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[171451] Fix Help TOC, clean-up XHTML docs
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diff --git a/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/gettingStarted/deployingTransforms.xhtml b/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/gettingStarted/deployingTransforms.xhtml
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--- a/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/gettingStarted/deployingTransforms.xhtml
+++ b/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/gettingStarted/deployingTransforms.xhtml
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
<h2>Deploying JET Transformations</h2>
-<p>Once a JET transformation is complete, it can be shared with other users. There are a number of possibilities:
+<p>Once a JET transformation is complete, it can be shared with other users. There are a number of possibilities:</p>
<li> Share the JET Project via a Team environment </li>
<li> <a href="#exportProject">Export the JET Project</a> to a "Deployable JAR", and place it in a common file system location, and have
@@ -18,19 +18,23 @@
extension point to share an exported JET Project via a standard Eclipse plug-in.</li>
<li> Include the JET Project in an Eclipse Feature. (JET Projects are Eclipse plug-ins.)</li>
The latter two options require some knowledge of the Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment (PDE).
<h3>Exporting a JET Project a Deployable JAR</h3>
Creating deployable JET transformations makes use of the Eclipse PDE Deployable plug-ins export wizard:
<li> Right-click over the JET project, and choose <b>Export...</b>. </li>
<li> Select <b>Plug-in Development -&gt; Deployable plug-ins and fragments</b>, and click <b>Next</b>. </li>
<li> Click <b>Browse...</b> to select the directory to contain the exported JAR file.</li>
<li> Click <b>Finish</b>.</li>
The JAR file will be exported to a subdirectory called <code>plugins</code>. The JAR file itself will be of the form:
diff --git a/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/gettingStarted/essentialXPath.xhtml b/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/gettingStarted/essentialXPath.xhtml
index d761d19..d41430c 100644
--- a/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/gettingStarted/essentialXPath.xhtml
+++ b/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/gettingStarted/essentialXPath.xhtml
@@ -19,18 +19,17 @@ certainly include XML documents (the X in XPath), it can include many other kind
JET supports XML documents and any model that is represented by EMF.
(See <a href="">Eclipse Modeling Framework</a>).
-<p>A major element of XPath is the <b>path expression</b>. These are similar to file system paths.
+<p>A major element of XPath is the <b>path expression</b>. These are similar to file system paths. </p>
<li> An path is a series of <b>steps</b> separated by forward slashes (/).</li>
<li> The steps are evaluated from left to right, and generally decend the model's tree as they do so. </li>
<li> Each step generally identifies tree nodes by their name (although other possibilities exist).</li>
<li> Steps may have an optional filter condition which is written in square brackets ([ and ]) at the end of the step.</li>
<li> An initial slash (/) indicates an expression starts at the root of the model tree.</li>
- <li> Path expressions can also start with a variable, which is a name preceded by a dollar sign ($).
+ <li> Path expressions can also start with a variable, which is a name preceded by a dollar sign ($). </li>
<p>XPath also supports general mathematical, boolean and comparison expressions as well as function calls.</p>
-<p>JET tags that use XPath expressions have common characteristics:
+<p>JET tags that use XPath expressions have common characteristics:</p>
<li>Variables are defined by several JET tags - look for a <code>var</code> attribute. They may also be defined by
the <code><a href="../references/taglibs/controlTags/setVariableTag.html">c:setVariable</a></code> tag.</li>
@@ -38,14 +37,11 @@ JET supports XML documents and any model that is represented by EMF.
<li> JET tags requiring a boolean expression have a <code>test</code>.</li>
<li> Any tag attribute may include a dynamic XPath expression - an XPath expression surrounded by braces ({ and }).</li>
<p>The following tutorials provide a quick introduction to XPath expressions. The first tutorial allows you to
-type expressions, and see their results!
+type expressions, and see their results!</p>
<li> <a href=""></a> </li>
<li> <a href=""></a> </li>
diff --git a/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/plugin.xml b/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/plugin.xml
index b986e20..3a49ebc 100644
--- a/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/plugin.xml
+++ b/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/plugin.xml
@@ -38,7 +38,9 @@
- <toc file="topics_Reference.xml" />
+ <toc
+ file="topics_Reference.xml"
+ primary="false"/>
<!-- ============================= -->
diff --git a/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/references/extensionpoints/index.xhtml b/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/references/extensionpoints/index.xhtml
index 7777cf8..8ac320c 100644
--- a/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/references/extensionpoints/index.xhtml
+++ b/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/references/extensionpoints/index.xhtml
@@ -11,30 +11,22 @@
<h2>JET Extension points</h2>
<p>The following extension points can be used to extend the capabilities of JET:</p>
<h3>Custom tags and XPath functions</h3>
<li><a href="org_eclipse_jet_tagLibraries.html">org.eclipse.jet.tagLibraries</a></li>
<li><a href="org_eclipse_jet_xpathFunctions.html">org.eclipse.jet.xpathFunctions</a></li>
<h3>Provide additional information on a JET transformation</h3>
<li><a href="org_eclipse_jet_transform.html">org.eclipse.jet.transform</a></li>
<h3>Add additional models that JET can load and manipulate</h3>
<li><a href="org_eclipse_jet_modelInspectors.html">org.eclipse.jet.modelInspectors</a></li>
<li><a href="org_eclipse_jet_modelLoaders.html">org.eclipse.jet.modelLoaders</a></li>
<h3>Deploy JET Transformations in another plug-in</h3>
<li><a href="org_eclipse_jet_deployedTransforms.html">org.eclipse.jet.deployedTransforms</a></li>
diff --git a/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/references/syntax/implicitJavaObjectsReference.xhtml b/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/references/syntax/implicitJavaObjectsReference.xhtml
index c9b8845..fb371d4 100644
--- a/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/references/syntax/implicitJavaObjectsReference.xhtml
+++ b/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/references/syntax/implicitJavaObjectsReference.xhtml
@@ -60,8 +60,6 @@
- <ul />
diff --git a/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/references/taglibs/index.xhtml b/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/references/taglibs/index.xhtml
index 69d9e31..7faf83f 100644
--- a/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/references/taglibs/index.xhtml
+++ b/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/references/taglibs/index.xhtml
@@ -9,14 +9,11 @@
<h2>Tag Library Reference</h2>
<li> <a href="controlTags/overview.html">org.eclipse.jet.controlTags</a> </li>
<li> <a href="formatTags/overview.html">org.eclipse.jet.formatTags</a> </li>
<li> <a href="javaTags/overview.html">org.eclipse.jet.javaTags</a> </li>
<li> <a href="workspaceTags/overview.html">org.eclipse.jet.workspaceTags</a> </li>
diff --git a/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/toc.xml b/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/toc.xml
index 89883c6..6d26cdf 100644
--- a/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/toc.xml
+++ b/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/toc.xml
@@ -2,9 +2,11 @@
<?NLS TYPE=""?>
<toc label="EMFT JET Developer Guide">
<topic label="What's New">
<anchor id="whatsnew"/>
+ -->
<topic label="Getting Started" href="gettingStarted/index.xhtml">
<topic label="Create a JET Project" href="gettingStarted/newProject.xhtml"/>
<topic label="JET Transformation Structure" href="gettingStarted/transformStructure.xhtml"/>
@@ -14,9 +16,11 @@
<topic label="Deploy a JET Transformations" href="gettingStarted/deployingTransforms.xhtml"/>
<anchor id="gettingstarted"/>
<topic label="Concepts">
<anchor id="concepts"/>
+ -->
<topic label="Tasks">
<topic label="Using JET Transformations with XML Documents" href="tasks/usingJetWithXML.xhtml"/>
<topic label="Using JET Transformations with EMF Documents" href="tasks/usingJetWithEMF.xhtml"/>
@@ -54,7 +58,7 @@
<topic label="Ant Tasks Provided by JET" href="references/ant/antTasks.xhtml"/>
<topic label="Predefine XPath Variables" href="references/xpath/predefinedVariables.xhtml"/>
- <link toc="topics_Reference.xml"/>
+<!-- <link toc="topics_Reference.xml"/> -->
<anchor id="reference"/>
diff --git a/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/topics_Reference.xml b/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/topics_Reference.xml
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..a652464
--- /dev/null
+++ b/doc/org.eclipse.jet.doc/topics_Reference.xml
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
+<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
+<?NLS TYPE=""?>
+<toc label="Javadoc place holder" link_to="toc.xml#reference">

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