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2007-02-01[172506] Fix NPE.pelder1-0/+3
2006-11-28[166121] Default missing type parameter to loadFromString to "xml".pelder1-0/+3
2006-11-16[164157] Distinguish between bundle/plug-in projects and those that merely ha...pelder7-3/+74
2006-11-16[164158] Replace project location specified in new project wizard.pelder3-1/+21
2006-11-08[159272] Remove illegal attribute from <includes> elements.pelder1-8/+4
2006-11-08[163842] Increment feature and plugin version numbers to 0.7.2 in those featu...pelder3-3/+3
2006-09-20[157911] Set current string variable and attributes correctly.pelder1-6/+13
2006-09-19[157811] Ensure javaTags all have attribute descriptions.pelder1-4/+11
2006-09-19[157811] Update tag doc generator to leave examples in a user region.pelder1-0/+0
2006-09-19[157811] Add description to f:uuid tag.pelder1-1/+1
2006-09-19[157811] Include description for 'test' attribute on c:visit.pelder1-1/+8
2006-09-19[157811] Sort JET tags in documentation.pelder1-775/+471
2006-09-14[157311] Clean-up debug messages.pelder1-3/+6
2006-09-14Regenerated template loader.pelder1-51/+49
2006-09-14[157308] Update <java:class> and <java:resoruce> documentation, regenerate al...pelder1-24/+50
2006-09-14[157319] Add additional check on JET ant task parameters.pelder2-1/+6
2006-09-14[157318] Change generation of main.jet. Refresh exported transforms.pelder2-0/+0
2006-09-14[157311] Add JET transformation JARs found 'Additional Locations for JET Tran...pelder1-0/+2
2006-09-14[157311] Add JET transformation JARs found 'Additional Locations for JET Tran...pelder6-20/+558
2006-09-11[156895] Handle single elements (represented as EAttributes) that recur, plus...pelder2-21/+67
2006-09-11[156895] Generalize the parent of the wrapped node from EObject to Object.pelder1-4/+3
2006-09-11[156895] Handle simple elements that recur.pelder1-6/+47
2006-09-08[156638] Remove obsolete fixme comment, and add correct bugzilla number for t...pelder1-2/+1
2006-09-08[156637] Match simple NCNames against feature names onlypelder1-1/+1
2006-09-08[156637] Raise an error when a trailing segment of an XPath expression is not...pelder2-1/+9
2006-09-08[156635] Generate a smaller JET Transformation class.pelder2-17/+50
2006-08-31[155868] Changed SDK feature version to 0.7.1pelder1-1/+1
2006-08-31[155831] Do more thorough handling of launch short-cut scenariospelder2-66/+317
2006-08-31[155808] Make defensive copy of map keyset prior to deleting from it.pelder1-1/+2
2006-08-24[154957] Ensure plug-in dependencies all express a range in MANIFEST.MF and e...pelder1-14/+16
2006-08-23[132674,154929,154933] Add new tag attributes, update feature/plug-in version...pelder1-0/+24
2006-08-23[132674] Add 'location' attribute to <ws:project> tag.pelder3-29/+74
2006-08-23[154933] Add 'super' attribute to <c:include> tag.pelder2-2/+22
2006-08-23[154932] Improve append performance on writerpelder1-3/+69
2006-08-23[154929] Add 'unchangedMarker' attribute to <c:initialCode> tag.pelder3-7/+85
2006-08-23[154930] Revise dump to include all elements.pelder1-2/+118
2006-08-17[154175] Check for UnsupportedOperationException in IElementInspector methods...pelder1-3/+46
2006-08-17[154157] Handle shallow copying of XML elements with Any and AnyAttribute wil...pelder1-1/+15
2006-08-16[154152] Incorrect variable used in guard on setVariable call.pelder1-1/+1
2006-08-16[154070] Ensure attributes on directives are maintained in declaration order ...pelder2-3/+4
2006-08-16[153930] Avoid filebuffers APIs as there are extenders who assume the API is ...pelder2-16/+108
2006-08-02[152617] Only put markers on execution status messages that have associated t...pelder1-0/+3
2006-08-02[152614] Change color of warning messages in log to orange, instead of yellow...pelder1-1/+1
2006-08-01[152499] Remove template from projects template map as part of clean.pelder1-0/+1
2006-08-01[144781] Transform JETExceptions raised by the JET Parser into Problem instan...pelder8-64/+181
2006-07-31[152353] Replace after-the-fact checks for IndexOutOfBoundsException with def...pelder1-13/+2
2006-07-31[150947] Add comment trimming to TextTrimmingVisitor. Refactor visibility and...pelder2-5/+18
2006-07-28[147714] Allow namespace-less tags that expect no content to appear as <tag ....pelder4-3/+13
2006-07-28[147714] Allow namespace-less tags that expect no content to appear as <tag ....pelder2-17/+29
2006-07-26[149189] Generalize Java source folder and package handling to include both I...pelder2-46/+81

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