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+<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
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+<!-- --><!-- --><HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Bug 4548 - DCR: TableTree should support icon in 1st column (1G06WFT)</TITLE>
+<META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"><LINK
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+ <TR>
+ <TD width=116 bgColor=#000000><IMG height=50
+ src="4548_files/EclipseBannerPic.jpg" width=115></TD>
+ <TD width=637><A href=""><IMG height=50
+ src="4548_files/gradient.jpg" width=282 border=0></A></TD>
+ <TD width=250><IMG height=48 src="4548_files/eproject-simple.gif"
+ width=250></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
+<TABLE cellSpacing=0 border=0>
+ <TR>
+ <TD vAlign=top align=left>
+ <TABLE cellSpacing=2 cellPadding=0 border=0>
+ <TR>
+ <TD vAlign=top noWrap align=left><FONT size=+1><B>Bugzilla Bug
+ 4548</B></FONT> </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD>
+ <TD vAlign=center>&nbsp;</TD>
+ <TD vAlign=center align=left>DCR: TableTree should support icon in 1st
+ column (1G06WFT)</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><!-- --><B>Bug
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+name=longdesclength> <INPUT type=hidden value=4548 name=id>
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+ <TD><A href="">4548</A>
+ </TD>
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+ <TD> (Erich Gamma) </TD></TR>
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+ <OPTION value=3.0.1>3.0.1</OPTION> <OPTION value=3.1>3.1</OPTION></SELECT>
+ </TD>
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+ value=P2>P2</OPTION> <OPTION value=P3>P3</OPTION> <OPTION
+ value=P4>P4</OPTION> <OPTION value=P5 selected>P5</OPTION></SELECT> </TD>
+ <TD>&nbsp;</TD></TR>
+ <TR>
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+ </B></TD>
+ <TD>&nbsp;</TD>
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+ </TD>
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+ <OPTION value=minor>minor</OPTION> <OPTION
+ value=trivial>trivial</OPTION> <OPTION
+ value=enhancement>enhancement</OPTION></SELECT> </TD>
+ <TD>&nbsp;</TD></TR>
+ <TR>
+ <TD align=right><B><A
+ href="">Assigned&nbsp;To</A>:
+ </B></TD>
+ <TD> (Veronika Irvine)</TD>
+ <TD>&nbsp;</TD>
+ <TD align=right><B><A
+ href="">Target
+ Milestone</A>: </B></TD>
+ <TD><SELECT name=target_milestone> <OPTION value="2.0 M1">2.0
+ M1</OPTION> <OPTION value="2.0 M2">2.0 M2</OPTION> <OPTION
+ value="2.0 M3">2.0 M3</OPTION> <OPTION value="2.0 M4">2.0 M4</OPTION>
+ <OPTION value="2.0 M5">2.0 M5</OPTION> <OPTION value="2.0 M6">2.0
+ M6</OPTION> <OPTION value="2.0 F1">2.0 F1</OPTION> <OPTION
+ value="2.0 F2">2.0 F2</OPTION> <OPTION value="2.0 F3">2.0 F3</OPTION>
+ <OPTION value="2.0 F4">2.0 F4</OPTION> <OPTION
+ value=2.0.1>2.0.1</OPTION> <OPTION value=2.0.2>2.0.2</OPTION> <OPTION
+ value=2.1>2.1</OPTION> <OPTION value="2.1 M1">2.1 M1</OPTION> <OPTION
+ value="2.1 M2">2.1 M2</OPTION> <OPTION value="2.1 M3">2.1 M3</OPTION>
+ <OPTION value="2.1 M4">2.1 M4</OPTION> <OPTION value="2.1 M5">2.1
+ M5</OPTION> <OPTION value="2.1 RC1">2.1 RC1</OPTION> <OPTION
+ value="2.1 RC2">2.1 RC2</OPTION> <OPTION value="2.1 RC3">2.1
+ RC3</OPTION> <OPTION value="2.1 RC4">2.1 RC4</OPTION> <OPTION
+ value=2.1.1>2.1.1</OPTION> <OPTION value=2.1.2>2.1.2</OPTION> <OPTION
+ value=2.1.3>2.1.3</OPTION> <OPTION value=3.0>3.0</OPTION> <OPTION
+ value="3.0 M1">3.0 M1</OPTION> <OPTION value="3.0 M2">3.0 M2</OPTION>
+ <OPTION value="3.0 M3">3.0 M3</OPTION> <OPTION value="3.0 M4">3.0
+ M4</OPTION> <OPTION value="3.0 M5">3.0 M5</OPTION> <OPTION
+ value="3.0 M6">3.0 M6</OPTION> <OPTION value="3.0 M7">3.0 M7</OPTION>
+ <OPTION value="3.0 M8">3.0 M8</OPTION> <OPTION value="3.0 M9">3.0
+ M9</OPTION> <OPTION value="3.0 RC1">3.0 RC1</OPTION> <OPTION
+ value="3.0 RC2">3.0 RC2</OPTION> <OPTION value="3.0 RC3">3.0
+ RC3</OPTION> <OPTION value="3.0 RC4">3.0 RC4</OPTION> <OPTION
+ value=3.0.1>3.0.1</OPTION> <OPTION value=3.0.2>3.0.2</OPTION> <OPTION
+ value=3.1>3.1</OPTION> <OPTION value="3.1 M1">3.1 M1</OPTION> <OPTION
+ value="3.1 M2">3.1 M2</OPTION> <OPTION value="3.1 M3">3.1 M3</OPTION>
+ <OPTION value="3.1 M4">3.1 M4</OPTION> <OPTION value="3.1 M5">3.1
+ M5</OPTION> <OPTION value="3.1 M6">3.1 M6</OPTION> <OPTION value=---
+ selected>---</OPTION></SELECT> </TD>
+ <TD>&nbsp;</TD></TR>
+ <TR>
+ <TD align=right><B>URL: </B></TD>
+ <TD colSpan=7><INPUT size=60 name=bug_file_loc> </TD></TR>
+ <TR>
+ <TD align=right><B>Summary:</B> </TD>
+ <TD colSpan=7><INPUT size=60
+ value="DCR: TableTree should support icon in 1st column (1G06WFT)"
+ name=short_desc> </TD></TR>
+ <TR>
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+ <TD align=left><B><A
+ href=""
+ name=c0>Description</A>: </B></TD>
+ <TD align=right width="100%">Opened: 2001-10-11 14:18 </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
+<!-- --><PRE>EG (8/24/00 3:41:25 PM)
+ TableTree doesn't support showing an icon in the first column. The icon is eaten up
+ by the +/- icon.
+ Not being able to have an icon in the first column reduces the applicability
+ of TableTree (we would like to use it in the Java plugin, but we can't).
+VI (8/24/00 10:54:39 AM)
+ TableTree is implemented using the Windows table widget and this only allows
+ one image per column. Sorry, there's nothing we can do.
+AW (24.08.00 17:31:06)
+ Why not combining the +/- icon with the client's icon into a single icon?
+EG (8/29/00 3:35:01 PM)
+ JFace has support for compositing icons see:
+CM (3/17/01 5:29:49 PM)
+ P1/M1 (April 1st, 2001)
+ Need to know the priority of 1GAJ9KP: SWT:ALL - TableTree class has no selection support for the SWT.CHECK style
+ because these two PRs may conflict.
+CM (3/28/01 5:09:33 PM)
+ We investigated using the Windows "state image" feature in Table, but this is already being used by
+ checkboxes if the Table is created with check style. It would also mean that we would have to provide
+ platform-specific public API on Table to allow TableTree class to set/get state images. So we decided
+ against this.
+ VI is going to investigate merging the [+]/[-] images with the user's image. We would try to write it
+ in such a way that only those who actually put an image in the first column would have to pay for
+ the added slowness. We suspect there may be issues such as background color/transparency
+ problems, hit test problems, selection highlight problems, and cheese problems, but we will have
+ to try it first before we know for sure.
+VI (4/4/2001 10:41:59 AM)
+ Two major issues which prevent us from merging the [+]/[-] with the user's image and using the normal first column image:
+ 1) Images of different sizes can be added to the control, however the size of the image displayed in the associated
+ Windows Common Control will be constrained to the size of the first image added to the ImageList.
+ Images for all columns are added to the same ImageList and therefore must have the exact same height and WIDTH.
+ This makes merging the +/- and the first column image have impact on every image in the TableTree
+ 2) There is a limit to how may images I can cram in the ImageList. Having potentially 3 per row I think will quickly exceed the limit.
+VI (4/4/2001 05:20 PM)
+ We have a PR that requests support for an image in the first column of a TableTree and I believe that you
+ are the prime requestor.
+ I have tried to make this work and below is the best I can do. As you can see, there is a limitation on the
+ underlying native widget which is that all images in the TableTree must have the exact same height and width.
+ Consequently, when I leave enough room to merge the +/- image with the image you wish to show in the first column,
+ this causes all the other images in the TableTree to be stretched width wise.
+ &lt;picture&gt;
+ It is my opinion that the current TableTree can not be made to work any better than this. If this is not
+ adequate for your use, the only alternative is to write a custom widget that does this and does not
+ use the native widget. Writing a full custom widget is not trivial. It will probably require a month or
+ two and will probably not give all the capability that is present in native List or Tree widgets (just
+ because there are a lot of subtle things going on there and I won't have time to get them all). I need
+ to know if I should commence with a custom widget. Also, as I have other responsibilities, Mike and I will
+ have to discuss which of them will be set aside before I can do this work.
+VI (4/27/2001 8:42:19 AM)
+ Have received no feedback requesting a custom Tree or implementation of the solution presented above.
+ Moving to Inactive.</PRE><BR><I>------- Additional Comment <A
+href="" name=c1>#1</A> From
+<A href="">Veronika Irvine</A> 2002-05-27 16:17
+------- </I><PRE>java.lang.NullPointerException Closing this bug report. A new DCR should be raised from a better custom table
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+href="">Enter new bug</A> <BR><!-- -->
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