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The Buckminster build automatically promotes downloads and updates, so no cron job help is necessary.
The updates can be checked by looking for the new entry on
-or installing new software from e.g.
+or installing new software from e.g.
However operations on composite repositories are not automated, partly because they are sufficiently important to deserve manual attention.
A new milestone build can be added to the composite repository by:
logon to
-cd downloads/mmt/qvtd/updates/milestones/0.12.0
-ant -f /shared/modeling/tools/promotion/manage-composite.xml add -Dchild.repository=S201408191819"QVTd 0.12.0 milestones"
+cd downloads/mmt/qvtd/updates/milestones/1.0.0
+ant -f /shared/modeling/tools/promotion/manage-composite.xml add -Dchild.repository=S201408191819"QVTd 1.0.0 milestones"
-(This can be checked by installing new software from e.g.
+(This can be checked by installing new software from e.g.
The Mars aggregator is configured by GIT\\qvtd.b3aggrcon to use an explicit milestone entry
So edit qvtd.b3aggrcon to update
push to upstream master and start a new build at
Once a relese has been promoted update qvtd.b3aggrcon to the final release

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