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31 hours277422: Parallel parsing - tidy EOFHEADmasterAndrew Johnson3-43/+113
Make parsing streams more robust. Task-Url: Change-Id: Iadedf3edbcaf7373b970a5803fbffff2d521c5dc
8 days277422: Wrap and unwrap IOException.Andrew Johnson1-11/+23
Task-Url: Change-Id: Ifbe4f64a7cd41bb964e81d2b454051d7db7c9204
10 days277422: Nice if heap parsing was multi-threadedAndrew Johnson3-3/+46
Sequential parse with low memory. Task-Url: Change-Id: I5d49f6c9711dee0975c21229d551d044aa11ebd6
12 days277422: Nice if heap parsing was multi-threadedAndrew Johnson3-2/+8
Add missing messages. Task-Url: Change-Id: I0a37814a14c3833c50eacf8e3edcd4b4c2e1b264
12 days277422: Nice if heap parsing was multi-threadedAndrew Johnson9-1088/+1034
Limit memory usage for parallel parse. Also move index classes back to IndexWriter. Task-Url: Change-Id: I45bd697a12517bca6e7a27e818f00f129426bc0b
13 days277422: Nice if heap parsing was multi-threadedAndrew Johnson27-203/+526
Changes to maintain API compatibility. Task-Url: Change-Id: I36fbd69e4b2b3b5f98a900ac7c7be38566177d10
13 daysMerge "[277422] Contributors and todo updates"Andrew Johnson19-9/+94
13 daysMerge "[277422] Switch ClassImpl to use atomic instructions rather than ↵Andrew Johnson1-6/+11
synchronized block"
13 daysMerge "[277422] Add caching to class hierarchy lookups"Andrew Johnson1-0/+9
13 daysMerge "[277422] Refactor instance and array class lookups out of Pass2Parser ↵Andrew Johnson6-192/+580
into HprofParserHandlerImpl"
13 daysMerge "[277422] Switch Pass2Parser to use BufferingRafPositionInputStream"Andrew Johnson1-4/+2
13 daysMerge "[277422] Prepares for a Spliterator implementation in Pass2Parser"Andrew Johnson1-12/+30
13 daysMerge "[277422] Add off-thread compression and io for IntIndexStreamer and ↵Andrew Johnson2-19/+192
13 daysMerge "[277422] Use fast indexed lookup for primitive class types"Andrew Johnson3-9/+11
13 daysMerge "[277422] Add batching and tune for multiple writer threads in ↵Andrew Johnson2-15/+79
13 daysMerge "[277422] Make Pass2Parser concurrent!"Andrew Johnson3-14/+25
13 daysMerge "[277422] Enable concurrent usage of ClassImpl::addInstance"Andrew Johnson1-1/+2
13 daysMerge "[277422] Allow concurrent usage of IntIndexCollector and ↵Andrew Johnson2-37/+103
13 daysMerge "[277422] Extract key index files to modify out of IndexWriter."Andrew Johnson13-654/+720
13 daysMerge "[277422] Use slightly better concurrent data structures in ↵Andrew Johnson1-20/+32
13 daysMerge "[277422] Refactor logic split between Pass1Parser and ↵Andrew Johnson3-67/+63
13 daysMerge "[277422] Switch to BufferingRafPositionInputStream in Pass1Parser"Andrew Johnson1-4/+2
13 daysMerge "[277422] Shift constant pool into Pass1Parser"Andrew Johnson3-16/+3
13 daysMerge "[277422] Basic parallel GarbageCleaner"Andrew Johnson2-68/+204
13 daysMerge "[277422] Introduce BufferingRafPositionInputStream (not used yet)"Andrew Johnson1-0/+315
13 daysMerge "[277422] Push AbstractParser member variable down into classes"Andrew Johnson4-72/+101
13 daysMerge "[277422] Extract interface for PositionInputStream"Andrew Johnson6-292/+461
13 daysMerge "[277422] Bump hprof and parser compatibility to Java 8"Andrew Johnson4-10/+18
13 daysMerge "[277422] Parallel sort on key arrays"Andrew Johnson3-3/+3
2019-09-27548441: Overview background doesn't match Eclipseparallel-parsingAndrew Johnson4-6/+6
Change some icons for the welcome page Task-Url: Change-Id: Iea6b27492ffdd3a754ee5b11ef339d9f6f3015c2
2019-09-27551552: Exception running query with no editor openAndrew Johnson1-2/+7
Check for no active editor when finding PaneState. Task-Url: Change-Id: I74880d07922296e3f5e4eef70c481c4b66ed833a
2019-09-19[551214] Add documentation about post-processed J9 JVM finalizer rootsKevin Grigorenko3-4/+29
Change-Id: I0029e2f5d5906b4824cd3218268f494cc50bc251
2019-09-11277422: Nice if heap parsing was multi-threadedAndrew Johnson1-3/+14
Clean up index files if was a previous success with Xmx Task-Url: Change-Id: I83d2337582b06246e711786eb09019401aab6281
2019-09-05547781: UnsupportedOperationException: not a map:Andrew Johnson13-185/+746
UnsupportedOperationException: not a map: java.util.Collections$UnmodifiableMap Add additional collections, and tests. Task-Url: Change-Id: Id305596f6016a90166a6aeffb39a3ffef11abbe5
2019-08-26550167: Multi-threaded object marking can give incorrect results on OOMEAndrew Johnson4-77/+304
Revert GarbageCleaner change to avoid conflicts with parallel parsing changes. Task-Url: Change-Id: I6e534e20c7ef525e065385b62b0069fc0f4fd715
2019-08-25277422: Nice if heap parsing was multi-threadedAndrew Johnson3-18/+45
Performance regression test CSV fixes Task-Url: Change-Id: I5be1f11e834a3c7e1b64df38f951849f183e0a18
2019-08-22277422: Nice if heap parsing was multi-threadedAndrew Johnson3-28/+32
Fix bug with no units on Xmx Task-Url: Change-Id: Iab7edfe115c0f2b5def661c92827ac4087ef9c10
2019-08-18Merge "277422: Nice if heap parsing was multi-threaded"Andrew Johnson6-58/+287
2019-08-15[550024] Update find_strings query to show detailed progressKevin Grigorenko1-2/+18
Change-Id: I4d84be346bebf2b5ef7ff3c7ecda4fd6601cb960
2019-08-15277422: Nice if heap parsing was multi-threadedAndrew Johnson6-58/+287
Performance and memory usage tests Task-Url: Change-Id: I9b87350515606822f01d2cf15efd3c366127a2f6
2019-08-07[549845] Update version to 1.9.1R_1.9.1Krum Tsvetkov46-52/+52
Change-Id: I2d9e5d85a59e574fbd44b16cc730d548b3742264 Signed-off-by: Krum Tsvetkov <>
2019-07-16Merge "324967: Hide queries which are not relevant"Andrew Johnson8-32/+53
2019-07-16545754: OQL syntax highlighting sometimes doesn't highlight keywordsAndrew Johnson2-6/+7
Task-Url: Allow carriage return as well as line feed as separators. Change-Id: I12295e024e8195ffcd50a3a9108066cd11820f30
2019-06-13541539: Simple batch mode comparison of two snapshotsAndrew Johnson8-181/+452
Task-Url: Add documentation and also a New and Noteworthy for 1.9 Change-Id: Ia98f483cdf141fa1502b2fdcbef32da48a3ea3f8
2019-05-24[547613] Update the year in copytight messagesR_1.9.0Krum Tsvetkov10-22/+22
Change-Id: I88524b6e30187248ce5f263307679b8856936d0e Signed-off-by: Krum Tsvetkov <>
2019-05-22[547515] Update version to 1.9.0Krum Tsvetkov46-52/+52
Change-Id: I064baf1a21b207fe3dea45f4f4c7414e508c25da Signed-off-by: Krum Tsvetkov <>
2019-03-11324967: Hide queries which are not relevantAndrew Johnson8-32/+53
Task-Url: On show relevant Reference queries. Also some tidy-up, and allow initial values for heap object arguments. Change-Id: I24a63b6e5374df2983097e52e2c38ab9f5f986ce
2019-03-04[277422] Contributors and todo updatesJason Koch19-9/+94
Change-Id: I3b1d96b1b9560113fae9cd31178e64f457abd608 Signed-off-by: Jason Koch <>
2019-03-04[277422] Switch ClassImpl to use atomic instructions rather than ↵Jason Koch1-6/+11
synchronized block Change-Id: I5e35bb0f7a59bc041e67e28a8cec56f1ee010eae Signed-off-by: Jason Koch <>
2019-03-04[277422] Add caching to class hierarchy lookupsJason Koch1-0/+9
Change-Id: I6fa3d6be6ac309adfb2953a430207b0d09c55feb Signed-off-by: Jason Koch <>

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