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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
emffacetreleng-auto-pomCommit of pom.xml, dynamically generated on jenkins with emf facetFabien Giquel13 months
ewillink/553277[552989] Temporarily disable 8 tests with inadequate target platformEd Willink12 months
ewillink/557989Amputate BIRT too farEd Willink10 months
ewillink/559115Amputate UML supportEd Willink10 months
ewillink/master[releng] Update copyrightsEd Willink9 months
ewillink/oomphwip OOMPH setupEd Willink7 days
ewillink/releng[releng] Use Tycho 2.1.0Ed Willink7 days
ewillink/releng2[releng] Use latest plugin versions and maven-enforcerEd Willink7 days
fgiquel/559269[559269] replace all technical "emf.facet" with "modisco.facet"Fabien Giquel9 months
master[releng] Use latest plugin versions and maven-enforcerEd Willink7 days
1.5.1org.eclipse.modisco-1.5.1.tar.gz  org.eclipse.modisco-1.5.1.tar.xz  Ed Willink9 months
1.5.1M2org.eclipse.modisco-1.5.1M2.tar.gz  org.eclipse.modisco-1.5.1M2.tar.xz  Ed Willink10 months
1.5.0org.eclipse.modisco-1.5.0.tar.gz  org.eclipse.modisco-1.5.0.tar.xz  Ed Willink12 months
1.5.0M3org.eclipse.modisco-1.5.0M3.tar.gz  org.eclipse.modisco-1.5.0M3.tar.xz  Ed Willink12 months  org.eclipse.modisco-  Grégoire Dupé3 years  org.eclipse.modisco-  Grégoire Dupé3 years  org.eclipse.modisco-  Grégoire Dupé4 years  org.eclipse.modisco-  Grégoire Dupé4 years
1.0.0org.eclipse.modisco-1.0.0.tar.gz  org.eclipse.modisco-1.0.0.tar.xz  Grégoire Dupé4 years  org.eclipse.modisco-  Grégoire Dupé5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
7 days[releng] Use latest plugin versions and maven-enforcerHEADmasterEd Willink2-21/+39
7 days[568144] Use MAT as provider for BIRT pluginsEd Willink2-4/+16
7 days[releng] Use as nearly 2020-12 as possible for nightlyEd Willink1-7/+7
7 days[releng] Use latest ATL, more recent AcceleoEd Willink1-3/+3
7 days[releng] Use Tycho 2.1.0 and JavaSE-11Ed Willink3-1/+5
2020-03-09[releng] Bump build/feature versions by +0.0.1 for 1.5.2Ed Willink47-50/+50
2020-03-06[releng] Update copyrights1.5.1ewillink/masterEd Willink42-44/+44
2020-03-06Revert "[559269] fix relative references in .ecore/.genmodel to new modisco.f...Ed Willink20-60/+60
2020-03-06Revert "[559269] replace all "emf/facet" to "modisco/facet" in nsURI from var...Ed Willink54-115/+115
2020-03-06Revert "[559269] replace all technical "emf.facet" with "modisco.facet""Ed Willink35-187/+187

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