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<h1 id="Configuration">Configuration</h1>
<p>After you have installed Mylyn, there are a number of things that you can configure to make your experience even richer.</p>
- <h2 id="Eclipsesettings">Eclipse settings</h2>
+ <h2 id="Eclipse_settings">Eclipse settings</h2>
<p>Recommendations for workspace configuration when using Mylyn:</p>
@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@
- <h2 id="Querysetup">Query setup</h2>
+ <h2 id="Query_setup">Query setup</h2>
<p>While there are many ways to set up queries (e.g. by component, by milestone) we recommend the following as a starting point. For each repository, create:</p>
<li>One query for all tasks assigned to you. This should include all closed/resolved tasks in order to prevent resolved tasks from dropping into the "Archive" container. There is no performance problem with having thousands of resolved tasks in your Task List.</li>
@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@
<li>All tasks that you are CC'd on. To this you can additionally add tasks that you have commented on and created/reported. This will prevent you from needing to rely on email notifications, since it captures all tasks of interest. For example, with this this configruation you can turn off Bugzilla email notifications or have them automatically categorized/filed out of yor email inbox. </li>
<p>Depending on how you set up (1) and (2), you may want to limit (3) to certain components in order to avoid tasks showing up in multiple containers.</p>
- <h2 id="Workspacesetup">Workspace setup</h2>
+ <h2 id="Workspace_setup">Workspace setup</h2>
<p>The Mylyn task list does not span workspaces, if multiple workspaces are in use this results in a unique task list per workspace. Multiple task lists is considered a performance antipattern and we recommended making use of the native Eclipse mechanism for managing large volumes of projects -
<b>working sets</b>. Instead of creating multiple workspaces, simply create working sets that aggregate the projects all within a single workspace. Activate the working set and only those projects are visible within Eclipse. This has the added benefit of making Eclipse feel faster (i.e searching is improved) due to the scoping effect of the working set. Mylyn has added functionality to make switching working sets easier from the Task List view.
@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@
<p>When using working sets, the second drop down arrow in the Task List toolbar area (Task Activation History) will reveal task activation history for the currently selected working set. Choosing a different working set will then only reveal tasks previously activated while the that working set was active. To see the aggregate of all previously active tasks in the task activation history drop down you need to select "Show All" from the work set selection drop down.</p>
- <h2 id="UISettings">UI Settings</h2>
+ <h2 id="UI_Settings">UI Settings</h2>
<p>This section is evolving, please consider adding your own UI settings.</p>
<li>Landmark background color:
@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@
<i>Window -> Preferences -> General -> Appearance -> Colors and Fonts</i>, then select the corresponding category and kind.
- <h2 id="Spellchecking">Spell checking</h2>
+ <h2 id="Spell_checking">Spell checking</h2>
<p>On Eclipse versions earlier than 3.3, the spell checking must be set up manually. Spell checking is supported in the task editor for local tasks and for connectors that support rich editing (e.g. Bugzilla, Trac).</p>
<li>To install spell checking for editors that support it you need to enable the preference in
@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@
<img border="0" src="images/mylar-spell-checking-preference.gif"/>
- <h2 id="KeyMappings">Key Mappings</h2>
+ <h2 id="Key_Mappings">Key Mappings</h2>
<p>If default key mappings aren't working, try doing the following to reset them:</p>
@@ -192,7 +192,7 @@
<p>Also, see
<a href="" title="Mylyn_Tips_and_Tricks#Keyboard_Shortcuts">keyboard shortcuts</a>.
- <h2 id="SystemProperties">System Properties</h2>
+ <h2 id="System_Properties">System Properties</h2>
<p>The system properties below can used to change the behavior of Mylyn. To set a property pass it on the command line when starting Eclipse:
<code> eclipse -vmargs</code>.</p>
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@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@
<a href="">Download and install Eclipse 3.2 or 3.3</a>
- <a href="#Platform_requirements">Ensure you meet the platform requirements</a>
+ <a href="Installation.html#Platform_requirements">Ensure you meet the platform requirements</a>
<a href="Installation.html#Download">Download Mylyn</a>
@@ -54,10 +54,10 @@
<a href="#Keyboard_mappings_on_Linux">Keyboard mappings on Linux</a> shows how to set up some useful key bindings.
- <a href="#Task_List_backup_and_restore">Task List backup and restore</a> shows how to set up where backup files will be saved.
+ <a href="Task-List.html#Task_List_backup_and_restore">Task List backup and restore</a> shows how to set up where backup files will be saved.
- <h2 id="ProjectStructure">Project Structure</h2>
+ <h2 id="Project_Structure">Project Structure</h2>
<p>The Mylyn project is structured into the following update sites and distributions. Mylyn extensions are split into two different categories.
<i>Connectors</i> extend Mylyn to different task management systems.
<i>Bridges</i> focus the artifacts that you work with when you active a task.
@@ -255,7 +255,7 @@
<i>Yes</i>. <!-- If you are running Eclipse from the command line, it might be worthwhile to start it once with (@@@? true?) eclipse -clean -->
- <h2 id="Platformrequirements">Platform requirements</h2>
+ <h2 id="Platform_requirements">Platform requirements</h2>
<p>Mylyn requires the
<b>Java 5</b> virtual machine. To check the version of the Java virtual machine that Eclipse was launched with to to
<i>Help -> About Eclipse SDK -> Configuration Details</i> and verify that the java.vm.version is 1.5.
@@ -285,8 +285,8 @@
<pre>export JAVA_HOME="''(location of JDK1.5 root)''"
export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH
- <h2 id="InstallingonLinux">Installing on Linux</h2>
- <h3 id="Browserissues">Browser issues</h3>
+ <h2 id="Installing_on_Linux">Installing on Linux</h2>
+ <h3 id="Browser_issues">Browser issues</h3>
<p>Mylyn uses the Standard Widget Toolkit Browser, and users have experienced problems with the SWT Browser on Linux. This is not a Mylyn specific problem and also occurrs if you try to use Eclipse's Browser view. There are two options:</p>
<li>Follow the instructions below to get the browser properly configured</li>
@@ -357,7 +357,7 @@ export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH
<pre>(java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no swt-mozilla-gtk-3449 or swt-mozilla-gtk in swt.library.path, java.library.path or the jar file)
<p>To resolve this error install a package that provides the Gecko engine library. On Ubuntu and Debian the package is called libxul0d.</p>
- <h3 id="RecommendedGTKSetupforKDE">Recommended GTK Setup for KDE</h3>
+ <h3 id="Recommended_GTK_Setup_for_KDE">Recommended GTK Setup for KDE</h3>
<p>The recommended GTK theme to use for KDE (and KDE based distributions like Kubuntu) is the
"Human" theme. (Possibly, this is also a good recommendation for GNOME. GNOME users, please comment.)</p>
<p>With Debian based distributions (e.g. Ubuntu), this theme can be installed with</p>
@@ -418,7 +418,7 @@ export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH
<p>Kubuntu Dapper 6.06 with KDE and X.Org triggers all above issues. An upgrade to Edgy enables Task Color display and the date picker selection. To get the Task Activation button working you have to use Edgy and Eclipse 3.3M5eh (or newer).</p>
<p>Kubuntu Gutsy 7.10 has issues with the color display (bug 176716). A workaround is to change the GTK-Style to "Human".
More details and another solution in the comments of bug 176716.</p>
- <h2 id="InstallingonMacOS">Installing on MacOS</h2>
+ <h2 id="Installing_on_MacOS">Installing on MacOS</h2>
<p>If you see errors like the following it may be due to Xerces missing from the Mac JDK so you may need to add it to your default classpath. Please refer to and comment on
<a href="">bug 144287</a> if you see this problem.
diff --git a/ b/
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@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
<td style="width: 20%" align="right" valign="top">Updating This Document</td>
- <h1 id="Integrationwithothertools">Integration with other tools</h1>
+ <h1 id="Integration_with_other_tools">Integration with other tools</h1>
<p>See the
<a href="" title="Mylyn/Extensions">Mylyn Extensions</a>
@@ -52,11 +52,11 @@
<a href="">create a new bug</a>. Also consider adding your experiences to the
<a href="" title="Mylyn/FAQ#Integration_with_other_tools">"Integration..."</a> section of the Mylyn FAQ.
- <h2 id="UsingMylynwithWTP">Using Mylyn with WTP</h2>
+ <h2 id="Using_Mylyn_with_WTP">Using Mylyn with WTP</h2>
<p>Context modeling works at the file level, noting the limitation of
<a href="">bug 144882: interest filter fails on WTP Dynamic Web Project</a>
- <h2 id="Externalbuilders">External builders</h2>
+ <h2 id="External_builders">External builders</h2>
<p>If an external builder (e.g. Maven, pydev, or other Ant-based builders) is producing output files that are being automatically added to your context because they are not being marked "derived" as with Eclipse-based builders. You may note that such files are always show as interesting when they are generated or updated and can not be filtered away, since Mylyn expects all files that have changed as part of the task context to have interest.</p>
<p>In this case you can explicitly exclude these files from being added to the task context the
<i>Preferences -> Mylyn -> Resources</i> page. For example, if the output folder of the builder is "target", you could set this the following way. Similarly, you could add a filter for "*.pyc" to exclude all files generated with that extension.
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<topic href="userguide/Mylyn User Guide.html" label="Introduction">
<topic href="userguide/Mylyn User Guide.html#Tips" label="Tips"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Mylyn User Guide.html#Shortcuts" label="Shortcuts"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Mylyn User Guide.html#UILegend" label="UI Legend"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Mylyn User Guide.html#ExternalResources" label="External Resources"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Mylyn User Guide.html#UI_Legend" label="UI Legend"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Mylyn User Guide.html#External_Resources" label="External Resources"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Installation.html" label="Installation">
- <topic href="userguide/Installation.html#ProjectStructure" label="Project Structure">
+ <topic href="userguide/Installation.html#Project_Structure" label="Project Structure">
<topic href="userguide/Installation.html#Main" label="Main"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Installation.html#Extras" label="Extras"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Installation.html#Incubator" label="Incubator"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Installation.html#Releases" label="Releases"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Installation.html#Download" label="Download"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Installation.html#Platformrequirements" label="Platform requirements"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Installation.html#InstallingonLinux" label="Installing on Linux">
- <topic href="userguide/Installation.html#Browserissues" label="Browser issues"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Installation.html#RecommendedGTKSetupforKDE" label="Recommended GTK Setup for KDE"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Installation.html#Platform_requirements" label="Platform requirements"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Installation.html#Installing_on_Linux" label="Installing on Linux">
+ <topic href="userguide/Installation.html#Browser_issues" label="Browser issues"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Installation.html#Recommended_GTK_Setup_for_KDE" label="Recommended GTK Setup for KDE"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Installation.html#InstallingonMacOS" label="Installing on MacOS"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Installation.html#Installing_on_MacOS" label="Installing on MacOS"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Configuration.html" label="Configuration">
- <topic href="userguide/Configuration.html#Eclipsesettings" label="Eclipse settings"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Configuration.html#Querysetup" label="Query setup"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Configuration.html#Workspacesetup" label="Workspace setup"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Configuration.html#UISettings" label="UI Settings"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Configuration.html#Spellchecking" label="Spell checking"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Configuration.html#KeyMappings" label="Key Mappings"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Configuration.html#SystemProperties" label="System Properties"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Configuration.html#Eclipse_settings" label="Eclipse settings"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Configuration.html#Query_setup" label="Query setup"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Configuration.html#Workspace_setup" label="Workspace setup"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Configuration.html#UI_Settings" label="UI Settings"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Configuration.html#Spell_checking" label="Spell checking"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Configuration.html#Key_Mappings" label="Key Mappings"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Configuration.html#System_Properties" label="System Properties"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Task-List.html" label="Task List">
- <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#IconLegend" label="Icon Legend"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#TaskCreation" label="Task Creation"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#IncomingChanges" label="Incoming Changes"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Icon_Legend" label="Icon Legend"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Task_Creation" label="Task Creation"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Incoming_Changes" label="Incoming Changes"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Scheduling" label="Scheduling"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#WeeklyProgress" label="Weekly Progress"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#ProgressforCategories" label="Progress for Categories"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#IncomingChanges2" label="Incoming Changes"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#TaskRepositoryIntegration" label="Task Repository Integration"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#OpenTaskdialog" label="Open Task dialog"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#OpenRepositoryTaskdialog" label="Open Repository Task dialog"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Repositorytaskattachments" label="Repository task attachments"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Weekly_Progress" label="Weekly Progress"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Progress_for_Categories" label="Progress for Categories"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Incoming_Changes_2" label="Incoming Changes"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Task_Repository_Integration" label="Task Repository Integration"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Open_Task_dialog" label="Open Task dialog"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Open_Repository_Task_dialog" label="Open Repository Task dialog"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Repository_task_attachments" label="Repository task attachments"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Hyperlinking" label="Hyperlinking"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#TaskListbackupandrestore" label="Task List backup and restore"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#ReportBugsfromErrorLog" label="Report Bugs from Error Log"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#AutomaticDuplicateDetection" label="Automatic Duplicate Detection"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#SubmittingContexts" label="Submitting Contexts"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Task_List_backup_and_restore" label="Task List backup and restore"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Report_Bugs_from_Error_Log" label="Report Bugs from Error Log"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Automatic_Duplicate_Detection" label="Automatic Duplicate Detection"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Submitting_Contexts" label="Submitting Contexts"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Keybindings" label="Keybindings"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#ReviewingTasks" label="Reviewing Tasks"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-List.html#Reviewing_Tasks" label="Reviewing Tasks"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Task-Repositories.html" label="Task Repositories">
- <topic href="userguide/Task-Repositories.html#OpeningaRepositoryTask" label="Opening a Repository Task"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-Repositories.html#Opening_a_Repository_Task" label="Opening a Repository Task"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Task-Repositories.html#Synchronization" label="Synchronization">
- <topic href="userguide/Task-Repositories.html#SynchronizingAllTasks" label="Synchronizing All Tasks"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-Repositories.html#Synchronizing_All_Tasks" label="Synchronizing All Tasks"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Task-Focused-UI.html" label="Task-Focused UI">
- <topic href="userguide/Task-Focused-UI.html#AltClicknavigation" label="Alt+Click navigation"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-Focused-UI.html#Automaticallytogglefocusonnavigatorviews" label="Automatically toggle focus on navigator views"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-Focused-UI.html#WorkingSetintegration" label="Working Set integration"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-Focused-UI.html#FocustheJavaBrowsingPerspectiveviews" label="Focus the Java Browsing Perspective views"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-Focused-UI.html#Alt.2BClick_navigation" label="Alt+Click navigation"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-Focused-UI.html#Automatically_toggle_focus_on_navigator_views" label="Automatically toggle focus on navigator views"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-Focused-UI.html#Working_Set_integration" label="Working Set integration"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-Focused-UI.html#Focus_the_Java_Browsing_Perspective_views" label="Focus the Java Browsing Perspective views"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Team-Support.html" label="Team Support">
- <topic href="userguide/Team-Support.html#ConfiguringtheSynchronizeviewforchangesets" label="Configuring the Synchronize view for change sets"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Team-Support.html#Automaticchangesets" label="Automatic change sets"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Team-Support.html#Automaticcommitmessages" label="Automatic commit messages"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Team-Support.html#Workingwithpatches" label="Working with patches"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Team-Support.html#Configuring_the_Synchronize_view_for_change_sets" label="Configuring the Synchronize view for change sets"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Team-Support.html#Automatic_change_sets" label="Automatic change sets"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Team-Support.html#Automatic_commit_messages" label="Automatic commit messages"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Team-Support.html#Working_with_patches" label="Working with patches"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Task-Repository-Connectors.html" label="Task Repository Connectors">
- <topic href="userguide/Task-Repository-Connectors.html#BugzillaConnector" label="Bugzilla Connector">
- <topic href="userguide/Task-Repository-Connectors.html#BugzillaTasks" label="Bugzilla Tasks"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-Repository-Connectors.html#Tipsforserveradministrators" label="Tips for server administrators"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-Repository-Connectors.html#Bugzilla_Connector" label="Bugzilla Connector">
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-Repository-Connectors.html#Bugzilla_Tasks" label="Bugzilla Tasks"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-Repository-Connectors.html#Tips_for_server_administrators" label="Tips for server administrators"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-Repository-Connectors.html#TracConnector" label="Trac Connector"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-Repository-Connectors.html#JIRAConnector" label="JIRA Connector"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-Repository-Connectors.html#GenericWebRepositoryConnector" label="Generic Web Repository Connector"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Task-Repository-Connectors.html#XPlannerConnector" label="XPlanner Connector"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-Repository-Connectors.html#Trac_Connector" label="Trac Connector"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-Repository-Connectors.html#JIRA_Connector" label="JIRA Connector"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-Repository-Connectors.html#Generic_Web_Repository_Connector" label="Generic Web Repository Connector"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Task-Repository-Connectors.html#XPlanner_Connector" label="XPlanner Connector"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Integration-with-other-tools.html" label="Integration with other tools">
- <topic href="userguide/Integration-with-other-tools.html#UsingMylynwithWTP" label="Using Mylyn with WTP"></topic>
- <topic href="userguide/Integration-with-other-tools.html#Externalbuilders" label="External builders"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Integration-with-other-tools.html#Using_Mylyn_with_WTP" label="Using Mylyn with WTP"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Integration-with-other-tools.html#External_builders" label="External builders"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Updating-This-Document.html" label="Updating This Document"></topic>
</toc> \ No newline at end of file
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@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@
<li><code>Ctrl+F10</code>: invoke view menu or ruler menu in editor</li>
- <h2 id="UILegend">UI Legend</h2>
+ <h2 id="UI_Legend">UI Legend</h2>
<p>Open the live
<i>UI Legend</i> via
<i>Task List -> view menu -> Show UI Legend</i>
@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@
<img border="0" src="images/mylyn-ui-legend.gif"/>
- <h2 id="ExternalResources">External Resources</h2>
+ <h2 id="External_Resources">External Resources</h2>
<p>Getting Started</p>
diff --git a/ b/
index 1be9b9933..48500c3ba 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -29,8 +29,8 @@
<td style="width: 20%" align="right" valign="top">Team Support</td>
- <h1 id="TaskFocusedUI">Task-Focused UI</h1>
- <h2 id="AltClicknavigation">Alt+Click navigation</h2>
+ <h1 id="Task-Focused_UI">Task-Focused UI</h1>
+ <h2 id="Alt.2BClick_navigation">Alt+Click navigation</h2>
<p>When a view is in Focused mode, you can Alt+Click a node in order to temporarily show all of it's children. </p>
<li>Once an element that was not interesting is selected with the mouse, the uninteresting elements will disappear.</li>
@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@
<li>Multiple Alt+Clicks are supported, but as soon as a normal click is made uninteresting elements will disappear.</li>
<li>Ctrl+clicks (i.e. disjoint selections, use Command key on Mac) are also supported and will cause each element clicked to become interesting. The first non Ctrl+click will cause uninteresting elements to disappear. Note that Ctrl+clicked element will become interesting (turn from gray to black) but only the most recently-clicked one will be selected while Alt is held down.</li>
- <h2 id="Automaticallytogglefocusonnavigatorviews">Automatically toggle focus on navigator views</h2>
+ <h2 id="Automatically_toggle_focus_on_navigator_views">Automatically toggle focus on navigator views</h2>
<p>For navigator views (
<i>Package Explorer</i>,
<i>Project Explorer</i> and
@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
<img border="0" src="images/Auto-appy-mylar.gif"/>
- <h2 id="WorkingSetintegration">Working Set integration</h2>
+ <h2 id="Working_Set_integration">Working Set integration</h2>
<p>When Focus is applied to a navigator view the working sets filter for that navigator view will be disabled, ensuring that you see elements when working on elements that span working sets. In order to force only elements within one working set to show do the following:</p>
<li>Set the view to show working sets as top-level elements.</li>
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@
<i>Go Into</i> action on the popup menu of the working set node in the view to scope the view down to just the working set.
- <h2 id="FocustheJavaBrowsingPerspectiveviews">Focus the Java Browsing Perspective views</h2>
+ <h2 id="Focus_the_Java_Browsing_Perspective_views">Focus the Java Browsing Perspective views</h2>
<p>The leftmost toolbar button visible in the image below will toggle focus on the
<i>Types</i> and
diff --git a/ b/
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--- a/
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@@ -29,13 +29,13 @@
<td style="width: 20%" align="right" valign="top">Task Repositories</td>
- <h1 id="TaskList">Task List</h1>
- <h2 id="IconLegend">Icon Legend</h2>
+ <h1 id="Task_List">Task List</h1>
+ <h2 id="Icon_Legend">Icon Legend</h2>
<p>Please see the
<a href="">Tips &amp; Tricks page</a>.
<p>Open the UI Legend via the Task List view menu button located next to minimize button in top right corner of Task List view)</p>
- <h2 id="TaskCreation">Task Creation</h2>
+ <h2 id="Task_Creation">Task Creation</h2>
<p>There are several ways to create new tasks:</p>
@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@
<i>Query</i> automatically appear in the Alt+Shift+N menu).
- <h2 id="IncomingChanges">Incoming Changes</h2>
+ <h2 id="Incoming_Changes">Incoming Changes</h2>
<p>A blue arrow indicates that a task has changed in the repository. To quickly review the differences since the task was last read hover over the task or press F4 to display a tooltip. </p>
<p>To filter the task list to incoming changes and tasks scheduled for this week use the Focus on Workweek button in the toolbar. Another way to quickly find tasks with incoming changes is to use Alt+down in the Task List which jumps to the next task with an incoming change.</p>
<p>In addition the UI Experiments feature that is part of the Mylyn incubator contributes a task list presentation that only shows tasks with incoming changes.</p>
@@ -77,7 +77,7 @@
<li>If shared task repositories or calendaring tools are used due dates are synchronized in order to be visible to other team members.</li>
<li>A task with a due date has a small clock overlay that is blue before the date and red after.</li>
- <h2 id="WeeklyProgress">Weekly Progress</h2>
+ <h2 id="Weekly_Progress">Weekly Progress</h2>
<p>When in
<i>Focus on Workweek</i> mode (right-most toolbar button), the Task List will show a JUnit-style progress bar which indicates progress on the tasks scheduled for that week. Each task that is scheduled for the week but not yet completed adds to the bar. A task completed by you adds to the green progress in the bar. Deferring a task to a future week will also add to the apparent progress because it will remove the task from the current week. Mousing over the bar will indicate details about your progress, such as the number of tasks and hours completed. To avoid the need for manual estimation by default every task is estimated for 1 hour, but if you have longer or shorter running tasks that week you can adjust the estimate in the task editor's
<i>Planning</i> page to ensure that the progress bar is accurate.
@@ -89,17 +89,17 @@
<img border="0" src="images/Weekly-progress.gif"/>
- <h2 id="ProgressforCategories">Progress for Categories</h2>
+ <h2 id="Progress_for_Categories">Progress for Categories</h2>
<p>Categories show progress for the number of completed tasks. </p>
<img border="0" src="images/Progress-categories.gif"/>
- <h2 id="IncomingChanges2">Incoming Changes</h2>
+ <h2 id="Incoming_Changes_2">Incoming Changes</h2>
<p>All comments added since your last reading of a repository task will be automatically expanded when a task with incoming changes is opened. Incoming changes are retrieved with the background synchronization to avoid waiting for the server when opening. Note that a background synchronization is still kicked off upon opening in case changes came in since the last scheduled synchronization. Repository tasks can be explicitly marked as read or unread.</p>
<img border="0" src="images/Incoming-changes.gif"/>
- <h2 id="TaskRepositoryIntegration">Task Repository Integration</h2>
+ <h2 id="Task_Repository_Integration">Task Repository Integration</h2>
<p>Task repositories are easy to add, and can be named via the
<i>Task Repositories</i> view. An icon decoration indicates the repository type. A task repository can be associated with a project, enabling it to be used for actions such as resolving bug hyperlinks.
<b>Note:</b> you do not need to associate all of your projects with repositories after updating, since you will be prompted to do this when the associate is needed.
@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@
<a href="">Task-focused programming with Mylyn, Part 1</a>, Querying a repository.
- <h2 id="OpenTaskdialog">Open Task dialog</h2>
+ <h2 id="Open_Task_dialog">Open Task dialog</h2>
<i>Open Type</i> style dialog is available for opening tasks (<code>Ctrl+F12</code>) and for activating tasks (<code>Ctrl+F9</code>). The list is initially populated by recently active tasks. The active task can also be deactivated via <code>Ctrl+Shift+F9</code>. This can be used as a keyboard-only alternative for multi-tasking without the
<i>Task List</i> view visible. These actions appear in the
@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@
<img border="0" src="images/Open-task-dialog.gif"/>
- <h2 id="OpenRepositoryTaskdialog">Open Repository Task dialog</h2>
+ <h2 id="Open_Repository_Task_dialog">Open Repository Task dialog</h2>
<p>For tasks not available on
<i>Task List</i> view, there is a
<i>Open Repository Task</i> dialog (<code>Ctrl+Shift+F12</code>). On this case, the task can be opened by informing its ID and repository. This way the task will be retrieved from repository without being added to task list.
@@ -129,14 +129,14 @@
<i>Add to Task List category</i> option and informing the category where it will be inserted.
<p>Multiple tasks can be added simultaneously by informing a sequence of IDs, separated by commas, e.g. "1,2,3".</p>
- <h2 id="Repositorytaskattachments">Repository task attachments</h2>
+ <h2 id="Repository_task_attachments">Repository task attachments</h2>
<p>Repository task attachments (supported by the Bugzilla and Trac connectors) can be attached via drag-and-drop from both within the Eclipse workspace and from outside, and from text selections, which will invoke the attachment wizard. Attachments can be opened with a browser or corresponding editor.</p>
<img border="0" src="images/Repository-task-attachments.gif"/>
<h2 id="Hyperlinking">Hyperlinking</h2>
<p>In the task editor, comments that include text of the form bug#123 or task#123 or bug 123 will be hyperlinked. In order to support hyperlinks within other text editors such as code or txt files, the project that contains the file must be associated with a particular task repository. To do this, right click on the project > Properties > Task Repository and select the task repository used when working with this project. Then in the editors such as the java source editor or the default text editor, enter a reference such as bug#123. Ctrl+clicking on this text will open the bug in the rich editor.</p>
- <h2 id="TaskListbackupandrestore">Task List backup and restore</h2>
+ <h2 id="Task_List_backup_and_restore">Task List backup and restore</h2>
<b>Where does Mylyn keep the task list?</b>
@@ -177,14 +177,14 @@
<i>Task List</i> preference page, the new location will be used when Eclipse restarts (hit
<i>Restore Defaults</i> on that page to copy tasks back to the default location). If your tasks disappear due to to a bug you can check the <code>.mylyn</code> folder for a <code>tasklist-backup.xml</code> file, which will contain the previously-saved list.
- <h2 id="ReportBugsfromErrorLog">Report Bugs from Error Log</h2>
+ <h2 id="Report_Bugs_from_Error_Log">Report Bugs from Error Log</h2>
<p>Bugs can created directly from events in the
<i>Error Log</i> view. This will create a new repository task editor with the summary and description populated with the error event's details. If the Connector you are using does not have a rich editor, the event details will be placed into the clipboard so that you can paste them into the web-based editor that will be opened automatically.
<img border="0" src="images/Report-bugs-error-log.gif"/>
- <h2 id="AutomaticDuplicateDetection">Automatic Duplicate Detection</h2>
+ <h2 id="Automatic_Duplicate_Detection">Automatic Duplicate Detection</h2>
<i>Search for Duplicates</i> button on the
<i>New Repository Task</i> editor encourages and facilitates finding similar bug reports before creating a new one. Potential duplicates are displayed in the Search view which can be used to open a bug and comment or vote if a duplicate is found. The current duplicate detection mechanism uses stack traces, either automatically inserted by the
@@ -194,7 +194,7 @@
<img border="0" src="images/Automatic-duplicate-detection.gif"/>
- <h2 id="SubmittingContexts">Submitting Contexts</h2>
+ <h2 id="Submitting_Contexts">Submitting Contexts</h2>
<p>When submitting comments, contexts can be attached by selecting the corresponding check-box in the
<i>Actions</i> section.
@@ -252,7 +252,7 @@
- <h2 id="ReviewingTasks">Reviewing Tasks</h2>
+ <h2 id="Reviewing_Tasks">Reviewing Tasks</h2>
<p>The task list has been carefully designed to support reviewing tasks. Task reviewing is best done by configuring a query to show the tasks that you want to review. Once the tasks are displayed in the task list they can be reviewed one at a time by scrolling through them using the keyboard up/down arrows. The task tooltip should provide enough detail to do a review and will display information relevant to the currently selected task. </p>
<p>To edit the selected task press the enter key, use Ctrl+Enter to open the task in the background. To quickly jump to the next unread task hold down the Alt-key when pressing up or down. To mark a task as read while navigating use Alt+shift+up/down.
When reviewing tasks in the task list avoid mouse-based and gesture-based scrolling if possible as the result will be sub-optimal.</p><hr/>
diff --git a/ b/
index 499dccb16..9cf1c70a9 100644
--- a/
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@@ -29,8 +29,8 @@
<td style="width: 20%" align="right" valign="top">Task-Focused UI</td>
- <h1 id="TaskRepositories">Task Repositories</h1>
- <h2 id="OpeningaRepositoryTask">Opening a Repository Task</h2>
+ <h1 id="Task_Repositories">Task Repositories</h1>
+ <h2 id="Opening_a_Repository_Task">Opening a Repository Task</h2>
<p>The recommended way to access repository tasks is with
<i>Queries</i>. For example, you can add a query for every task assigned to you and every task that you are CC'd on. However, sometimes you may know a particular task key or ID, and want to access it without creating or modifying a query.
@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@
<p>A task repository can be put into Disconnected mode via the popup menu in the
<i>Task Repositories</i> view. This can be useful if the task repository is not being used any more (e.g. no longer engaged with the project), or is no longer available (e.g. no longer available online). Mylyn's offline support will ensure that you can still access tasks that you have worked with via their offline copies, and the Disconnected mode will ensure that synchronization warnings do not appear.
- <h3 id="SynchronizingAllTasks">Synchronizing All Tasks</h3>
+ <h3 id="Synchronizing_All_Tasks">Synchronizing All Tasks</h3>
<p>If properties of a repository change that are not picked up by automatic synchronization, e.g. the user get assigned additional privileges in the repository, it can be desirable to do a manual synchronization. Since Mylyn 2.2 the popup menu in the
<i>Task Repositories</i> view has an entry
<i>Synchronize All Tasks</i> to refresh cached information for all tasks in the task list for that repository.
diff --git a/ b/
index 0ef67deb0..3712ce28a 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -29,20 +29,20 @@
<td style="width: 20%" align="right" valign="top">Integration with other tools</td>
- <h1 id="TaskRepositoryConnectors">Task Repository Connectors</h1>
+ <h1 id="Task_Repository_Connectors">Task Repository Connectors</h1>
<p>Mylyn allows you to collaborate on tasks via a shared task repository, also known as bug tracking systems. In order to collaborate, you need to have a
<b>Connector</b> to your particular repository.
- <a href="#Bugzilla_Connector">Bugzilla</a>,
- <a href="#JIRA_Connector">JIRA</a>, and
- <a href="#Trac_Connector">Trac</a> are supported. To connect to unsupported repositories, see
- <a href="#Generic_Web_Repository_Connector">Generic Web Repository Connectors</a>.
+ <a href="Task-Repository-Connectors.html#Bugzilla_Connector">Bugzilla</a>,
+ <a href="Task-Repository-Connectors.html#JIRA_Connector">JIRA</a>, and
+ <a href="Task-Repository-Connectors.html#Trac_Connector">Trac</a> are supported. To connect to unsupported repositories, see
+ <a href="Task-Repository-Connectors.html#Generic_Web_Repository_Connector">Generic Web Repository Connectors</a>.
<b>Also</b>, be sure to
<a href=";short_desc_type=anywordssubstr&amp;short_desc=%5Bconnector%5D&amp;product=Mylyn&amp;long_desc_type=allwordssubstr&amp;long_desc=&amp;bug_file_loc_type=allwordssubstr&amp;bug_file_loc=&amp;status_whiteboard_type=allwordssubstr&amp;status_whiteboard=&amp;keywords_type=allwords&amp;keywords=&amp;bug_status=NEW&amp;bug_status=ASSIGNED&amp;bug_status=REOPENED&amp;emailtype1=substring&amp;email1=&amp;emailtype2=substring&amp;email2=&amp;bugidtype=include&amp;bug_id=&amp;votes=&amp;chfieldfrom=&amp;chfieldto=Now&amp;chfieldvalue=&amp;cmdtype=doit&amp;order=Reuse+same+sort+as+last+time&amp;field0-0-0=noop&amp;type0-0-0=noop&amp;value0-0-0=">vote for your favourite Connector</a> to see it supported earlier, or
<a href="">create a new bug</a> if your issue tracker is not listed.
- <h2 id="BugzillaConnector">Bugzilla Connector</h2>
+ <h2 id="Bugzilla_Connector">Bugzilla Connector</h2>
<p>Once Mylyn is installed there are a few steps involved to get up and running.</p>
<li>To access tasks (reports/issues) on a repository such as Bugzilla you must first set up a
@@ -89,13 +89,13 @@
<p>See also
<a href="" title="Mylyn/FAQ#Bugzilla_Connector">Bugzilla Connector Troubleshooting</a>.
- <h3 id="BugzillaTasks">Bugzilla Tasks</h3>
+ <h3 id="Bugzilla_Tasks">Bugzilla Tasks</h3>
<li>If the Bugzilla task's severity is "major", "blocker", or "critical", the task icon in the Task List will be decorated with a red dot.</li>
<li>If the Bugzilla task's severity is "enhancement" the task icon in the Task List will be decorated with a green triangle.</li>
<li>Tasks will be colored green in the task list if they were resolved today and are owned by you. Unfortuantely Bugzilla does not have a notion of a completion date so we simply check the last comment timestamp and assume it to be the completion date (see {{bug|215342}}).</li>
- <h3 id="Tipsforserveradministrators">Tips for server administrators</h3>
+ <h3 id="Tips_for_server_administrators">Tips for server administrators</h3>
<p>Mylyn periodically checks config.cgi to retrieve the repository configuration.
On this resulted in heavy CPU Load for the regeneration and a big surge in band width use.</p>
@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@
<a href="">bug 205416</a>
- <h2 id="TracConnector">Trac Connector</h2>
+ <h2 id="Trac_Connector">Trac Connector</h2>
<p>The Trac connector offers two access methods:</p>
@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@
<img border="0" src="images/Trac-editor.gif"/>
- <h2 id="JIRAConnector">JIRA Connector</h2>
+ <h2 id="JIRA_Connector">JIRA Connector</h2>
<a href="">this page</a> for install instructions and additional screen shots. Note that the Mylyn JIRA connector requires at least JIRA version 3.3.3 and SOAP/RPC services have to be enabled on the server.
@@ -184,7 +184,7 @@
<p>See also
<a href="" title="Mylyn_FAQ#JIRA_Connector_troubleshooting">JIRA Connector Troubleshooting</a>.
- <h2 id="GenericWebRepositoryConnector">Generic Web Repository Connector</h2>
+ <h2 id="Generic_Web_Repository_Connector">Generic Web Repository Connector</h2>
<p>The generic web repository connector is NOT part of the default Mylyn install. You can install it from a separate extras update site. See
<a href="">Mylyn download page</a> for more details.
@@ -282,7 +282,7 @@
<img border="0" src="images/Generic-web-repository-settings.gif"/>
- <h2 id="XPlannerConnector">XPlanner Connector</h2>
+ <h2 id="XPlanner_Connector">XPlanner Connector</h2>
<p>The XPlanner connector is currently in the Experimental state. It supports XPlanner version .7.</p>
diff --git a/ b/
index 5d53c5013..71bd556da 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -29,8 +29,8 @@
<td style="width: 20%" align="right" valign="top">Task Repository Connectors</td>
- <h1 id="TeamSupport">Team Support</h1>
- <h2 id="ConfiguringtheSynchronizeviewforchangesets">Configuring the Synchronize view for change sets</h2>
+ <h1 id="Team_Support">Team Support</h1>
+ <h2 id="Configuring_the_Synchronize_view_for_change_sets">Configuring the Synchronize view for change sets</h2>
<p>There are two modes for Eclipse's Change Sets support: the
<b>models</b> mode (Eclipse 3.2 and later) and the
<b>standard</b> mode. These modes are unrelated to Mylyn and apply to both Mylyn's automated Change Sets and the ones you can created manually in Eclipse. Note that not all tools may support both modes. The instructions below are for the CVS support included with Mylyn. Refer to the Mylyn integration documentation for your source control plug-in for additional instructions for Mylyn change set integration, if available.
@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@
<img border="0" src="images/mylar-changesets-model-based.gif"/>
- <h2 id="Automaticchangesets">Automatic change sets</h2>
+ <h2 id="Automatic_change_sets">Automatic change sets</h2>
<p>Operations such as
<b>updating</b>, and
@@ -86,14 +86,14 @@
<i>Synchronize</i> View by <code>right+clicking</code> the resource and selecting
<i>Add to</i> and then selecting the corresponding task.
- <h2 id="Automaticcommitmessages">Automatic commit messages</h2>
+ <h2 id="Automatic_commit_messages">Automatic commit messages</h2>
<p>Mylyn will automatically generate commit messages for you when you use its Change Set support. To modify the template go to
<i>Window -> Preferences -> Mylyn -> Team -> Commit Comment Templates</i>.
<img border="0" src="images/mylar-commit-tempates.gif"/>
- <h2 id="Workingwithpatches">Working with patches</h2>
+ <h2 id="Working_with_patches">Working with patches</h2>
<p>When applying patches, the preferred scenario is to have a task context attached to the task along with the patch. Since this is not always feasible, Mylyn provides an action in the popup menu of the
<i>Synchronize</i> view that supports adding changed elements to the task context.
diff --git a/ b/
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<td style="width: 20%" align="right" valign="top"></td>
- <h1 id="UpdatingThisDocument">Updating This Document</h1>
+ <h1 id="Updating_This_Document">Updating This Document</h1>
<p>This document is maintained in a collaborative wiki. If you wish to update or modify this document please visit
<a href=""></a>

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