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NEW - bug 267415: Mylyn 3.1 RC doesn't have the latest Mylyn documentation Reference-toc.xml2
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<p>As of writing, Mylyn comes bundled with the main EPP distributions (
<a href="">jee, java, cpp</a>). If you wish to manually install Mylyn there are to methods depending on the version of Eclipse. Method 1 outlines how to install using the Eclipse 3.4 update manager. Method 2 below describes how to install Mylyn into Eclipse 3.3 and below using the Update Manager.
- <h3 id="Install_Method_1_-_Eclispe_3.4">Install Method 1 - Eclispe 3.4</h3>
+ <h3 id="Install_Method_1_-_Eclipse_3.4">Install Method 1 - Eclipse 3.4</h3>
<li>Select ''Help > Software Updates...</li>
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<topic href="userguide/Mylyn Reference.html#Shortcuts" label="Shortcuts"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Installation.html" label="Installation">
- <topic href="userguide/Installation.html#Install_Method_1_-_Eclispe_3.4" label="Install Method 1 - Eclispe 3.4"></topic>
+ <topic href="userguide/Installation.html#Install_Method_1_-_Eclipse_3.4" label="Install Method 1 - Eclipse 3.4"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Installation.html#Install_Method_2_-_Eclipse_3.3_and_older" label="Install Method 2 - Eclipse 3.3 and older"></topic>
<topic href="userguide/Task-List.html" label="Task List">
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<b>Incoming/Outgoing Mode</b> - See both incoming and outgoing changes
+ <p>Right-clicking a Change Set provides access to the following operations:</p>
+ <ul>
+ <li>
+ <b>Add to Task Context</b> - Adds all changed files to the active task context, see
+ <a href="Team-Support.html#Working_with_Patches">Working with Patches</a> for more information
+ </li>
+ <li>
+ <b>Open Corresponding Task</b> - Opens the task associated with the Change Set in the Task Editor
+ </li>
+ </ul>
<h2 id="Automatic_Commit_Messages">Automatic Commit Messages</h2>
<p>When using task-focused change sets as described above, commit messages are automatically be generated based on the task whose resources are being commited. By default, the commit message includes information such as the task ID, description, and URL. To change the template for these commit messages, navigate to Window -> Preferences -> Tasks -> Team.</p>
<h2 id="Working_with_Patches">Working with Patches</h2>

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