BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
asbh/cs2as[cs2as] using the ConstructorType rather than a new function to allowAdolfo SBH8 days
edw/358708[358708] Most the UML decoupling solutionEd Willink3 months
edw/393341[wip]Ed Willink2 months
edw/422312[422312] Get Guava from Orbit rather than XtextEd Willink5 months
edw/422933[wip] fixesEd Willink18 hours
edw/431638[433289] Suspend part of test pending Bug 433211 fixEd Willink2 hours
edw/432841[432841] Try 0.0.0 matchEd Willink8 days
edw/433103[433103] Eliminate dead evaluate methodsEd Willink4 days
maintenance/R4_1[releng] Enforce Xtext maintenance repo for maintenance buildsEd Willink2 months
master[432841] Use 1.0.1 org.eclipse.licenseEd Willink6 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  Luna_M6.tar.gz  Luna_M6.tar.bz2  Ed Willink6 weeks  Kepler_SR2_RC3.tar.gz  Kepler_SR2_RC3.tar.bz2  Ed Willink2 months  Luna_M5.tar.gz  Luna_M5.tar.bz2  Ed Willink3 months  Kepler_SR2_RC1.tar.gz  Kepler_SR2_RC1.tar.bz2  Ed Willink3 months  Luna_M4.tar.gz  Luna_M4.tar.bz2  Ed Willink4 months  Luna_M3.tar.gz  Luna_M3.tar.bz2  Ed Willink5 months  Luna_M2.tar.gz  Luna_M2.tar.bz2  Ed.Willink7 months  Kepler_SR1_RC4.tar.gz  Kepler_SR1_RC4.tar.bz2  Ed Willink7 months  Kepler_SR1_RC3.tar.gz  Kepler_SR1_RC3.tar.bz2  Ed.Willink7 months  Kepler_SR1_RC1_Core.tar.gz  Kepler_SR1_RC1_Core.tar.bz2  Ed Willink8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorCommitterFilesLines
2013-07-08[wip] GenModelAdapterHEADwrongMasterEd Willink Ed Willink3-0/+241
2013-07-08[wip] revertEd Willink Ed Willink3-36/+10
2013-07-08[412438] Revert models to no PIM/PSM distinctionEd Willink Ed Willink19-1000/+479
2013-07-08[wip] nsURIs docEd Willink Ed Willink7-0/+323
2013-07-08[412438] Woven CS models generate without errors.Ed Willink Ed Willink11-311/+118
2013-07-08[393992] Introduce PIM/PSM Impl weaving for CS modelsEd.Willink Ed.Willink35-959/+1968
2013-07-06[412438] Factor out Xtext model to SubGenerateXtextModelEd Willink Ed Willink6-88/+176
2013-07-06[412438] Simplify scriptsEd Willink Ed Willink56-3739/+3724
2013-07-05[412438] Eliminate Xtext grammar warningsEd Willink Ed Willink110-312263/+311414
2013-06-28[411228] - [releng] Fixing javadoc vulnerabilityAdolfo SBH Adolfo SBH1-2/+1