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2016-10-29[506716] Remove obsolete schedule model contentEd Willink3-108/+33
2016-10-29[506716] Simplify orderActionsEd Willink3-110/+68
2016-10-29[506716] Use @NonNull throughout ClassRelationshipsEd Willink1-120/+118
2016-10-29[506716] Use @NonNull throughout QVTp2QVTgEd Willink1-84/+84
2016-10-29[506716] Hide QVTp2QVTg completelyEd Willink2-39/+16
2016-10-29[506716] Hide QVTp2QVTg, CompilerChain inside SchedulerConstantsEd Willink4-80/+27
2016-10-29[506716] Simplify qvtp2qvts stepEd Willink4-9/+6
2016-10-29[506716] Eliminate QVTG_STEPEd Willink2-33/+7
2016-10-27[506352] Ensure QVTi names are distinctEd Willink5-9/+24
2016-10-22[cs2as] Fix manifests, builds, abouts, warningsI201610221215Ed Willink8-139/+69
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Also considering nested packagesAdolfo SBH2-31/+236
- Creating a Visitable Metaclass injector
2016-10-22[ocl2qvtp] - Workaround for bug 495327Adolfo SBH1-13/+53
2016-10-22[ocl2qvtp] - Support to ast() operations that return AS elements createdAdolfo SBH1-37/+117
by other CS elements, rather than creating a new AS element by its own.
2016-10-22[cs2as] - MiniOCL projects: Initial contentAdolfo SBH10-72/+328
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Creating a CS2AS Property InjectorAdolfo SBH1-0/+129
2016-10-22[506328] Use correct AS/CS element for markersEd Willink1-2/+1
2016-10-22[506328] Accommodate AS URIs for derived CS resourcesEd Willink4-24/+41
2016-10-13[505788] Delete Java classes prior to genmodelEd Willink2-21/+54
2016-10-05[502235] Diagnose all CS creation errorsI201610051030Ed Willink4-26/+54
2016-10-05[502235] Diagnose accumulated CodeGenerator.problemsEd Willink4-9/+51
2016-10-05[cs2as] Use CGed OCL lookup operations rather than Visitors-based LookupAdolfo SBH1-32/+0
2016-10-05[497159] - Avoid to handle lookup errors when the lookup argument is aAdolfo SBH1-6/+27
constant (String-typed)
2016-10-05[502235] Regenerate test modelsEd Willink2-0/+2
2016-10-05[502235] Eliminate localPrefixEd Willink1-12/+5
2016-10-05[502235] Maintain stack for appendThis resolutionEd Willink2-60/+94
2016-09-24[unrelated] Resolve new M2 @NonNull errorsI201609250536Ed Willink4-53/+37
2016-09-22[500962] Fix Incremental CG of root mappingEd Willink6-75/+100
2016-09-21[500369] Use ImperativeTransformation, avoid Rule, TypedModelEd Willink38-332/+382
2016-09-21[500369] Regenerate with ImperativeTransformationEd Willink43-91/+838
2016-09-21[500369] Introduce ImperativeTransformationEd Willink2-0/+6
2016-09-21[500369] Move DomainUsage from QVTb to QVTcEd Willink19-34/+29
2016-09-21[500369] Eliminate DomainAnalysis from QVTiEd Willink11-1862/+75
2016-09-21[unrelated] Use QVTi env strategy for QVTiEd Willink2-15/+10
2016-09-20[doc] Preliminary QVTi AS documentationEd Willink1-271/+341
2016-09-20[500369] Change QVTi AS nsURI to 2016Ed Willink11-16/+16
2016-09-20[500369] Support Mapping install syntaxEd Willink41-445/+1409
2016-09-20[500369] Regenerate for Mapping installEd Willink98-24901/+39325
2016-09-20[500369] Prepare for Mapping installEd Willink6-75/+236
2016-09-19[500369] Support MappingParametersEd Willink23-230/+242
2016-09-19[500369] Regenerate for MappingParametersEd Willink63-18058/+18701
2016-09-19[500369] Unify MappingParametersEd Willink6-32/+37
2016-09-19[unrelated] Refresh QVTi debuggerEd Willink1-11/+11
2016-09-19[500369] Refresh QVTi outlineEd Willink9-17/+112
2016-09-19[501650] Use Lists rather than Sets for known unique collectionsEd Willink3-25/+22
2016-09-19[exe2016] Fix leakageEd Willink2-2/+3
2016-09-19[500369] Eliminate QVTi dirty/SetStatement analysisEd Willink2-69/+1
2016-09-19[500369] Add missing OutVariable CS initEd Willink23-11218/+11954
2016-09-19[500369] Fix QVTi AS2CS new-line seriliazationEd Willink1-16/+15
2016-09-19[500369] Support ObservableStatements, eliminate QVTo DomainsEd Willink37-786/+502
2016-09-19[500369] Regenerate for ObservableStatementsEd Willink94-28429/+26900

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