-21531317: Release of Bugzilla 5.1.2, 5.0.4, and 4.4.13Frank Becker4-63/+33
Change-Id: Ic04b557d3e26858ca983b6a7ed89aebc793fd32a Task-Url:
2017-08-11Use ArrayContentProvider.getInstance() where possibleAndreas Sewe4-6/+6
As ArrayContentProvider is stateless, re-using the global instance avoids a few allocations. Change-Id: I767fbc630c195208b4955d9a6344e41355060867 Signed-off-by: Andreas Sewe <>
2017-07-04replace synchronized methods of TaskDataStore with ReadWriteLock Tomasz Zarna2-10/+361
Change-Id: Iff82eae848243acf98f3e1a2e4aff8b6de254d3c
2017-06-30517325: move form openjdk7 to openjdk8 (fix vagrant setup for tasksFrank Becker1-2/+2
only) Change-Id: I98eac7b9d3636577db46483f7bf0432d9f98b339 Task-Url:
2017-06-29515140: update org.eclipse.mylyn.tasks versions to 3.24Sam Davis73-120/+120
Change-Id: I4499fd4ae90b548187859e40d6736dcedc169b7f Task-Url:
2017-06-20518536: TaskListIndex respects all submitted query termsJaxsun McCarthy Huggan2-9/+64
Change-Id: If058bfb65718e15370b9f569d30125c709b22208 Task-Url:
2017-06-20515347: BugzillaRestGetTaskAttachments: is_patch and is_obsolete haveFrank Becker1-7/+4
wrong datatyp Change-Id: I2862b6b1fadd677bd1bbcd7e7121ba83ef4a6fa6 Task-Url:
2017-06-20preserve stack trace of SAXException caught in TaskDataStore.readStateTomasz Zarna1-1/+1
Change-Id: I8541300fa32c1442d07dace416cd69ee6c690029
2017-06-20remove commented out TaskDataStore.putLastRead methodTomasz Zarna1-20/+5
Change-Id: Id28e58e3863a878a76f222b9e6eaecd6044575f8
2017-06-19remove unnecessary code from mylyn.tasks.core projectTomasz Zarna2-9/+2
Change-Id: I3faa6c4ccbfe63d43c46b6073a92a8bd73f61847
2017-06-14add lucene bundles to mylyn sdk featureR_3_23_0Sam Davis1-0/+14
2017-06-14add lucene bundles to mylyn featureSam Davis1-1/+3
2017-06-08remove unnecessary code from mylyn.tasks.ui projectTomasz Zarna3-12/+12
Change-Id: I4c8682b3eb548fc64691f93a561946765888545b
2017-06-07do not display 'unrecognized column' text to a userTomasz Zarna1-3/+0
Change-Id: I3c6ebc937056703efcf8e7e70dce48aa0964fb6c
2017-06-02use try-with-resources statement in TaskDataStoreTomasz Zarna1-11/+5
Change-Id: I3ee74cf81e76aec0b5441d82e22574397db194ea
2017-05-29Bug 513408 - Migrate to Lucene 6.1.0Sopot Cela3-50/+55
Change-Id: Ia76cf381147bd7d75a85a74c2bcebe34bf8b9c82 Signed-off-by: Sopot Cela <>
2017-05-28517325: move form openjdk7 to openjdk8Frank Becker2-13/+13
Change-Id: I92ad7351d4f0c34137aa801df3d541466ef3097c Task-Url:
2017-04-11505126: update org.eclipse.mylyn.tasks versions to 3.23Sam Davis73-119/+119
Change-Id: I1e92f72a45e96edb7e975a1ac31c46d10ae01c12 Task-Url:
2017-04-07378863: support replying to selected part of a comment onlyJaxsun McCarthy Huggan1-4/+16
Support StyledText controls embedded in Composites. Change-Id: I96f7eb87a47a3ecbb31dcecf0ce5bb720155fa05 Task-Url:
2017-03-24513930: ConcurrentModificationException in SynchronizeRelevantTasksJobR_3_22_0e_4_7_m_3_22_xSam Davis1-6/+8
Change-Id: Ib77827f45549c64a0179165a568b7453a63d24d2 Task-Url:
2017-03-24514190: NPE expanding attachments sectionSam Davis2-2/+16
Change-Id: I29a3b560bd04e7a7fcb2f53d379a8546c44423e9 Task-Url:
2017-02-15512190: update GSon version to 2.7Steffen Pingel3-4/+4
Change-Id: Icf7da05a4d699e81f4def3cadb1c388d86d62e0c Task-Url:
2017-02-14376023: add Gravatar images to expanded task editor commentsSuzannah Smith2-26/+79
Change-Id: I760fbb122db0f052fd69fd61cce90391a8c138e3 Task-Url: Signed-off-by: Suzannah Smith <>
2017-02-07510997: upgrade Guava dependency to version 21Steffen Pingel5-5/+5
Change-Id: Ia30f7bfa671186578d5f2fde7012db6bf6459f58 Task-Url:
2017-01-30234445: [upstream] show descriptions for keywords for the REST Connector Frank Becker12-55/+118
Change-Id: Id2db8d3af57b89c34840e86f11316e454b0dcbb4 Task-Url:
2017-01-30378863: support replying to selected part of a comment onlyJaxsun McCarthy Huggan1-98/+66
If the comment viewer is a styled text widget the reply to action will attempt to reply to only the selected comment text. This means that some connectors which use other controls for their comments will not support this functionality, and the editor will default to replying ot the entire comment text. Change-Id: Ie100b62e4405da0720c3655e01fd18e6f1a181f0 Task-Url:
2017-01-30510464: implement BugzillaRestConnector.hasTaskChanged(TaskRepository,Frank Becker4-25/+109
ITask, TaskData) Change-Id: I61c974789f27cdb3e615ca49a27c0fcff27b017c Task-Url:
2017-01-30499382: add Flag support for bugs and attachmentsFrank Becker3-3/+126
Change-Id: I1458b31f5f7f3897d83f7d9745b1df7a173fc702 Task-Url:

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