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<toc label="Mylar User Guide">
<topic label="Overview" href="user/overview.html"/>
- <topic label="What's New" href="user/new.html"/>
+ <!--<topic label="What's New" href="user/new.html"/>-->
+ <topic label="Tips & Tricks" href="user/tips.html"/>
<topic label="Known Limitations" href="user/limitations.html"/>
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Known Limitations</h1>
- <p>Supported platforms</p>
+ <p><b>Supported platforms</b></p>
- <li>Must be using an Eclipse 3.1 final based IDE (e.g. the 3.1m5a based
- JBossIDE is not supported)</li>
- <li>Must be running on a Java 5 VM</li>
+ <li>Eclipse 3.1 final or later (e.g. the 3.1m5a based JBossIDE is not supported)</li>
+ <li>Java 5 VM or later</li>
+ <p><b>Java editing</b></p>
<p>Folding must be toggled off in order to view all the matches for &quot;mark
occurrences&quot;.&nbsp; This is not a Mylar-specific limitation but is more
noticeable when Automatic Folding is enabled.</p>
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Mylar Overview</h1>
- <p>Task list</p>
+ <p>This initial release of Mylar is not well documented.&nbsp; More complete
+ documentation in the 0.3.2 release, scheduled for July 18, 2005.&nbsp;
+ Please check the update site again on Tuesday July 12 for a an interim
+ update.&nbsp; For questions about usage please email
+ <a href=""></a> or
+ <a href=""></a> </p>
+ <p>To start using Mylar</p>
- <li>To select an item you have to click the space before the glasses or
- the icon.</li>
+ <li>Open the Mylar / Task List view</li>
+ <li>Create a new task<ul>
+ <li>Tasks can also be bug reports, but you must configure the
+ Bugzilla server first (Preferences -&gt; Bugzilla)</li>
+ </ul>
+ </li>
+ <li>Activate a task by clicking the gray outline of the glasses to the
+ left of the task icon.&nbsp; Deactivate by clicking again.</li>
+ <li>Start working on the task, Mylar will be monitoring the task context<ul>
+ <li>After you deactivate the task the context will be saved for
+ re-activating at a later time</li>
+ </ul>
+ </li>
+ <li>Whenever the Mylar glasses appear on the toolbar of a view (e.g.
+ Outline, Package Explorer, Problems List) you can click these in order
+ to enable Mylar degree-of-interest filtering.&nbsp; Toggle this button
+ to return the view to its original state.<ul>
+ <li>To temporarily show all of the children for a node, &lt;alt&gt;click
+ the node.&nbsp; Note that this won't work for the currently-selected
+ view.</li>
+ </ul>
+ </li>
+ <li>In addition to filtering, the Task Context can also be highlighted.&nbsp;
+ Right click a task to select a highlighter.<ul>
+ <li>Note that to select an item you have to click the space before
+ the glasses or the icon.</li>
+ </ul>
+ </li>

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