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2016-10-30[500962] Correct GuardParameterBinding WFRsEd Willink1-5/+3
2016-10-29[500962] Use TransformationExecutor for transformationsEd Willink8-25/+23
2016-10-29[506716] Replace QVTp2QVTg by DatumCachesEd Willink4-413/+350
2016-10-29[506716] Use CompleteClass more extensivelyEd Willink6-72/+108
2016-10-29[506716] Fixup without obsolete schedule model contentEd Willink15-311/+255
2016-10-29[506716] Regenerate without obsolete schedule model contentEd Willink41-6581/+706
2016-10-29[506716] Remove obsolete schedule model contentEd Willink4-110/+35
2016-10-29[506716] Simplify orderActionsEd Willink3-110/+68
2016-10-29[506716] Use @NonNull throughout ClassRelationshipsEd Willink1-120/+118
2016-10-29[506716] Use @NonNull throughout QVTp2QVTgEd Willink1-84/+84
2016-10-29[506716] Hide QVTp2QVTg completelyEd Willink2-39/+16
2016-10-29[506716] Hide QVTp2QVTg, CompilerChain inside SchedulerConstantsEd Willink4-80/+27
2016-10-29[506716] Simplify qvtp2qvts stepEd Willink4-9/+6
2016-10-29[506716] Eliminate QVTG_STEPEd Willink2-33/+7
2016-10-27[506352] Ensure QVTi names are distinctEd Willink5-9/+24
2016-10-22[cs2as] Fix manifests, builds, abouts, warningsI201610221215Ed Willink122-509/+495
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Also removing Xtend footprint from tests pluginAdolfo SBH8-100/+50
- Adding proper plugin info
2016-10-22[cs2as] - .java files in xtend-gen are not welcomed. ChangeAdolfo SBH38-406/+256
GenerateMiniOCLCS.mwe2 to produce java stubs rather than xtend ones
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Dependency on Xpand not welcomed. Remove automatic support toAdolfo SBH3-8/+7
CS2AS Outline provider in MiniOCL
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Rescuing the CS2AS Outline Provider generationAdolfo SBH3-8/+9
- Inhibiting re-generation of Xtext test cases infrastructure
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Adding the xtend-generated Java filesAdolfo SBH9-5/+88
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Removing the dependency on Xtext JUnit frameworkAdolfo SBH9-210/+82
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Cleaning some dependenciesAdolfo SBH4-22/+6
- Removing dependency on cs2as.xtext.generator
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Setting 0.14.0 as plugin versions and adjusting the pluginAdolfo SBH7-18/+18
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Adding MiniOCL tests to the tests suiteAdolfo SBH10-26/+142
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Regenerating all Mini-OCLAdolfo SBH3-1636/+2404
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Adding a basic proposal providerAdolfo SBH3-1/+102
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Regenerating codeAdolfo SBH19-3852/+3603
- Removing the automatic generation of the CS2ASTreeOutlineView
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Deactivating the lookup infrstructure generation since it'sAdolfo SBH1-7/+8
now broken
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Adjusting the .ocl files to the last AS meta-modelAdolfo SBH2-8/+7
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Also considering nested packagesAdolfo SBH2-31/+236
- Creating a Visitable Metaclass injector
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Supporting ambigous fallback mappingAdolfo SBH20-103/+481
- Minor improvements in generated minioclfull.ocl files
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Manual adjustments to MiniOCLFull.oclAdolfo SBH181-8226/+16854
- Regenerated code
2016-10-22[cs2as] - MiniOCL full.Adolfo SBH6-82/+1158
2016-10-22[cs2as] - RegeneratingAdolfo SBH107-3540/+28407
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Changes to align with last DSTL generatorAdolfo SBH5-29/+107
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Adjusting MiniOCL to DSTL improvementsAdolfo SBH85-2203/+2477
2016-10-22[496420] - workaround to remove the cyclic dependency to disambiguateAdolfo SBH3-5/+8
2016-10-22[ocl2qvtp] - Workaround for bug 495327Adolfo SBH1-13/+53
2016-10-22[ocl2qvtp] - Support to ast() operations that return AS elements createdAdolfo SBH1-37/+117
by other CS elements, rather than creating a new AS element by its own.
2016-10-22[cs2as] - MiniOCL projects: Initial contentAdolfo SBH309-72/+63051
2016-10-22[cs2as] - Creating a CS2AS Property InjectorAdolfo SBH1-0/+129
2016-10-22[506328] Use correct AS/CS element for markersEd Willink1-2/+1
2016-10-22[506328] Accommodate AS URIs for derived CS resourcesEd Willink4-24/+41
2016-10-21[unrelated] Class.forName rather than import of generated classEd Willink1-2/+2
2016-10-13[500254] Use where rather than when for optional corrolaryEd Willink14-624/+474
2016-10-13[unrelated] Enforce order to avoid failure after Example 1 change.Ed Willink1-26/+17
2016-10-13[505788] Delete Java classes prior to genmodelEd Willink2-21/+54
2016-10-13[505814] Eliminate assumed existence of source modelEd Willink1-5/+4
2016-10-13[releng] Add ATL, Epsilon, QVTo reposEd Willink1-0/+49

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