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-<title>JET Transformation Project Structure</title>
-<h2>JET Transformation Project Structure</h2>
-<p>The new transformation includes two templates, in a directory called <code>templates</code>:
- <li> <code>main.jet</code> - which serves an entry point to the transformation, and generally invokes one
- or more templates that write content.</li>
- <li> <code>dump.jet</code> - which merely writes the input model to a file <code>dump.xml</code> in the
- JET project's root. The dump.jet template is invoked by <code>main.jet</code>.</li>
-<p>Other files found in the project are:
- <li> <code>META-INF/MANIFEST.MF</code> - the project 'manifest', which declares unique identifier of the
- transformation (which, by default, is the project name, too). </li>
- <li> <code></code> - a text file that defines information for correctly building a
- distributable version of the transformation.</li>
- <li> <code>plugin.xml</code> - a supplement to MANIFEST.MF, which declares additional information about the
- transformation.</li>
- <li> <code>sample.xml</code> - an XML document that can be used as test input to the transformation.</li>
-<p>JET Templates are automatically compiled into Java classes. By default, these are hidden from view by
-a Package Explorer filter.</p>

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