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authorEd Willink2013-11-14 11:53:07 +0000
committerEd Willink2013-11-14 11:54:08 +0000
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[releng] Update for no cron jobs
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+The Buckminster build automatically promotes downloads and updates, so no cron job help is necessary.
+The updates can be checked by looking for the new entry on
+or installing new software from e.g.
+However operations on composite repositories are not automated, partly because they are sufficiently important to deserve manual attention.
+A new milestone build can be added to the composite repository by:
+logon to
+cd downloads/mmt/qvtd/updates/milestones/0.11.0
+ant -f /shared/modeling/tools/promotion/manage-composite.xml add -Dchild.repository=S201210020848
+(This can be checked by installing new software from e.g.
+##The Luna aggregator is configured by GIT\\mdt-ocl.b3aggrcon to use an explicit milestone entry
+##So edit mdt-ocl.b3aggrcon to update
+##push to upstream master and start a new build at \ No newline at end of file

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